Malti in nazar Kaid,Chandra walks to her,Malti in tears,Chandra says today we shall marry and you will be all mine then,Malti says you are evil, I don’t love you, I will not marry you,Chandra says I’m magad king and I can achieve anything I want,dasi dress her as a bride,it’s our wedding day,and leaves,Malti says I shall die but not marry you.

Nandini sees mahal all decorated for wedding,and is in tears, Nandini remembers her wedding day,Nandini thinks was that a lie ,was my wedding just a fake one and will Chandra really separate two loved ones for his greed,I shall go talk to him,Nandini walks to Chandra room,Chandra asks dasi to leave and says Nandini come in help me get ready here is the broach,Nandini throws it and says I know you don’t love Malti why are you doing this,Chandra says how does it matter if I have 3 or 4 wives and go help Malti get ready and don’t create a scene here.

Dasi says Malti please get dressed or else maharaj will be very upset,Nandini walks to her,Malti says Didi please save me,you talk to maharaj,Nandini says come sit here,I tried to talk to Chandra but he wants to marry you,and we have no option left,Malti says Didi I never took him as my love,Nandini says we have no option and today I will help you dress as a bride,Malti hugs her and starts crying.


Everyone upset in mandap.dadi says mora please stop all this,mora says I don’t believe this and Chandra who was so found of Nandini,did this to her too,the bride arrives in mandap, Durdhara asks where is Nandini,radhika says Nandini will not attend this wedding she is hurt and says I cant see two loved ones separate,the wedding rituals begin. Panditji says exchange the garlands,Chandra holds brides hand and forces her to exchange the garland,Chandra holds brides hand for other rituals forcefully,radhika does gathbandhan,Panditji asks to take pheres,Helina says ma I can’t tolerate this one more step and leaves.The pheres begin.

Maliketu scolds his men and says the whole praja loves king,men says we tried our best but when praja heard maharaj is marrying that girl they are very happy, Maliketu hears upset people and asks what are they doing here,Chandra says they are for you Maliketu because you tried to insult their king, maliketus men stand behind Chandra and says Maliketu we shall never go against our king,maliketu says maharaj I’m with you,Chandra says you will fool me and our acharaya but my people love me and when they heard they have my own people trying to bring me down they informed me.

( Chandra is informed about it,he says let the plan go as per discussed, this will trap Maliketu)

Chandra says Maliketu I have my people with me,they trust me, the couple also trusted me and later they came to me and I gave justice,maliketu says what about your wedding Chandra,Chandra says I married the one whom I was already married,Nandini walks in with Malti, ( Nandini had informed Malti about it and both had exchanged clothes)

Chanakya walks in and says I had discussed this issue with Chandra and we knew it was you behind all this,( Chandra had told Chanakya that I have asked people to do this trap yeh culprit and it’s none other than Maliketu, Chanakya says jail him,Chandra says no acharya we shall trap him in his own plot)

Chanakya says the place you are standing is echo point and so this conversation is heard by people (Chanakya and Chandra had tested the place and Chanakya says just get Maliketu here and people will know the culprit) Chandra says now Maliketu you can run only when you are punished but you have choices either me or the people out there,soldiers attack maliketu,he walks out to the people.

Chandra says maliketu people have heard you confess and because of you they have regained their trust back and I have never molested Malti and it was all your plot,people says maharaj give him to us we shall show him his place,Chandra says maliketu you are their culprit and so I give them to you and pushes him,people start beating maliketu ,Malti walks to Chandra and says forgive me maharaj,I accused you but,Chandra says I’m sorry you got pulled into a bad plot but now we need to find Madhav as we will soon arrange your wedding,Malti gets happy and hugs Nandini.

Madhav angry about Chandras behaviour and marrying Malti,and says bhaiya I’m you are a enemy to me and not brother.Chandra walks to Nandini and asks what are you looking at,Nandini says Chandra,Chandra says I’m right here,Nandini says I meant moon, Chandra says thank you for supporting me.
( Nandini says Chandra I know you have done nothing to Malti, I know the accuses are wrong and falls down crying,Chandra says Nandini don’t do this to your self,I knew you will trust me,I did this to reveal the culprits face and I want your help,Nandini holds his hand and says yes I will,Chandra explains her the plan)

Chandra says Nandini anyways I didn’t have problem marrying Malti,Nandini says i would believe if some other king would say this but you ,I won’ believe it,Chandra says if this was true,Nandini takes her knife out and says don’t forget I’m a warrior and you need to be in my room too,Chandra says it’s our wedding night again,Nandini says I’m the First Lady in history who must have married thrice to same person.

Chandra and Nandini hear peoples voice and ask Chanakya what all is this,Chanakya says your people are happy that you never fail to regain their trust ,they are happy to see their king is a good man and now promise me you shall never leave your people and always be with them,Chandra says never they are my people and made me king,I shall never leave them.

(Chandragupta was the king their people never went against,people loved him and had faith in him but Chandra had no idea that he had to choose between his wives and people and the reason was their fathers padmanand and selecus.)

Padmanand is informed that maliketu is here to see him.padmanad says how dare he,Amartya says let him in let’s see what information he has,Maliketu falls in his feet and says maharaj I’m very sorry, I made a huge mistake,I’m with you now,padmanand says how do I believe you,maliketu says I have Chandras brother who wants to join hands with you.
Madhav walks in and says maharaj,I’m with you to attack Chandra and let’s attack him tonight and defeat him.

Padmanand and selecus join hands and decide to attack on magad tonight,they are all prepared on their respective planned locations to attack on magad.

Chandra ask to find Madhav and says he must be angry because he didn’t knew it was a plan,please find him,soldiers leave,Nandini says Chandra we will find Madhav,it was your fault too, you should have informed him,Chandra says it would alert maliketu but now Chaya is also an matter of worry for me because I had chosen maliketu for her,Nandini says Chandra Chaya will understand your pain,she is very lucky to have you as her brother,Chandra says long day,and since we have already married again so let’s go ahead with wedding night so let me stay in your room what say,Nandini says why not,and yes long day and says I’m so sleepy and leaves.

Durdhara says Chandra I’m very angry and will never talk to you,Chandra says why did you call me here,Durdhara says to tell you I will not talk to you,Chandra says why but,Durdhara says because you have forgotten me and our baby,our baby even kicked but you were so busy you couldn’t be present at any moments with me,Chandra says what how exciting,and I’m so sorry,Durdhara says but you are not my old Chandra who came to my house ate all my food and was my best friend,Chandra says I’m still your old friend,And I hope my baby isn’t troubling you,Durdhara says yes he did but not as much as his father does and now you don’t have time for me and when my baby will be here i shall have no time for you.

Ma says Helina, Chandra is very intelligent see,Helina says ma but Nandini is with Chandra,he married her again,I can’t bare her,ma says patience and once your father attacks magad ,Chandra will throw nanidini out,dasi get us the alcohol,I got from Greek,ma says Helina here’s for celebration of winning.

Chandra walks in to his room and sees Nandini asleep and says today I shall speak my heart to her,that I love her,Nandini asks what are you doing here,Chandra says you are sleeping,Nandini says yes long day, I’m very tried,Chandra says it’s our wedding night how can you sleep,Nandini says we married thrice what wedding night,Chandra says we didn’t even do it once.

Nandini says see I’m very sleepy,Chandra says look at me,I have very important emotion to share,Nandini says no quickly or else,Chandra says do I really look like a monkey,Nandini says not all time,sometimes you look good too,Chandra says what if Malti would really marry me would you be sad,Nandini says yes I saved her from a monkey,Chandra says am I so bad,you aren’t happy with me,Nandini says I’m here just you know and you anyways love your other wives,Nandini says what so you don’t love them,you love someone else,Chandra drinks water and says no Nandini,I love a lot,Nandini looks into his eyes and asks whom do you love a lot Chandra.


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