CHANDRA NANDINI 29 DECEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Mora says if Chaya cant stay here even I won’t,Helina thinks ma was right this war would be a big one,mora says Chandra you proved it,your mother isn’t important to you,but your wife is,you don’t need your mother ,all that matters is just your wife and her wishes and remember if Chaya leaves even I won’t,dadi says mora,mora says ma I won’t stay here and insult my self,Chaya says right ma who cares about us here,if we leave form here we can live our life as per our wish and don’t need a queen like nanidnis permission for everything.

Nandini says ma please don’t leave,I won’t go against you,Chandra is nothing without his mother ,ma I beg of you don’t go,Chandra say something,Chandra says ok malayketu can come back,Chaya has tears of happiness,Helina says this Nandini spoils all the plans. Nandini gets food and says ma please have something,mora says I will have fooled only from my son hand and not by you,Chandra walks to mora,mora smiles and has fruits.

Helina says Apma ma nandini spoilt everything,clovie go Stand there and not in front of me and ma why are you smiling,you are so happy,rajmata didn’t go,Nandini and her drama I’m tired,Apma says wining is enjoyable when there’s some struggle,we will have fun,because we will win,don’t worry,Helina says ma we wanted to create difference between rajmata and Chandra,Apma says there is a difference and now we will make it deep.malayketus entry will increase this difference.

Nandini talking to bindusara says,rajmata is Chandra mother so how caN I let her go away from her son,but my worry is still there,Chandra walks in and cuts some fruits,Nandini asks,Chandra when did you come,Chandra says just now,now come I’m very hungry,Nandini says no you go ahead,Chandra says no we shall have together even ma had her food and both give each other fruits,Nandini in tears,Chandra wipes her tears,Chandra says thankyou Nandini for stopping ma,Nandini says Chandra but bindusara,Chandra says I know but I will promise malayketu won’t be allowed near our room,Nandini says i know I trust you but I’m his mother and it scares me,Chandra says don’t worry I’m here and I won’t let anyone allow hurt my son and if they dare they won’t be let alive.

Chandra says acharya don’t you agree with Nandini,why didn’t you say anything,Chanakya says I do agree with Nandini,Chandra says then why the silence,Chanakya says because we need to keep our enemies close, malayketu will try killing bindusara but here in Magad,me you and Nandini are present to take care of bindusara and we can give rajmata proves that Malayketu isn’t trust worthy and also Chayas promise will be fulfilled,this mahal will be malayketus jail.

Mantris not happy with Chandra decision,malayketu walks inside the Sabha,Chaya very happy,malayketu says Magads king and people I’m thankful that you all gave me a chance and I would like to accept something I did try killing Yuvraj bindusara, Chanakya says so malayketu you are saying you were part of the kidnap,malayketu says yes Acharya,Amartya provoked me in doing this as a revenge for killing my father but before I could kill Yuvraj,maharaj and Nandini saved bindusara,Chanakya says you could be thrown out of Magad for this,Malayketu says yes I know but I don’t want to start this chance with a lie.

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Mora says malayketu I’m happy that you proved we didn’t make a mistake,and now as per new rule , you and Chaya can be given a chance for your marriage, would you like that,malayketu says rajmata Chaya was the best thing in my life,because of Roopa I was trapped,I learnt about it when I went against Chandra and joined padmanand and if Chaya has no problem, I would like to have this chance,mora says Chaya do you want this chance,Chaya says yes ma,Chandra says ok,malayketu shall stay with us in this mahal.

Chandra says as this is my rule,Chaya should get a chance,and if this makes her happy I’m okay with it and malayketu you aren’t allowed to go near bindusara until you prove yourself,malayketu says yes I accept it.

Malayketu covered in blanket walks in Chandras room to bindusara and with his knife says your death will complete my revenge and stabs him,the blood falls over Nandini face,and she wakes up scared shouting leave my son,Chandra holds her and says it’s a night mare see he is fine,Nandini walks to bindusara and hugs him,Chandra says dont worry since you were thinking about this so you went through this,Nandini says this is very difficult for me,Chandra says I know but don’t worry relax I’m here,and why are you starting at me,Nandini says you crossed LOC,Chandra says what could I do you shouted so loudly I got scared.

Nandini puts binudsara to sleep and says I’m fine now you can go to your side now,both get confused,Nandini says what are you doing and in this confusion the curtain falls on them and and both stare into each other,and try get out,both get out,Chandra says tonight lets Manage tomorrow I will get it done. Both go off to sleep.

Helina says Apma ma what all is this happening, Apma asks what did clovie troubled you again,Helina says not clovie but my life has,I always am tested,I hate malayketu the most after nandini,and he is back in the mahal,he betrayed me and his presence reminds me of that,Apma says look he is your past and what should matter now is that we need to separate Chandra Nandini and malayketu shouldn’t matter,now calm down it isn’t good for your beauty,Helina says ma how can I forget what he did to me,if Chandra wasn’t with me then and I thought with help of malayketu I will create differences and Chandra will be mine, Apma says forget the past now,Helina says how ma,how could you forget that I don’t forgive and forget the one who betray me.

Malayketu walks in saying even I didn’t forget you,and how shall I when my enemy is so beautiful,why do I need friends,Helina gets very angry and throws glass at him,Apma says Helina calm down,Helina says what is he doing in my room,Apma says malayketu isn’t our enemy but our friend,Apma says why do I have to explain you everything,try and control your anger,you and me can do things which malayketu can do for us by staying in this mahal,and he will separate Chandra Nandini ,and when you have a common enemy ,you need to join hands and now we need to get rid of nandini and we can get rid of malayketu anytime.

Malayketu you says Helina your anger is your beauty,Apma says malayketu stay in your limits you will be called when we need you and isn’t forget I got you here,malayketu smiles and leaves.

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Panditji says rajmata in every five years this Kalash pooja is done where a Queen of mahal has to fast and barefooted get gangajal in mahal and then with it she has to perform pooja of lord shiva,and rajmata will perform that queens pooja later and this spiritual pooja ends and now you have to choose a queen for this pooja,dadi says Helina and Nandini both are eligible choose wisely,mora says tomorrow Magad shall learn my decision.rajmata hands dasi letter.

Nandini asks dasi where is Nandini,dasi says he is with rajmata,Nandini says ok and walks in the told direction and sees Malayketu playing with bindusara,Nandini gets angry and takes him back and says don’t dare touch my son,who gave you permission,mora walks and says I allowed,nandini says ma but he was one who tired killing my son,mora says I know but he was trapped into it and he has apologised for it and I’m binudsara dadi I can take care of him,do you take me under your doubts as well.

Chandra walks in and says ma what are you saying,mora stops him and says I’m talking to Nandini it’s not good to interrupt always,Nandini answer,Nandini says ma I can never do this,mora says then accept it I trust malayketu and somyou git to trust him,Nandini says I’m sorry it’s impossible as a mother,mora says you aren’t his real mother Nandini but step mother,durdhara is her mother,after her it’s me who has right over him,nandini says ma if law made relations then you would never take your enemies daughter as your own,and allow her in this mahal,ma I learnt from you to think with Heart,mora says but it’s unfortunate that now I see a daughter in law and remember now you are t a daughter but a daughter in law.

Nandini upset in tears thinking about morals words,Chandra walks in and sees Nandini upset and says I’m sorry I couldn’t repair this curtain didn’t do it alone let me help you,Chandra sees she is lost,and says I loved it last night without this,and when you slept on my shoulder wow and when all night we slept hugging each other ,nandini unaware what Chandra is saying just keeps saying yes and Chandra says when last night when you kissed me and so can you kiss me again,Nandini asks what kiss,what impossible,Chandra says last night you did,everything and you said yes now,nandini says no I wasn’t aware,Chandra says I know you are thinking about ma,nandini asks how do you know.

Chandra says I’m your good friend I can read your mind,Nandini says Chandra you know,I didn’t feel bad when ma accused me because it’s true I’m bindusara step mother but I felt bad when she called me daughter in law as if I lost my mother,Chandra says mothers anger is like camphor disappears instantly,and as time passes ma will forget this and no one can be upset with you for long,and now what about last night do you remember,Nandini says enough Chandra nothing happened and leaves.

Clovie stops dasi,and says no one can see queen Helina she is resting,Apma says give me letter dasi and leave,Apma reads the letter and says I shall give go now,dasi leaves,clovie says Apma queen you can go in,Apma ignores her and goes in,Apma says Helina you are sleeping when time is in our favour,Helina says ma my head is aching be clear,Apma says Helina rajmata has letter for you tomorrow will be Kalash pooja and you shall perform it,Helina says great,Apma says now we see the difference,Helina says ma I have no interest in pooja and all but this pooja i will surely participate because rajmata chose me,Apma says no you won’t because nandini will,Helina says but ma I have been chosen,Apma says Helina nandini will perform this pooja and rajmata will misunderstand it as nandini forced Chandra and so he made these changes,Helina says but in this letter it is clearly stated as Helina,Apma says have you forgotten your mother can imitate anyone’s handwriting.

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Nandini in tears Chandra walks to her and asks what’s the issue,nandini says rajmata wrote me this letter,Chandra says look ma is upset so may be she has done this in anger,nandini says ma has chosen me for Kalash pooja I’m so happy,Chandra says see didn’t I say ma will forgive you just give her some time.

Apma says Nandini with this game of mine you won’t just go away from Magad but also loose that special corner from everyone’s heart because you aren’t as experienced player as I am and so you shall surely loose this time.

Chandra says Nandini do you know if I had to choose between you and Helina who would I choose,I mean who would have such fate as mine who has two wives whichever you choose the other one will be upset and then if it’s Helina the Kalash pooja Kalash would be on my head then in pooja,Nandini smiles,Chandra says but sill I will always choose you because you deserve it,Nandini gets happy and hugs Chandra,Chandra shocked,Nandini asks why are you starring at me,Chandra asks what did you just do,Nandini says I hugged my friend now bye I have to make arrangements for pooja,see dadi ask her all rituals get ready for fats and leaves.

Chandra says Nandini this was a sign that one day you will accept me so than you for getting me back to life.Chanakya calls Chandra to meet midnight and says a king has many problems and dangerous awaiting,Chandra asks what are you pointing at,Chanakya says tomorrow’s Kalash pooja,and Nandini will leave for it and it goes through a dense forest and has lot of wild animals and so it’s necessary that she comes out safe.

Apma says Nandini will proceed for pooja but won’t return,she should be buried somewhere in dense forest,I guess that’s not difficult,Chanakya says Chandra it’s a kings duty to guard her queen along with people also,not because she is your ice but also because she is queen to her people.

Apma says Nandini should die,it shouldn’t be a big problem to kill her in that forest but remember it should look like she got tired and died,the man says this time Nandini will die. Chanakya says Chandra you should accompany Nandini and remember neither Nandini nor Magad should know about you being with her.



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