CHANDRA NANDINI 23 DECEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV:  Chandra Nandini and bindusara near a waterfall,Nandini in tears,Chandra walks to her and asks why are you crying I told, I don’t like to see tears in your eyes,Nandini says they are tear of joy,I’m so Happy to have bindusara back,Chandra says he is so lucky but look at your wound it’s deep and bleeding come let me clean it and helps Nandini,Nandini says you are injured to and wipes of his blood near his lips,Chandra says today you fought like goddess,Nandini says you making fun of me, Chandra says no I’m not you really did that,Nandini says I’m his mother and was protecting him,Chandra says rest you must be tired we shall leave early morning.

Nandini feels sleepy,Chandra asks her to rest on his shoulders and both go off to sleep. Dasi informs everyone in mahal maharaj and maharani are arriving with Yuvraj. All happy walk to them,Chandra Nandini and bindusara are welcomed with flower shower,mora performs Arti,Helina gets irritated,she hugs bindusara.

Chanakya says Chandra there is someone surely from mahal who is giving them information,Chandra says yes Acharya we need to be careful and I want to inspect every single detail,Chanakya says yes I pass this order,inspect every room every corner ,mantri says this may take days,Chanakya says I don’t care but go ahead.

Nandini says Chandra since we are back you havent eaten neither you met ma and dadi,Chandra says I won’t be in peace until I kill Amartya,he tried killing bindusara,Nandini says thats not possible he was my fathers trusted person and followed my fathers principles, I know him very well,and my father was against child killing and so they would never kill bindusara it was may be to get you,Chandra says I don’t care what you think but they tried getting my son and so I won’t leave them,Nandini says ok as you want but just analyse every detail before you take action.

Amartya says malayketu I am against killing child,and I just wanted Chandra ,malayketu says I want to kill bindusara for revenge,Amartya says this isn’t a way to take any revenge and it’s against my principle and if you can’t be with it you have to go,malayketu says I won’t go,Amartya says I guess you didn’t hear me I wanted to kill just Chandra and not bindusara and if you want bindusara to kill him leave, malayketu walking away,Amartya says if you try reaching me for this purpose I will kill you leave now and shouts at him.

Nandini says bhaiya see who I got, pandugan says who is this baby,Nandini says your nephew,pandugan takes bindusara to play with him,Nandini in tears says says I so wish pitahamaharaj was here. Chandra waiting for Nandini and bindusara they walk in,Chandra asks where were you, Nandini says I took bindusara to bhaiya and don’t worry I was with guards, Chandra says but I want no risk with you two anymore,and anyways look I got your books i thought we could study as old days,so let’s study,Nandini says yes tell me what subject,Chandra says a king I have always made decision by mind and now I want to study how to think by Heart ,Nandini says ok and reads shlokas and explains their meaning to Chandra, ( summary you should love unconditionally ,Nandini says as we love bindusara)

Chandra says see bindusara your mother is so intelligent,Nandini says and your father is so good at talking we can never defeat him, Nandini says now I helped you so tell me,now if Helina present that monkey looking man in front of everyone I will be so ashamed and as your wife you have to do something,Chandra says but we are friends,Nandini says yes but for others I’m your wife,Chandra says don’t get angry and now it’s good because of Helina we can see each other,Nandini says Chandra but this,Chandra says don’t loose calm as promised I want let you be ashamed.

Chandra says Madhav your advices are working I see Nandini in disguise ,and Helina thinks Nandini is with some monkey looking man,Madhav says bhaiya I told you,my advices never fail,Chandra says now tell me what shall I do if Helina present him,Nandini will be ashmed,and so I have to keep him away from Helina,Madhav says do as I tell you.

Chandra says Helina I’m waiting for your monkey man,you remember right I can’t change rules until I get any proofs,Helina says yes I do and as you said after bindusara birthday celebration so I was waiting for it but now I will get you proofs soon.

Pandugan in his room,guards start searching in his room,he gets scared,he sees Chandra and hugs him and says see Acharya destroyed my room,Chandra asks what is this,guard says Acharya has asked to inspect every room in mahal,Chandra says go this room won’t be checked,pandugan says see they broke my toys ,Chandra says I will get new toys,and will send someone to organise this room,pandugan says room will be organised but this mind won’t be I won’t leave you,this game is all so that I can kill you to take revenge of my father and brothers death.

Pandugan was present when Nandini had given the suggestion of bindusara protection,and it was him who had hit Nandini,he gave baby to Amartya and says now using Bindusara call Chandra and kill him and then we shall give rise to new Magad kingdom.

Pandugan says I made such good plan but this Nandini spoilt my plan but not anymore and I shall torture Chandra to death and then when I shall kill you there will be a new sun rise in Magad in glory of padmanand son king pandugan.

Helena telling thoi that they have to catch nandinis lober and bring him to the Sabha and then they see him and follow him but Madhav and his friends hide him from them and fool them. Mean while dadi and mora asks Chandra to stop the ceremony of distribution of clothes for public because bindusar was just been kidnapped but Chandra says that the announcement has been done and can’t be changed and then he leaves then immediately acharya calls him and asks about the ceremony and Chandra gives the same reason and then when he leaves to Nandini and when he tries to tells her about the ceremony she tells him about it and then Chandra asks her whether she had her spies all round the rajbhavan then she answers while laughing yes Chandra you are right and when Chandra takes bindusara in his arms to play Nandini feels some pain in her shoulder due to internal energy and then Chandra keeps bindusara in the cradle and starts applying the cream for pain in his shoulder immediately bindusara starts crying and Chandra goes and makes him feel calm.
The next day morning Chandra goes to pandugrath and gifts him new toys with which he plays and at the same time Nandini brings bindusara there and then pandugrath plays with bindusara then Chandra asks Nandini the permission to leave to check the arrangements hearing this pandugrath immediately aks about it and requests to be present at the ceremony but Nandini says that you don’t have rights to get out of this room but Chandra allows him to be present but with some soldiers to protect him. Near the clothes which were to be distributed where Nandini sees all the arrangement and then tells pandugrath to eat his medicine and then come at the ceremony and then she leaves and when all dasis are arranging he picks up one cloth and pours poison on it and keeps it on the tray and starts laughing and says Chandra you killed my father and brothers now 1 st revenge by killing bindusara by the time one of the dasis hear him and starts running to Chandra but pandugrath stops her and kill her. Chandra holding bindusara and in presence of all the ceremony begins there when a troop of soldiers go to take him they see him beside a dasi dead and decide to take him to Chandra but when they reach there they find him busy and wait for him and then pandugrath sees the cloth of poison arriving closer to bindusara but he starts crying then comes their he becomes quiet and the ceremony continues. Acharya sees soldiers having caught pandugrath he goes there seeing him pandugrath runs to Nandini and then those soldiers tell Chandra that he killed a dasi and then pandugrath said that she wanted to kill bindusara so she had put poison on that blue cloth then acharya opens and smells it and immediately tells his student Kartikeya to bring the medicine to cure poison and then drinks it immediately and then acharya feels better.



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