ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 23 FEBRUARY 2021:  Baba says sir I did as you asked me to but maharaj Chandragupta accepted Nandini and announced that she is back to whole Magad,sir says I won’t let this happen,now I will make a move,and before that I will have to meet Magads real king and starts laughing.

Chandra unable to sleep on sofa,Nandini awake and looking at him,Chandra unaware says how can she not feel bad for me,Chandra falls down,Nandini starts laughing but keeps quite,Chandra says I saw you,Nandini acts as if she just woke up and says why are you sleeping on floor,Chandra walks to her and sleeps beside her and says look you are my wife and there are lot of mosquitoes and so even you cant sleep there so now let’s just sleep,Nandini puts a cushion in between and both go off to sleep.


Nandini says can I ask you something,Chandra says yes,Nandini says today I have to say something and if I didn’t say today I will never be able too. Sir and a lady meets a man and say greetings to Magad king,he says don’t waste time just proceed towards Magad.kartikeya thinking about dharma and Bindusara wedding,Elis walks to him with glass of alcohol and says we are about to start a new beginning and why stay alone and takes a sip and gives to Kartikeya, kartikeya says I don’t wish to,Elis says my granny got this from Greek,he says I don’t want to, Elis says okay okay and hugs him,and says I love you a lot,Kartikeya says don’t you understand I don’t want any alcohol and look I don’t love you,and can never give you this place in my life.




Elis says I’m your wife who do you love ,Kartikeya says look Its not you,and can never give you this place,Elis says I know you love that dasi dharma but she married my brother and you are all mine now and goes close to Kartikeya,Kartikeya says dharma won’t be mine I know that and you will never be given this place and leaves,Elis gets very angry.

Helina sees Charumati in room and asks what are you doing here,Charumati says where will I be,Bindusara will never be with that dharama so chill,Helina says don’t underestimate the power of hatred ,when this will turn in love you won’t even know,I made this mistake you don’t,now go get Bindusara,make him fall in love so deep that he has no time for dharma or any other women,go.


Nandini says I feel a bond with you,I tried hard to keep myself away from you,I was scared that this may be wrong but every time you came to me,I couldn’t stop myself,you gave me back my identity and in this process I didn’t even realise when I fell in love with you,the face I used to see in moon it was you,my love it was you,and Nandini turns around and says this is your answer,Chandra asleep.


Nandini looks at Chandra and smiles and says now when I answered you are asleep I wish you could hear me, Nandini says you complete me. Charumati walks in dharmas room,Charumati says surprised, I know I shouldn’t be here,are you waiting for Bindusara,but let me tell you, he won’t come here today or will never,stop dreaming about being a queen,these kings marry so many times,and then leave that women when they are done with her but you won’t even have that position because Bindusara won’t even come to you,you will never be given the position of a wife,and good you took off your ornaments because Bindusara will never and as you spoiled my night I will spoil yours and you will keep waiting.


Dharma says are you confident enough Charumati, I want him to be with you every night, I don’t want him to spend any night with him and these ornaments keep them,I have no interest in them or in your wife,I just want to go back to my place and leaves,Charumati says this dasi is so stupid she has no interest in Bindusara. Bindusara is stopped from entering Chandras room,he remembers his childhood days when Helina says now learn to stay away your parents will have lone time and ignore you.bindusara asks dasi to call pitahshree.


Dasi informs Nandini Bindusara is here,Nandini says why did you stop him at door let him in and walks to Bindusara and says son why stay out come in,Bindusara says I would like to talk to pitahshree,Nandini says he is asleep and if I can help you,Bindusara says please no thank you and about to leave,Nandini says stop Bindusara, I know I’m not your mother but even your mother would say this,I know you hate dhrama but you are married now and as per the promises you have taken guard her take care of her,don’t trouble her,you are married now as May be god has something written behind it,Bindusara says you are so two faced,first you were against it and now,but you are not my mother instead you killed her,Nandini says enough I didn’t kill her,Bindusara says do you have proofs,Nandini says I will talk to you only when I have proofs and leaves.


Nandini walks in and looks at Chandra and puts blanket over him,she falls over him,and looks at him and says I love you,only you, no one can separate us.Sir reaches Magad and says here is my wife Nandini my Savitri,my love.

Bindusara asks where is dharma,Charumati says I asked her to stop and also said it’s your wedding night and after all you are married but she left,and Bindusara instead of punishing dharma you are taking her side,Bindusara says she didn’t do anything wrong,Charumati says what you accepted that dasi as your wife,Bindusara says I didn’t mean that, I meant that I will soon anal the wedding and I have no interest in her,Charumati thinks this means both have no interest in each other,Helina ma was worried for no worries,Charumati gets Bindusara alcohol and says good you have no interest in her,because you are all mine,Bindusara pulls her hair and says see you fell in love but I will never give you love,go to your room leave me alone,Charumati leaves.

Sir looks at Nandinis pic and has his pic beside her and says you are my Savitri my wife let’s go back to our home, and starts laughing and says you are my wife and no Nandini. Chandra wakes up and sees Nandini isn’t beside her and finds her dupatta and smells it and says I wish I could wake up with you and remembers Nandini was to say something last night and he slept,was it about her feelings,Nandini walks in singing chandras favourite song and Chandra acts asleep.

Nandini gets her clothes,and turns around,Chandra quickly changes the dress and goes back to sleep ,Nandini says I choose the other dress may be I’m mistaken and goes to dress,and sees Chandra change jewellery too from mirror and says so it’s you let me teach you lesson and troubles him by getting sunlight into the room and drops water on his face from her hair and says good last night maharaj slept and didn’t hear what I said,let me go change now,Chandra pulls her close and asks so what did you say last night,Nandini says so you were acting,Chandra says yes I was now tell me,Nandini says it’s late go get ready,and pushes him out,and starts laughing.


Dasi walk to dharma and request her to get ready for the rituals,dharma says please leave I don’t want to,dasi says but rajvadhu( prince wife), dharma says stop calling me that I’m just dharma,Nandini walks in and says get used to it because you are one and says I will dress dhrama,and says dharma even I used to feel weird when I was called queen but with this tittle comes responsibilities as well,but that won’t be hard because you already are so responsible and caring.


Nandini says dharma you should be in Bindusara room,what are you doing here and don’t hide anything,did he misbehave,feel free to talk,dharma says you are a mother in law and a mother too,what should I call you,Nandini says you are and always will be my daughter,and hugs her and says now tell me,dharma says no he behaved so well with me and also said he wants to anal the wedding,dadi walks in and says come let’s go all are waiting,and says dharma you are looking so beautiful,may god bless you.


Champa king says we would like to take Elis and leave now,Chandra says sure,Helina says stay for some more time,Champa says we should leave now,Helina says actually we have a ritual to go patal temple,and once Elis and Kartikeya are done with it you can leave.


Kartikeya looking at dharmas sad face and Elis wins the game. Chitra and Bhadra together find the ring,dadi says now both will rule over each other, adornus says it’s dharmas turn now,Charumati says to Helina,ma Dharama has to keep waiting for Bindusara,he will come and soon anal the wedding and you are worried without any reason because both have no interest in each other,Helina thinks if this happens this may affect Elis married life.


Dadi says Helina where is Bindusara we need to perform this ritual,Bindusara walks in and says that won’t be required as i have applied for marriage analment.vhandra says Bindusara what is this,Nandini says you cant do this dhrama,Bindusara says I have done it,soon the process will be completed and dharma will be free.and why stay in a relation where we both can never be happy.


Elis says to Helina if this wedding is cancelled,Kartikeya will be back to dharma and I cant loose him,Helina says I have a plan,it’s like I’m Bindusara mother and I know when to use what weapon,he will understand my point only when I show him something understanding.


Nandini tries to calm Chandra,Chandra says he isn’t small that he takes so foolish decision,doesn’t he understand that such huge decisions aren’t to be taken abruptly,Nandini says calm down,Chandra looses his calm more and says I’m going right away and talking to Bindusara.


Nandini hugs him and starts counting and tries to calm his anger,Chandra hugs her back,and calms down,Nandini asks Chandra to swear on her that he won’t be upset with Bindusara,Chandra says I won’t but he has to understand what he has done isn’t correct and he has to understand,dharma is you daughter she needs you go.

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