CHANDRA NANDINI 25 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV:  Nandini walks to Chayas room,and sees she isn’t on her bed and gets shocked and says how is this possible, I have to inform Chandra,apma following that lady but misses her and says who it must be that is eyeing on me,Nandini scared rushes to Chandra and says Chaya is missing,she isn’t in her room,chandra says may be you are mistaken,Nandini says when will you trust me I’m so worried please come,both reach Chayas room and see she is in her room,Nandini says Chandra when I came her with medicines she wasn’t here,chandra says may be you are short of sleep and so you have mistaken and so go rest,I will look after Chaya,I will give her medicines,Nandini leaves.

Chandra Closes door and Chaya wakes up,Chaya says apma almost saw me today,chandra says you have to be careful,( chandra talking to ill Chaya, when will you recover, I have everything but can’t help my sister,Chaya slowly gets conscious, Chandra says Chaya open your eyes cmon,Chaya opens her eyes,and says Chandra,after being informed about durdhara, Chaya says durdhara I couldn’t even see her.Chaya hears Nandini talk to dadi and says this means Nandini didn’t kill durdhara and I trust her. Apma and Helina talking about they killing durdhara Chaya hears this.
it was Chaya who was disguised and informing chandra,chandra says Nandini even after being innocent went through all this,Chaya I need your help,you have to act as if you are still ill and help me with informations,Chaya says agreed).

Chaya says Chandra that sketch of lady I gave you was here to give apma something but before I could find what it is,she almost saw me,now she is alert,chandra says good thing she hasn’t seen your face now we have to wait for apma to make some mistake,Chaya you have to continue with this act and apma will have to face consequences of all that she has done to durdhara,Chaya says I will keep with this act, after all this is for you and Nandini.

Apma walks to Helina scared,Helina says come sit why are you so scared did you get the poison,apma says someone saw me Helina says what someone saw you,who was it did you get poison what If that person tells chandra, I told you it’s dangerous,apma says we have to take risk,after all it’s love people cross limits in love but you can’t you do anything,can’t you take this risk for Chandra and kill Nandini and after her death only you will be Chandras only wife,the person behind us I will find her but you concentrate on chandra.

Chandra walks to Nandini and sees she is awake and says I told you go sleep,Nandini says bindusara is awake,chandra says I will look after him you go sleep,Nandini says you know nothing about bindusara he is good with his mother and not you,chandra says why so,he like his father I will look after him,Nandini says no you can’t and both argue,bindusara starts crying,chandra picks him up and says bindusara tell your mother you like to be with your father,bindusara starts smiling and Chandra takes him away.

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Nandini hears Vishakha cry ,Nandini walks to her and asks is she fine,Vishakha says Nandini I’m missing my parents,when I close my eyes I see them dead, I can’t sleep,I have nightmares,I can’t have food I see blood in it,it’s so painful,why did they have to go through so much pain,how should I forget it,I want to take revenge I don’t know how but I will,help me Nandini,guide me,Nandini hugs her and is in tears,Nandini gets a sword and says here you go princess Vishakha,behead me,this is your revenge, this will reduce your pain,after all it was my father who killed your parents,kill me,Vishakhas hand shivers,Nandini says kill me and complete your revenge trust me I won’t have regrets infact will be happy to take away your pain,after all kids have to bare their parents bad deeds consequences.

Chandra walks in and says consequences should be bared by those who have committed crime,Vishakha I will take your revenge,I have swear I shall keep no existence of Nand family.dasi cooking, apma inspecting the arrangements,the lady slowly signs apma near storage and Apma walks and takes poison bottle,head cook says Pooja is done,here is Prasad,apma adds poison to one bowl and says take this to royal family and this bowl only Nandini should have it,keep that in mind.and thinks Nandini it’s time to be poisoned.nanidni thinking about Chandra killing Nand and whole Nand family,chandra walks in and sees Nandini lost and says I know you are hurt because of what I said,but I have to do it,I know he is your father,Nandini says I’m first of Magad and then my fathers,and he has done injustice and so should be punished but someone who is innocent why should he be punished,

Chandra says so you think Nand is innocent ,Nandini says I’m talking about pandugan,he has nothing to do with this,Chandra says Nandini it’s a kings swear and as you said children have to face consequences for their parents bad deeds and leaves.

Chandra telling everyone that the security of the palace shall be tightened and all the food will be checked which is served to the royal family, there will be no compromise on security. Chandra says those who enter the kingdom shall be checked. The soldiers go. megasanis is worried.

There a servant is going with Prasad and the soldiers check all servants taking food. The servant is scared and she hides behind a pillar. The soldiers go ahead to check other servants. The servant with Prasad sneaks away and goes in nandini’s room. she tells nandini that it is the Prasad that head chef made for the royal family members. Nandini says okay and is about to eat when a minister comes with soldiers. He tells the servant to eat the Prasad. Servant is scared and says but the Prasad was already eaten by chef and he checked. Nandini says it must be safe minister. Minister says it is king’s orders and they cannot ignore it, he tells servant to taste the Prasad first.

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There Helena tells apma that her plan is stupid and what she told her yesterday? About love and all? And now she has sent that servant, what if they are caught? Suddenly megasanis comes and says apma that Chandra has tightened the security of the palace and all the food is being checked. Apma says I hope the servant doesn’t get caught. Suddenly the servant comes running dizzy and falls down. Apma and Helena are scared. Servant says the minister and his soldiers stopped me before nandini could eat the Prasad. Apma says what happened? Servant says I had to eat the Prasad as they asked me to eat it, so I ate, nothing happened to me there so nandini said the Prasad is safe and she ate it too, after that I came here running. Apma says don’t worry you have shown your faithfulness, apma tells Helena to bring the medicine for that poison, she gives it to servant and says nothing will happen to you as it is a small amount of poison. Apma thinks Chandra has tightened security which means he has a doubt on me, I have to find that.

In room nandini is with Bindusara holding him, she says we will go and change your clothes now. suddenly her eyes start closing and she gets dizzy and starts falling down, before she falls Chandra comes and holds her and keeps Bindusara in the swing. He says what happened nandini? Nandini says I don’t know everything just felt dark. Chandra says you have not eaten anything for so much time that is why, I will call the doctor. Nandini says no please don’t call the doctor, I am fine, you just stay with me. A servant comes and gives Chandra a letter which says you need to meet me soon, your chanakya.

Chandra goes and meets chanakya on a cliff. Chanakya says his plan has worked and mailketu is no more with nanda now, he has turned maliketu against nanda but telling him that parvatak was killed by vishkanya. Nanda strength has reduced to one fourth now and they can easily defeat him. Chandra says then we can catch nanda now easily. Chanakya says not now, they shall not take that risk now otherwise the nanda will run away again. chanakya says now its time for him to kill padmanand and his son pandugrat and then even you will fulfill your promised made to me. Chandra remembers what nandini told him that pandugrat was innocent and he had nothing to do with this so leave him. Chanakya says what is he thinking? Have you forgotten your promise? Chandra says no Acharya I will fulfill it, Chandra is going when chanakya asks him has he got what he was finding? Chandra says the search is on and goes.


There apma is talking to a servant and servant tells that the poison given to nandini was only 1 portion and more 2 portions have to be given then she will be dead. Chaya listens to all this and goes to tell Chandra. Apma tells servant soon nandini will be given entire poison.

Chandra is in room with Bindusara and Chaya comes scared. Chandra says what happened Chaya? Tell me. Chaya says she saw apma discussing a plan with servant for nandini.

Chandra says tell me what about nandini? Suddenly nandini comes, Chandra tells Chaya to go. Chaya hides her face and goes. Nandini comes and says who was that Chandra? Chandra says whoever it is what is it with you. nandini says sometimes I don’t understand your behavior, you say I killed durdhara then you say I didn’t, nandini dinks water and takes her handkerchief and coughs and keeps it and goes. The handkerchief has blood. Chandra thinks I have to meet Chaya now.

Chaya goes in her room but apma is there and she is shocked. In flashback apma is seen following Chaya covered in blanket. Apma sees Chaya and is shocked. Back in room apma tells Chaya that she is happy to see her and that she is well again, all the people in the palace would be excited to know this news. Chandra comes and apma says see,king your sister is back, she is well again and standing. Chandra doesn’t say anything. Apma feels doubt. Apma says aren’t you happy king? Chandra says yes I am but shocked to see my sister standing again, Chandra then acts and hugs Chaya and says I am happy to see you. apma says I will tell everyone, Chandra says okay and apma goes. Chandra closes the door and says apma knows about our plan, Chaya says what to do now? Chandra says what did you have to tell me about apma? Chaya says I saw apma talking to a servant about poison given to nandini and she has planned to kill nandini and has already given her poison. Chandra is shocked and angry.
He goes with doctor to nandini and tells doctor to check nandini. Chandra takes Bindusara and nandini says why are you checking me? Chandra says because you shall not have any disease as you are with Bindusara and nothing shall happen to him. Chandra goes out as doctor checks nandini. Doctor tells Chandra out that he is true and there is poison in nandini’s body. Chandra is shocked and says don’t tell it to anyone not even nandini until I say. doctor says okay. Chandra goes inside and nandini is coughing, Chandra relaxes her and has tears and says Bindusara today your father will tell you story. Chandra tells doctor to bring kada and she brings and gives nandini to drink.




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