CHANDRA NANDINI 8 DECEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Chandra says don’t be scared,nandini says what will we tell them,Chandra says just be quite,Chandra signs the man something,and both converse in sign language,nandini thinks he is really a monkey,but what are they signing each other,Chandra says Nandini come,nandini asks what did you tell them.

Chandra and Nandini come to a asharm, Chandra says look Helina and clovie they are disguised as dasi and I told that man about that its mukhya rani Helina and here disguised so that she can have dinner with tribal people of Magad.Clovie says Helina queen these two must be somewhere here,Helina says but this place looks so weird,clovies night blindness starts,she mistakes a man to be Chandra and says I found him come queen I got that monkey,he is Nandinis monkey, Helina says have you lost it he is a old man,are you blind,come let’s leave.

Everyone from the tribe encircle Helina and clovie, they place them on throne and start dancing in front of them,Nandini and Chandra hide and have fun,Helina asks what is happening,clovie thinks how do I know I can’t even see,they are served food,Nandini says poor Helina she has no idea what she is going on and will never have food ever,Chanda thinks I’m sorry Helina but as mukya rani you have to be with our people and so today as a part of it you are with these tribals.

Nandini and Chandra having fun near a fall,Nandini says I’m so happy,and that king and poor Helina she was so confused,Chandra says you find happiness in little things even when you were born as princess,Nandini as these were my childhood memories,thank you Chandra and holds his hand and says thank you for this time,and leaves his hand,Chandra smiles and says Nandini as a friend it was my responsibility to make you happy and you can go straight our army will be waiting and I have to go it’s important,nandini asks where are you going,Chandra says don’t worry I will come back soon.

Helina in mahal and her feet all swollen,Helina says fool clovie you will do as I say from now on,clovie thinks of course I will because I can’t see now,Nandini dreaming of time spent with Chandra,she dreams Chandra walking to her and pointing at stars which reads Chandra Nandini,she smiles and wakes up,Nandini says what kind of dream was it,Malti walks in and says you look lost today,Nandini says no nothing,Malti says see deny if you don’t wish to share don’t ignore,Nandini says no no you are my only friend here why will I ignore you,Nandini says I saw Chandra in different way today,he made me an experience moments which a girl likes to share with her loved one,looks like he was doing it with Heart and not mind.
I felt like he is not strong minded and stoned heart man but lovable person.dasi walks in and says maharaj called you in Sabha a culprit is brought.

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Everyone in Sabha,Nandini wispers Malti who you think it is,Chanakya asks who is it,Chandra says someone who it’s very important to be in Magad,the mans face cover is removed by Chandra,it’s pandugan nands son,all shocked,Nandini says bhaiya,Chanakya thinks of his oath he gave padmanand that he will tie hair only when he will kill all his son,pandugan says no Chandra will kill me,Nandini walks to pandugan but she is stopped by guards,Helina thinks good now Chandra will sentence him To death and Nandini will hate Chandra and marry that monkey,Chandra says he is nands son but also part of our family and so we need to give him cure and care he needs,Chandra realises his hand cliffs and says please go to your room,pandugan is taken away.

Chanakya thinks good Chandra this way pandugan will be in mahal this way,good plan.Nandini runs to pandugan room Chandra present too,pandugan says Nandini good you came he will kill me,he killed pitahamaharaj too and will kill you too,Nandini says no bhaiya he will take care of you,are you hungry,he says yes I didn’t have anything since yesterday,Nandini says you sit here I will get you food,he says no he will kill me,Nandini says ok wait see those fruits and gives pandugan,pandugan shares it with Nandini.

Chanakya says Chandra I’m very happy with what you did,with pandugans death my oath will be fulfilled but he is mentally Ill and so we can’t attack him and so I will cure him and once he will be cured I will sentence him to death like Nand. Apma says Helina you were following Nandini and that too like dasi and returned with no information,pandugan is here , Helina says I want to find that monkey other thinks don’t entertain me,Apma says then where is he,helina says yes I did follow but failed but don’t worry next time when he will be here I will catch them,clovie says yes and,Apma says you shut up.

Chandra disguised goes to Nandini room,clovie says monkey man let me inform Helina queen. Nandini says bindusara today your father made me very happy I met my brother,Chandra walks in and both smile a each other.

Nandini about to touch Chandras feet,Chandra asks what are you doing,Nandini says you saved my brother you are like god to me,Chandra says I did this as a friend and today we cherished your childhood memorise today and pandugan is part of it,and today all I did is just to make you happy,Nandini hugs Chandra and says I will never forget this you gave me my most precious gift,but Chandra what about Acharya will he kill bhaiya,Chandra remembers Chanakya say once pandugan is cured by him he will sentence him to death,Chandra says no one will kill pandugan,Nandini says but oath,Chandra says the oath is true but I promise I will never sentence pandugan to death,and you look cute even when you cry,Nandini says and you monkey,Chandra says go spend some time with your brother let me go.

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Chandra steps out,Helina and clovie keeping and eye on him and follow him, Chandra sees them approach,Helina says look there is that monkey ,Chandra confusing them,Helina thinks oh so he is playing with me I have to wait here to catch him,and clovie and Helina hide.

Chandra walks to them,Helina says oh so you are the monkey,it’s some other man and not Chandra,Helina says so you love her and want to marry her,he says yes,Helina says good now listen after some time I will take you to maharaj and as mukhya rani I promise I asure your wedding will be arranged with Nandini and leaves. Chandra says to that man good now go,Chandra had already informed that guy to dress like him and be near his room and say yes to whatever Helina says.

Nandini to bindusara I’m so happy now my brother will stay with us Helina thinks today I will make her accept about that monkey man,Helina walks to Nandini and says oh my lovable sister Nandini,we haven’t talked it’s so long so I thought I should talk,and may be you want to share something and I know what secret you are hiding,Nandini asks what are you talking,Helina wispers I mean that man who comes to meet you,Nandini thinks I hope she hasn’t guessed it’s Chandra,Helina says I know who he is come,and points at a guard and says look he is that man right, Chandra in room too disguised in beard and slowly alerts Nandini and says nod yes,Helina says he is that man right,Nandini says yes ,Helina says see I know what your heart wants and don’t worry I will handle everything, I will talk to Chandra and then you will not have to meet him like this and don’t thank me and now go meet him bye,Nandini says wait listen to me,Helina leaves.

Chandra walks to Nandini,Nandini asks what game is this and you eating peanuts and throws them,Helina is paring me with this unknown man and if dadi and ma knows about it,god what will all think about it,Chandra says Nandini your pride matters me most and I won’t let any one question it,Dasi runs in Chandra hides,Nandini is informed pandugan is very angry and has messed everything.

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Nandini walks to pandugan his room is all messed,pandugan has injured dasi,dasi says I came to serve him lunch and he pushed me,Nandini says I will look go,pandugan repeating I don’t want to stay all will kill me,Nandini says bhaiya calm down,he says all will kill me even you,this food has poison ,Nandini says I cooked it even had it don’t do this,pandugan pushes her and says go away,Chandra hiding and watching them ,gets angry and gets sword,pandugan says see he will kill me,Nandini says Chandra,Chandra gets two swords,pandugan gets scared,Nandini says Chandra please don’t you promised me you won’t kill him,Chandra says he raised hand on you I won’t leave him get away and walks to pandugan and says hold this and shouts at him and pulls him.

Chandra says come fight,you can raise your hand at a lady right,come fight with me,pandugan attacks Chandra,Nandini calls Chandra he looks at her and pandugan injures Chandras hand.Nandini says Chandra,Bhaiya what you did,pandugan says Nandini I didn’t,Chandra says this is what I’m telling look we aren’t here to kill you,trust me,see I didn’t attack even when you injured me,give me sword you will be hurt,pandugan says so Chandra won’t hurt me,Chandra says no,pandugan gets very happy.

Nandini playing with bindusara and says now your father must be cured you mamaji did it but he is unwell too,and I have applied medicine on his wound so come let’s go see your father but should we go or not,see select any of two fingers ,this one ok so that we can go,and both go to Chandras room,Nandini asks where is pitahamaharaj room show me,she sees dadi and thinks it’s not right time I think,and about to return ,dadi says why did you stop you were going to Chandra room,Nandini says yes so that bindusara could see Chandra but you take now,dadi says why me you go,Nandini and bindusara go to Chandras room,dadi says now bindusara will dissolve your differences.

Chandra says you two here early morning,Nandini says bindusara was missing his father and he wanted to see his father,Chandra says he started talking,Nandini says no I mean he was crying and I thought he is missing you,Chandra says good even I could see his mother and come let’s play now bindusara,Nandini asks bindusara also wants to know if his father is alright,Chandra says officers ehis mother has applied medicine,Nandini says does his father the king of Magad remember anything what’s special approaching,Chandra says I forgot little bit,but give me a hint.Nandini says so bindusara ask your father what’s important they after tomorrow,Chandra asks what is it,Nandini says Its bindusara birthday they after tomorrow.




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