CHANDRA NANDINI 11 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV:  Episode start with bindusar speaking Ma, all get happily shock. Chandra take bindusar and ask to say again. He says Maa. Chandra gets happy, and say soon he will walk and take over my empire. And take bindusar away and all walk with him.
Dadi say to nandini, i know you felt bad about chandra behaviour. Nandini say dadi son should stay with mother more as she connect with baby before birth. Dadi say I have a plan.

Nand scold his daughter-in-laws. Just than chankaya arrives. Nand taunts him but he says i am here to help you. I have a plan. But you need to promise that you will run magad as per my wish. Nand agrees. Gautmi unties her and reaches to say that chankya should not believe him but he is gone. Nand ask his soliders that capture them.

Chandra plays with bindusar. Just than nandini arrives and bindusar gets happy and call her ma. Chandra take milk bowl and try feed him but nandini takes him and chandra shouts on her. Chandra says that do not forget that you are only his daayi maa, not my wife or maharani. Nandini says why are so angry because I intrupted saba?? Chandra says as if you don’t know. I am tried of your lies. I got letter where dhurdhara wrote your name, nandini gets shocked. He ask her to leave.

Nandini was about to go but Dadi stops her and ask to feed bindusar milk. Dadi makes chandra realise that mother is related to child before birth. Chandra call dasi and say call them, their decision will be done now. Dadi say to nandini that I knew that he will not listen to you but will listen to others.

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In sabha chandra repeats that child need mother more so this child will stay with mother and father have to pay monthly expenses.
Solider informs that someone wants to meet you.

A girl come inside and introduce herself as Rajkumari (sorry I did not get her name). She informs that Nand attacked us and killed my parents, he wanted to kill me but I came here. Please help me. Mahamantri say that we need proves that she is not lier. Chandra say to dasi to get her treat and ask mahamantri to get all information soon.

Nandini is playing with bindusar by using chandra get up. She says that I am so stuborn, cruel and angry. Bindusar smiles. And all these things are heard by chandra.
Chandra say that I am stuborn, cruel and angry. Don’t you remembered I saved you from daldal (mud pit). She say you did as what you have replied to praja that where is mukhya maharani. Chandra say that then why do you call me vanar (monkey). Nandini say because you behave like one. Like you saw me while bathing in river. Chandra say that why should not I.

Chandra says don’t call me monkey,Nandini says you are one,don’t you remember when I was bathing in lake you were starring at me,Chandra says why shouldn’t I,Nandini says I should go and turns around,bindusara holds her dupatta,Nandini says Chandra leave me,Chandra says I didn’t,Nandini turns and finds bindusara holding it,Chandra says stop and removes her moustache and says now you may go.

Vishakha enjoying her bath, Chandra walks in and sees her applying body soap on her legs,she looks at Chandra,chandra thinks why did I stop I should go and leaves,Nandini walks to her from behind and says let me help you to apply shower on your back, she asks who are you Nandini says I’m bindusara nanny,she says I’m princess Vishakha,Nandini says I know you lost your parents don’t worry maharaj Chandragupta shall help you,even I went through hardships,Vishakha says good to know I have friend here, Helina says you are wrong she is one whose father killed your parents,and Vishakha not just that she even killed durdhara,Vishakha says every person has a hidden past who knows about it I mean even your father once attacked on Magad but now you are queen here,Helina says you are guest here so be like one and leaves.

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Nandini says Vishakha you need not do this,Vishakha says I can read people and I know you are a good person. Chanakya informs Chandra about the path he marked by peanuts to padmanand shelter,Chanakya says Chandra you may proceed soon and follow the nut shells,all the best.

Chandra leaves with his troop,they start following nut shells,and Chandra says be careful Nand shouldn’t have any warnings about us. Bindusara uneasy and crying,Nandini unable to handle him,mora and dadi walk in,mora says get Vaidya,Helina says Nandini you know everything about it ,what happened now,Vaidya examines bindusara,and says he is completely fine,Vishakha arrives and says may I ,mora says are you used to,Vishakha says yes, and I can’t see the baby cry and holds bindusara in her arms,Bindusara calms down,mora says thank you Vishakha , Vishakha says I could feel the pain, you all gave me shelter and this is nothing in return.

Chandra arrives at Nand shelters and gets ready to attack with his troop,they enter in tents and find them empty,soldiers say all other tents are vacant too.chandra informs Chanakya about it and says everything was as you said but was vacant. Padmanand asks Amartya why are we here,Amartya says I found these nut shells near our tents and these nuts aren’t available in our locality which meant clearly it was Chanakya , and just to be secured about you and Gautami son I made this shift,padmanand says wow Amartya, you are right we need to be alert now,Amruta says it may be someone else too,we need to find it.

Chanakya says they might be alert now,Its not easy to trick Amartya,give me time to think on it,you leave now. Malayketu says it’s not someone else it’s Acharya Chanakya for sure,padmanand says now we have to test Chanakya before we join hands with him,Amartya says I have a solution to this.

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Vishakha,Nandini playing with bindusara, Nandini says look he likes you,anyways I will get him some milk,you play with him and leaves,Chandra walks in and gets an acute ache in his back and says Nandini the pain is back come please help,unaware that it’s not Nandini but Vishakha and says Nandini what are you doing there Nandini come first,I can’t bare it.

Vishakha puts bindusara down and walks to Chandra and takes his robe off and touches his back and is mesmerised but scared,she tries to help Chandra,Nandini walks in and is shocked,Chandra says Nandini,Chandra looks behind and says Vishakha,Vishakha says sorry maharaj,you were shouting in pain and so I got scared and came to help you,Chandra says my pain it’s gone,thank you Vishakha your hands are magical,Nandini says you are right,she even calmed bindusara.chandra says that’s nice, ask me anything in return ,Vishakha says you gave me shelter I’m thankful and leaves,Chandra says nice.




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