Avantika says Nandini nand isn’t doing this because he loves you but is using you for magad thrown,Nandini says ma please I can’t here anything against pitahamaharaj, Avantika says Nandini Chandra is a good man in all sense, even after knowing we are his enemies we are safe here,his acharya is his everything, even after you being his enemy you are ruling queen here and now focus on your married life and not on political issues.

Chandra feels bad about Missbehaving with Nandini. Avantika says Nandini I’m you mother and want you to be happy in your married life and my experience says Chandra is right person for you ,think on it an leaves,Nandini says ma is right I should think as wife first,Chandra is good man I should talk to him.chandra says I should say sorry to Nandini, Nandini says I should say sorry to Chandra. Sunanda asks Roopa what did you tell Chaya will she keep this secrete, Roopa says Chaya will be quite for ever now,Sunanda says what do you mean, Roopa says Chaya wasn’t listening to me and so I pushed her from stairs and she is dead lying there,Sunanda says stupid I shouldn’t have asked you to go and now if Chaya is alive and tells about our truth oh no,get up let’s go.


Chandra and Nandini walking to meet each other and thinking about the time spent during Pooja,both dash each other,Chandra says Nandini I was coming to see you,Nandini says me first,Chandra says no I will,Nandini says no,Chandra says ok let’s say together, both say sorry ,Nandini says this letter is for pitahamaharaj and I have requested him to leave Bharti,Chandra says I shouldn’t have mis behaved with you,Nandini says I should have stood with you and I’m so worried for Bharti,Chandra asks why is it,Nandini asks meaning,dasi informs them Chaya is lying unconscious.

Chandra and Nandini go to Chaya and see her all covered in blood, Sunanda and Roopa hide,Sunanda says Roopa you go back to your room. Chaya talks in unconscious Chandra no Nandini,dadi and mora see Chaya, dadi goes sick,Nandini helps her,dadi says my granddaughter poor girl how many hardships she has to go through,mora says oh god is pain only written in her fate,Helina says how did this happen,Nandini says may be she slipped,maliketu walks in and says Chaya how did this happen,Vaidya says everyone please leave us alone baby and mother are in serious state.

Sunanda sees Chaya and says oh no she is alive and if she tells the truth it’s not good for us, I should tell Roopa about it. Sunanda says Roopa Chaya is alive and now Chandra will sentence us to death, Roopa smoking and says how is this possible,Sunanda says yes and she is being treated and we should run away now,Roopa says no one will leave castle and my Chandra,Sunanda says enough Roopa,Roopa say is tried hard to kill her but,Helina mother asks who are you talking about,Sunanda says about Nandini because nand has kidnapped Bharti Chanakyas daughter and so Roopa is angry,Helina says I was just here to confirm is Roopa still with us,Roopa says yes I am,Helina mother leaves,Sunanda says I request you please stay here until I ask you to come out.

Chaya is being treated, Vaidya says maharaj I’m sorry we couldn’t save the baby and mother is serious too she has gone in state of unconsciousness,Chandra says i beg you please save my sister,Vaidya says I’m trying my best, maliketu says oh no no my baby and my Chaya too,why god why.

Durdhara in closed room scared says Chayas baby is dead oh no, I will not let my baby happen anything,I will take care of you my child don’t worry. Chandra walks to his room upset and remembers Chaya saying I’m so proud to have you has my brother,Nandini sees Chandra upset and sits beside him and says Chandra don’t loose hope,Chandra says I’m magad king has thrown, good expensive clothes but how they help me see I couldn’t help my sister how helpless I am,a kings responsibility is to take care of his family and people and I could save my sisters baby and she is lying there in mouth of death , I will give any thing to get her happiness back any war anything but what can I do nothing I’m so helpless king, I don’t want to be such king.

Nandini hugs Chandra, and says cry your pain out Chandra you are a human too before a king, you are brother look at me it’s a brothers feelings and not Kings and cry this pain out or else this pain will burn you out, Chandra hugs Nandini and cries in pain and says Nandini I don’t want to loose Chaya,Nandini is in tears too. Chandra says Nandini you go near Chaya she needs you,Nandini sees Chandras tears in her hand and thinks this is the proof that you are a man with feelings and a heart too Chandra and leaves,chandra thinks I cried today what is this happening to me is this that I have feelings and a heart too.

Bharti with padmanand waiting for Chanakyas reply and says now I shall kill her since I have no answer and then they will understand that padmanand doesn’t just talk ,padmanand about to kill her,Amartya says maharaj please stop,padmanand says Amartya this is last time I’m letting you go or else will behead you,amartya says maharaj,Chandragupta treats Chanakyas as his god and if you kill his daughter,Nandini will be danger and so treat Bharti as you want Nandini to be treated, this is for nandinis good.

Roopa gets poison and says Sunanda ma when someone has it the person doesn’t stay alive and now I should go there as Nandini and Chaya will be dead,and once Chaya will be dead I will take nandinis place,Sunanda says no Roopa it’s dangerous for you to go there,Roopa says no one can stop me and if Chaya wakes up we all be dead and pushes Sunanda and leaves.chandra searches nandinis books to find something to save Chaya,Chandra sees Roopa and says Nandini come with me and takes her to room,and says you are very intelligent tell me which book has medicine knowledge we will use it to save Chaya.roopa thinks god I am uneducated.

Roopa says may be this book,Chandra says this is literature,Roopa says there is no such book Chandra,Chandra says there must be something check this book please,Roopa opens it,and says may be this one,Chandra says no Nandini not this one what’s wrong,Nandini says I’m so worried about Chaya I cant concentrate may be I should be with her and not here and leaves.

Sunanda pulls Roopa and says be careful come I will help you. Nandini says mora ma you go rest we are here with Chaya,mora says I will not leave my daughter, poor girl she is not waking up even when her mother is calling her,Vaidya says rajmata no medicine is working on Chaya, maliketu says please save her, Vaidya says only trishulvatti can save her but I don’t know the procedure,Nandini says ok and goes to her room and pushes Chandra and starts looking for her books,Chandra asks what are you up to,Nandini says Vaidya wants trishulvatti I have the procedure in my book find it that way ,it has tulsi plant pic on it ,both start looking for the book.

Nandini finds it and says Chandra look this is the procedure let’s make the medicine and both prepare it,Chandra leaves as mora has called him,Sunanda says Nandini I’m so scared save Chaya,and distracts Nandini,slowly Roopa adds poison to it,Roopa thinks now Chaya will die and no one will know the truth and next Nandini will die and I will be the ruling queen. Helina walks away and says oh I should rest this drama,Helina hears crying noise and says this is from durdharas room and she wasn’t with Chaya too and goes to check her and sees the room full dark and calls out durdhara and sees her hiding and scared and asks what’s wrong.

Durdhara says go away don’t come near me and my baby,helina says calm down what’s wrong with you,durdhara says helina she pushed Chaya and killed her baby and will kill my baby too and hugs helina and says save my baby,Helina asks who did what,durdhara says Nandini killed Chaya and her baby, I saw her she pushed Chaya,please save me and my baby,helina says calm down I’m with you.

Chanakya with soldiers following information that padmanand is hiding near the river side,Chanakya says to finish the travel we will need 2 days and it’s my battle I will travel alone here after please leave now,soldiers says acharya all alone in this jungle,Chanakya says there is no place for fear in me and so take the fire away too,

Nandini says Vaidya here is trishulvatti,Vaidya says good now give this to Chaya.roopa hiding and watching,helina says stop dont give the medicine and walks in with durdhara. Helina says you want to kill Chaya right so that no one gets to know what you did,what is in this cup,is there poison in it. Sunanda thinks how does she know. Helina says yes Chandra ,Nandini pushes Chaya from stairs,Chandra says helina don’t forget you are questioning ruling queen,Helina says look at durdhara how scared she is ,tell them the truth durdhara, durdhara says yes I saw Nandini pushing Chaya from stair case.

Nandini says durdhara what’s wrong,durdhara hides behind mora and says ma save me from her,she will kill my baby too,Maliektu says Nandini why did you do this,Sunanda thinks god this shouldn’t be happening,Chandra says what everyone,durdhara look at me tell me where were you was it your misunderstanding,Helina says but Chandra,Chandra shouts no one speaks in between,durdhara tell me,durdhara says yes Chandra I saw Nandini pushing,Nandini has poison in her hand to kill Chaya,Chandra says how can you all question Nandini who always helps everyone ,and who treated dadi too,I trust Nandini and as proof I shall drink the medicine and drinks it. Roopa gets shocked.

Sunanda thinks oh god what will happen now,Chandra says Nandini can never do this and his mouth starts bleeding and he falls down.


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