Chandra sees Nandini walk in with her baby and husband, Helina very happy to see that, women gossip maharani Helina is so lucky to have maharaj Chandragupta in her life,Chandrika introduces her husband and baby,Helina thinks wow Nandini you got a fake husband too,Chandra very jealous too see nanidnis husband support her and help her,Chandra in that anger hurts his hand,Helina says oh no how did you injure your hand,Chandra nods in fine.

wedding rituals take place, Chandra imagines her husband and her performing them and says Helina for bindusara this smoke is not good and picks bindusara and walks away with him. Malayketu near Nandinis house with his goons and says this house is Chandrika and she is teacher to maharaj Kaling daughter teacher too,malayketu says ok when right time comes kidnap her,Gautami walks out,malayketu thinks what did she help Chandras son,and asks his men to stop,Malayketu says I have to inform maharaj Nand about this.

Helina says Chandrika I need to talk to you about bindusara,Nandini hands baby to her husband and walks with Helina,Helina says wow fake baby and husband well done,all new family, I wanted you to leave Kaling but now you can stay because you did this right thing,Chandra now things you have moved on , I wanted you throw you away but you stood quite ahead of my plans and in good ways, and we will leave to magad soon, till then keep this game,Nandini says Helina you are close to Chandra but are the most Insecure person, Nandini hears baby cry and walks to her baby,her husband says no he is asleep.

Chanakya is informed Nand and malayketu men try to attack bindusara, and they were there with plans,Chanakya says but they were disgusted then how come,anyways make sure no one sees you now and be with maharaj and keep me informed,Chanakya says this means there is some problem is security here in magad.

Chandra trying to calm crying bindusara, Nandini walks in, Chandra stops her and says I don’t want you to kill my baby as you killed his mother,Nandini says Chandra you are a king and till you are here I won’t harm him and his cry sounds like he has breathing problem and so if you allow me I shall help, Chandra nods yes,Nandini checks his mouth and says look he had hair in his mouth,and its yours,Nandini says no it’s not,Nandini says no women has such small hair and you keep playing with bindusara,and so be careful next time, and I don’t believe you thought I shall kill him.

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Nandini says Chandra this medicinal plant is grown in Kaling only and I have mixed it with milk which help bindusara sleep calmly,and if you want you can prepare this on your own,Chandra hesitates,Nandini drinks it and says see I have no poison added to it,Chandra allows Nandini give bindusara medicine,Nandinis picks bindusara in her arms and help him fall asleep.

Nandini looks at Chandra and walks to him and picks a hair from his body and says this is how bindusara might have consumed it so be careful and clean yourself before you go close to him,Nandini slips and Chandra holds her,maharani Kaling passing by sees them together,and thinks before she eyes shatnag and now maharaj Chandragupta,characterless women.Nandini says I should go and leaves.

Chanakya says I want information about All security exits,plans and every security related person of this kingdom,and this hidden path why is it only Greek soldiers appointed here and no magad, mantri says helina Mother has made these changes here is a letter,Chanakya reads It and says why did she do this,only king can make these changes.

In Kaling,pandit asks five married women to bless the bride,Chandrika is called by a lady,Chandrika steps forward,maharani stops her and says she isn’t the right candidate,but she is a murderer first she attracted my brother and got him killed and now she is eyeing on magad naresh Chandragupta, this time she is having big plans,characterless women,I saw her with maharaj Chandragupta few hours back,using her knowledge she is having these plans,Helina says what you were with Chandra,if this was magad I would throw you out,women question Nandinis character,Helina says characterless women throw her out,maharani pushes her,and Chandra holds Nandini.

Chandra says maharani,how can women behave with each other this way, let me tell you she was with me in my room to help my son, she treats him,maharani you very well know this but you went so low,Chandrikas husband come and says let’s go they don’t respect you.Chandra thinks I hope he doesn’t take her wrong as others.

Chandra says Helina how dare you blame me that I was partial with Nandini,don’t forget I’m a king,and it’s my duty to be impartial and my Acharya has taught me that a women should be respected and it’s most important,even if that lady is Nandini,and I shall not tolerate any women being insulted and it’s true bindusara is doing well because of Nandini,and also that Nandini killed durdhara and she will never be forgiven,and she is facing its punishement and she has moved on and if she is in danger I will take care but she doesn’t matter,Helina gets very happy and hugs Chandra and says I’m sorry I misunderstood you,Chandra says you don’t have to you are a maharani but I can never give you the rights a wife has and leaves.

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Helina says that doesn’t matter for now,I’m happy you hate Nandini and about feelings one day I shall make sure you have them for me. Gautami gives the actor money,he says do call me next time if you need me,I act very well,Gautami says thank you,the actor leaves,Nandini says see I told you I shouldn’t go he hates me,Gautami says if this was so why would Chandra stand by you,Nandini says Chandra loves Helina and has moved on too,and they are a happy family,and I’m happy for him,Gautami says why do I see tears then,and I don’t see happiness on your face,because even today you love Chandra,and still today somewhere you want you too to be together again,Nandini says no bhabhi ,I can never be with a man, who doesn’t trust me who thinks I killed durdhara.

Chandra disguised walks into a ashram,Chandra says mantri says Chandrika leaves here,I have to meet his husband and clear all his doubts that me and Chandrika have no relation, he sees that actor and follows him and sees he is drinking a lot,Chandra says how can Nandini marry such man,a lady walks to actor and says I’m waiting for you home and you here drinking, did you forget you have a wife and baby, and you here drinking,Chandra says how dare he,and walk to him and says you are cheating on two ladies, first Chandrika and now this lady and slaps him,actor says she isn’t my wife.

Chandra walks away after slapping him and says I have to tell Nandini that her husband is not a good man and remembers the actor says she isn’t my wife and says why did he say that,is Nandini acting, why but I have to go find.

Helina mother reads a letter,Greek mantri says ok so this order shall be passed and Helina mother stamps it,Chanakya sees her do that,Helina mother sees Chanakya and is surprised,Chanakya walks to her, Helina mother says Acharya welcome to Greek Sabha,how come to international section,which you never think of entering ,Chanakya says some sections I enter when it’s very important,and don’t forget it’s a part of Bhaarat land and not International and unlike others ( looks at Greek mantra) and says I don’t interfere with others business and I shall like to read the order,Helina mother says show the head Acharya what he wants to read.

Chanakya reads the order, and says these decisions are to be taken only by maharaj,you are mukhya maharani helinas mother and not eligible to take these decisions and I fear you are misusing the rajmudra give on to you so I shall ask it back, Helina mother asks what,Chanakya says that you have to return this rajmudra. Helina mother says no before that,you called me mukhya maharanis mother,so she gave me this rajmudra to take decisions in absence of her,and so as you see since I have rajmudra I shall take decisions,Greek mantri says and as per rules the one who has rajmudra can only take decisions.chankaya says if this is so by tonight you shall hand it to me by yourself because no one is allowed to go against peace.

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The actors wife says look you are so injured,why do you do this,Chandra arrives there,and says tell me the truth.The actor says Chandrika gave me money to act as her husband, this lady is my wife,and he is my baby,Chandra says don’t you know this is crime,his wife says maharaj we are sorry we were in need of money so we did this.

Bindusara crying,Helina says stop him right now,maharani walks in,Helina picks bindusara and says oh baby calm down I’m so worried,maharani says you are great women,you didn’t give him birth still you care for him,Helina says please don’t say this,he is my baby.maharani says sorry if I hurt your feelings. Maharaj says Vaidya why isn’t anything working on baby,vaidya says Maharaj baby is used to Chandrika taking care of him,he needs her now,Maharaj says I shall call her right away.

Chandra thinks Nandini why did you do this ,all this act why,anyways i don’t care.padmanand with women,malayketu walks in,and asks where is that lady,malayketu says I couldn’t get her,Nand says I told you don’t stand in front of me if you fail,you keep failing,malayketu says the lady is no one else but Gautami bhabhi.

Amartya says but as per my information she is at her brother place because Chandragupta asked her to leave magad,padmanand says malayketu don’t give excuses,Gautami tried killing durdhara and her baby why will she save Chandra baby,malayketu says ok then I shall get Gautami here.

Guard says Maharaj has called Chandrika mahal,for baby bindusara,Chandrika says did Maharaj Chandragupta called me,guard says no Maharaj Kaling,Nandini says then tell them I’m sorry but I shall not come mahal,Gautami says bindusara needs you,Nandini says if I go he will get used to me and that’s bad for him,and anyways Chandra doesn’t want me to be with his baby, so I won’t Gautami says as you wish and leaves.


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