CHANDRA NANDINI TUESDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Nandini says Chandra you can’t marry Roopa,Chandra says she loves me a lot and it’s her plan and see you do something and stop it if you don’t want this marriage,

Nandini says I have no problem but acharya said you need to take permission of ruling queen and I say no,Chandra says Nandini but for world I’m marrying Nandini and not Roopa and dadi asked me too,Nandini says if tomorrow dadi says go sleep will you,Chandra says that I did long time back,how can I explain that now,Nandini says you how can you do this you said you don’t like her but you are,Chandra says I’m joking,Nandini says you are magad king do as you wish,Chandra thinks Nandini I know you will not let this marriage happen or take Roopas place either.

Helina angry,Roopa walks in and says not happy
Helina for me,Helina says Chandra is mine,Roopa says correct Chandra is your because you are married to him but just for today and tomorrow when I will marry him Chandra will be all mine,and you gave me this idea thank you,you insulted me and now see the result is dadi ma will arrange this wedding, and now dearest helina you will apply Mehndi on my hand and if you don’t you and Chandra will be never together,dadi walks In and says what are you two up to.
Dadi says helina see I got you new clothes for wedding and Nandini what were you saying,Nandini says dadi I was asking Helina to apply me Mehndi but she isn’t ready please ask her too,dadi says helina do it for her,Helina says ok dadi,dadi hugs Helina and Nandini.chankaya studying the map where padmanand is hiding,Chandra walks in ,Chanakya says this map will help us attack nand,Chandra says aren’t we sending Roopa,Chanakya says nand has Amartya and he is very intelligent and he must have seen me promise nand that Nandini will go,and Amartya will plan accordingly and so now nand must have made an army to kill you because you will go to return Nandini,and so you will take only few soldiers and trick them as you have only these many men and we will hide other soldiers here in forest and we must be careful that nands amry don’t reach the mountain or else they will get to know our plan.
Helina applying Roopa Mehndi,Helina says I’m done,Roopa says helina you didn’t right my Chandras name ,dadi says yes make sure that Chandra can’t find his name,Helina gets angry and does so,roopa wispers soon you will see Chandra will be all mine and on wedding night you know what happens and I want you to decorate my room,Helina gets angry and leaves,durdhara stops her and says helina why don’t you apply Mehndi too,Helina says I don’t like,durdhara says yes may be because you didn’t get the chance to marry Chandra again.
Dadi says Nandini you looking so beautiful look this Mehndi,Roopa sees Nandini in dasi outfit and gets scared,Nandini thinks Roopa this is how you played with me,Roopa says dadi I will be back and goes check all dasi,and says looks like I mistook the dasi to be Nandini because she is dead.
Roopa thinks Chandra has arrived and turns around and says my back is very itchy and I have Mehndi in my hand please help,Nandini taps her,Roopa gets scared and says Nandini you are dead and runs away,and dashes Chandra,Chandra says why are you shouting,Roopa says she is back,Chandra says who it is,Chandra says come with me let’s see who it is.
Chandra asks who Nandini,Roopa hugs him tight,Chandra says come lets go inside and check,Roopa says she is there ,Chandra goes near Nandini standing in balcony,Roopa says she is standing beside you,Chandra says no one is here may be you are tired,Nandini gives Roopa cold looks and leaves,Chandra says you are tired Nandini you need rest ,Roopa hugs him,Chandra says come go to bed no one is here,Roopa says don’t go she will come back,Chandra says I’m here no one will come back,Roopa goes to sleep ,Chandra leaves.
Nandini goes to Chandra and says why were you sticking to her,Chandra says I was just helping her calm down,Nandini says can’t you do with a little distance,Chandra says what’s wrong with you and I’m marrying her tomorrow, Nandini says do as you wish and leaves,Chandra says I know I will marry you tomorrow.
Roopa getting ready for the wedding,Durdhara says wow Nandini you looking so beautiful,Helina gives her cold looks,Durdhara says but not as much as Helina, Roopa says yes but this ring of helina will suit me most Helina give me ,and wispers if you dont give me I won’t go to mandap and dadi will ask me why and then I will tell everything,Helina puts on her hand,Roopa says dasi leave today patrani will help me get ready,durdhara says I hope this helina doesn’t get angry,Roopa says helina please put this Payal on my foot.
Durdhara is shocked seeing Helina put Payal and imagines herself at Roopa place and thinks when will I have this day in my life may be I should marry Chandra again,Roopa wispers today rings and in few hours your husband too will be mine.
Nandini getting restless and says Roopa and Chandra can’t marry. Chandras friends tease and say so Nandini is the queen you love and so remarrying her,Chandra says nothing and don’t do this to My hair, friends says ok ok and wear your crown now,Chandra thinks I hope Nandini you have found a way because I want to marry you, I know I fight with you every now and then but want to spend rest of my life with you.
Chandra (Rajat Tokas) being escorted to the wedding mandap. The priest blesses him. Chanakya and Durdhara look on. Chandra thinks I hope Nandni that replaced Roopa in the mandap. Chandra says I cannot marry Roopa at any cost. A group of women escort the bride to the mandap. He looks at her and wonders is she Nandni or Roopa. The bride folds her hands. Chandra thinks where is Nandni? The priest brings the garlands. The bride puts a garland on Chandra. Helena looks on angrily. The priest says you have to do the ritual of hast-milan. The bride brings her hand forward. Chandra thinks he cannot marry anyone else. The priest tells him to place his right hand forward. Chandra gets up and says he cannot marry now. Everyone is stunned. Moora asks Chandra what is he saying? Daadi says you agreed to get married. He says I will explain it…
The bride gets up and says I jokingly told him that in order to marry twice he has to take permission from the main Queen, which is me. She talks about the activities they did in the village. Chandra gets happy thinking it is Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) and sits down. They share an eye-lock. The priest tells him to bring his right hand forward. Nandni places her hand over him. He holds it. Daadi tells Helena to do the gath-bandhan of Chandra-Nandni. The priest tells them to get up and take the saat-pheras. Chandra remembers the time he first took vows with her, swearing to ruin her life. He says I will keep you happy forever. She also makes the same promise. Chandra puts sindoor on Nandni’s forehead. He puts on the mangalsutra. The wedding is over
Daadi blesses the couple. Chandra looks at Nandni who thinks I have finally found my dream man and married him. Chandra says from today Nandni is my life partner in the truest sense. They smile. At night, Chandra enters the bed-chamber. He wonders is it Nandni or Roopa in the ghungat….He lifts up the veil and looks at her suspiciously. He asks her something and she says you look fine. Chandra is shocked and says she always calls him a vanaar (monkey). He asks are you Nandni. She says yes. Chandra says how did you manage to replace Roopa. Nandni says Roopa was standing decked before the mirror when I went close to her. Nandni scared Roopa by saying she was a vengeful spirit. Roopa fainted in fear and Nandni sedated her with a herb
In the room, Roopa gets up and wonders what is she doing in the store room. Chandra says it looks like your spirit drama really worked. Nandni says stop calling me a ghost. Roopa comes there and Nandni hides. Chandra says I missed you but Roopa is distracted. She asks Chandra if their marraige was solemnised. He says yes, it was done before the family. Roopa says I do not remember anything. She thinks what if Chandra married Nandni’s ghost. Chandra hugs Roopa and Nandni gets annoyed. He teases Nandni by telling Roopa they were physically intimate. Roopa thinks she did not know that Chandra was so intimate with Nandni. Chandra signals Nandni to leave the room.
She exits and luckily Durdhara does not spot her in the corridor. Roopa urges Chandra to quickly consummate their marriage while he says he is tired. Durdhara barges in, keeps the milk and leaves. Roopa places Chandra on the bed and tries to kiss him. He says he wants to drink milk and gets up. Chandra puts some sleeping potion in the milk and gives it to Roopa to drink. She consumes it hastily. Roopa comes close to Chandra and says she loves him a lot. The potion works and she gets drowsy.
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