Bharat was changed, Chanakya had raised Chandra for an aim and it was Chandras aim now,and he was known as almighty Chandragupta Maurya.

Chandra comes back from war, he looks at his reflection in water and imagines Nandini calling red faced monkey and washes his face,he has Nandini voice going around in his mind and throws the vessel of water, Chandras enemy is brought in and he Denies to surrender and so he kills him.

Chandra was so disturbed by Nandini leaving him that he would kill every person that stood against him in that anger.

Chandra goes and takes Chanakyas blessings and says I’m ready for next war and shall leave tomorrow,Chanakya says you need to rest,Chandra says a king never rests,and leaves.

Chandra on one hand was all over Bharat ruling and taking over where as Nandini was no where, no one spoke about her.

Helina says since maharaj isn’t here I shall take the decision and walks in with her mother and says I’m mukhya rani here, mantri says maharani it’s important decision,Helina says my Greek head should look after all securities ,next issue,Helina hears baby cry,and says I was unable to hear come again and is disturbed by the sound again and gets angry,and says terminate the Sabha and leaves.

Dasi and Vaidya trying to calm down the crying baby,helina walks in and asks what is this happening,I appointed you all to look after the baby, I have warned you all I shouldn’t hear him when I’m in Sabha,Vaidya says maharani he is a baby and only his mother can calm him down and hands him to Helina,bindusara pees on her and Helina says god this kid,take him away,what a mess and someone shut him up.

Dasi says maharani Chandragupta Maurya is here after his next win,Helina says he shouldn’t cry when maharaj is in and leaves, Vaidya says god please take care of this little baby. Chandra takes mora and dadis blessings,Helina performing Aarti,Chandra hears baby cry and rushes to him and says why Is bindusara crying and picks him in his arms,all follow Chandra,Helina says hand him to me and says bindusara calm down,Chandra says give him back and says couldn’t even anyone try out why he is he so disturbed.

Chanakya walks in and says this is because of the poison effect he goes through a seizure and can’t sleep due to pain,Chandra says I can rule over whole Bharat but can’t I help my son,Chanakya says lets try this medicine,Chanakya gives it to bindusara,he calms down after some time,Chanakya says keep giving him this after regular intervals,Chanakya says Chandra magad people are waiting for you.

Chanakya in Sabha says maharaj Chandragupta has won again and has extended magad boundaries,Chandra says I’m great as a king but as a human I’m zero,a king should be his people’s idle but I take it as a king should serve his people and a king should never have emotions , because he has to fight for his mother land and secure his people,and as promised I will always be with my magad people and make magad the best land.

Nandini teaching students , a king is known by his people, people make their king, a good king is one who has emotions,and if a king doesn’t have emotions he will never know his peoples pain. Chandra says Bharats no state is as great as magad and every family in magad is financially doing well and this all because of my people’s trust on me and our hard work together.

Nandini says a good king has to balance between emotions and knowledge, he has to live for his country, students ask do you know any such king,Nandini has Chandra on her mind and is in tears and says yes I know one and he is far away from here and he is…..

Magad people are happy with Chandragupta and cheer for him.

Nandini is being addressed as Chandrika and is informed your baby is very uneasy and crying. A Panditji walks to Chandra and says sorry to stop you but I’m here to see you from far away and would like to write a book on you as I’m very inspired by you,Chandra says what is it about me that inspires you,Panditji says it’s for history your personal life your thoughts,everything,Chandra says sorry I dont like this.

Mora says Chandra don’t worry about bindusara he will be fine,don’t let your fire go away,find yourself,I see a king but not my Chandra,Chandra says to see Chandra we need darkness so this is what it is and leaves. Bindusara crying, Chandra rushes to him and holds him close and says why is he so uneasy.

Nandini rushes to her son and tries to calm him down.

Chandra with bindusara trying to calm him down and imagines him being taken care by Durdhara. Gautami walks to Nandini and says he is my baby but you take good care of him,as your own,and tell me why didn’t you ever tried telling Chandra that it wasn’t you,Nandini says bhabhi Chandra was one who mattered me and if he didn’t trust me and so I thought it was better to leave without any explanation so I did. Chandra puts bindusara to sleep.

Dasi arrange his bath,Chandra hands them jewellery and other stuff and steps in, and asks dasi to begin to bathe him, they start pouring rose water over him,Helina walks in and says stop and leave us alone,Chandra says no one shall leave I didn’t give any such orders,Helina picks up the body shower to apply, Chandra says mukhya rani all are waiting for you in Sabha,don’t waste your time with me so it’s better you leave,Helina steps out and leaves,Chandra says dasi begin.

Chandra walks into his room,Helina says Chandra I need to talk it’s important,Chandra says sure mukhya rani,Helina says Chandra Nandini made mistakes why punish me,I love you,Chandra says love is tricky Helina, it always traps you and so forget this thing called love, it sounds good in books and you are murky rani and this is what you always wanted,and love isn’t for you and about me love has no value for me and leaves.

Padmanand and Amartya discussing magad territories,padmanand gets angry and says Maliketu you lost again,Maliketu says Chandra is always one step ahead,Amartya says this is Chanakyas intelligence,padmanand says he is taking away every single thing from me one by one,Amartya says we should attack personally now,padmanand says good,Chandra used Nandini against me and I haven’t found Nandini yet and now I shall take away his son bindusara, soldiers says it’s impossible he is under strong security,padmanand says we shall wait for Chandra and bindusara to step out of mahal together and then attack and magad will be ours,Amartya send detectives To magad and Maliketu you have to kidnap bindusara don’t disappoint me this time.

Chandra joins his soldiers and says you shall practise with me now,and no solos, all shall attack together ,soldiers say but you just arrived from war,Chandra says a king never stops cmon,Chandra has Nandini on his mind and the fact that she loved him too,Chandra fights all the soldiers.

Bindusara starts crying and calms down listening to Payal sound,dasi says I will go call rajmata and tell her about this,mora and dadi get very happy to see him happy, soldier informs maharaj is very angry and is out of control you need rajmata to help us.

Chandra doesn’t spare any of his soldiers and lifts them and throws in anger and all because of his frustration ,dadi and mora walk in with bindusara and Chandra calms down and looks around,he smiles looking at happy bindusara,and says loook he is smiling,I’m so happy, give all these soldiers who practised with me gold coins.

Chandra playing with bindusara in his room,bindusara smiles listening to Payal sound,Chandra says what is it making you so happy,your mother use to be so like you innocent,I miss her a lot,would you like to see her come lets go,and shows bindusara a picture of Nandini and Durdhara,and says she was my best friend.

Nandini remembers an incident when,Durdhara took her to a painter and says I want painting of you and me,Nandini says why but,Durdhara says I dint how to take care of a baby and I want you to look after my baby,not for me atleast for Chandra,Nandini says Durdhara,Durdhara says when my baby will see this picture he will know he has to mothers and you are a sister to me.

Madhav says yes Chandra bhaiya,Chandra says that picture there just keep durdharas pic and throw away that women’s picture,Madhav says but bhabhi has already left us,Chandra says she destroyed my sons life.

Gautami asks what are you thinking,Nandini says this baby reminds me of a baby too and I hope my blessings reach Durdhara son,through this moon. Chandra with bindusara looking at the moon.




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