CHANDRA NANDINI 3 DECEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Chandra says Madhav if you know all about love answer few questions of mine,he says sure,Chandra says what should one do if your loved ones hate everything you do,how will you convince her,Madhav says bhaiya you get no ideas because you don’t think by heart,and when you will you will know,Chandra says but what should I do,what have you done to Malti that she never leaves you apart,Madhav says I share everything with her,take her advice,let her participate in every work of mine,Chandra says my good brother,and thinks now I will do this with Nandini and take her along with me to Magad rounds.

Nandini bathing,Chandra walks but seeing her stands behind the cover ,Nandini asks who is it,and gets out of bath and covers herself,Chandra says it’s me,Nandini says I haven’t accepted you nor your friendship how dare you,Chandra says don’t take me wrong I need your help and advice for magad,Nandini asks why me,Chandra says because I can trust just you in such matters,few farmers are being treated wrong,Nandini says your soldiers can take care of it why me and thinks I know this is just his game and I won’t let him do ,this Nandini says I’m busy,Chandra thinks what will I do now,Nandini says are you there or you left,Chandra says I won’t leave until you say yes,Nandini says no,Chandra says yes and tricks Nandini to saying yes and says then I shall wait for you,Nandini says no I won’t and slips into Chandras arms.

Nandini with bindusara playing,she sees Chandra go with his friends disguised, Chandra signs her to join him but Nandini says no and leaves,Chandra thinks if she truly loves me she will come with me. Padmanand is informed that Chandra with Madhav and Gopal have left mahal,malayketu says this time I will kill Chandra,padmanand says this time I will kill Chandra,I will go with my selected soldiers no one shall accompany me,Chandragupta mourya I’m coming.

Malayketu with Chanakya says Acharya today I shall take revenge,tonight padmanand will attack Chandra and I know what I have to do, chanakaya says malayketu i told you padmanand is the reason behind your fathers death,malayketu says I know just somehow inform Chandra about padmanand approaching him and then I shall kill padmanand,chanakaya says ok malayketu I will do this for you and thinks now Chandra is safe.

Chandra disguised with Madhav in market checking with stores and farmers,Chandra says we are out after so long lets make use of it,Chandra waiting for Nandini,Gopal says concentrate here she won’t come,Chandra says no nothing,madhav says Nandini bhabhi will come surely.Chandra says and what if she doesn’t,Gopal says now that depends on how strong your bond is. Nandini says Malti look how uneasy bindusara is,Malti says because you are uneasy,Nandini says what do you mean,Malti say is know you what to meet jijaji,Nandini says no I won’t,and Chandra is so wired keeps arriving in front of me in weird outfits,and what will people think,Malti says you worry about people and so don’t want to meet and anyways there’s some strong bond between you two,Nandini says I don’t want to talk you always take Chandras side because you are married to his brother.


Nandini gets a message from informer,she says Malti I need to leave look after bindusara and leaves in disguise,padmanand and his troop in market disguised looking for Chandra,Nandini pulls Chandra,Chandra says I know you will come,Nandini says I had to because,Chandra says because you accepted my friendship,Nandini says no Chandra but,Chandra says shhh you have given me my biggest gift thank you for coming and keeping trust in me,Nandini says Chandra please listen,Chandra says when you are here let’s spend time,Nandini says enough look at this look at this message pitahamaharaj and his army is here to attack.

Padmanand sees them,Chandra says stay here and gets into fight with them,padmanand and Chandra get into fight,padmanand says today i shall kill you,chandra says today you again backstabbed,padmanand throws soil into Chandras eyes and about to attack him,Nandini gets into rescue of Chandra and stops padmanand with her sword and says before him you will have to kill me,padmanand says Nandini you know i want his blood,Nandini says then kill me,padmanand says get away,Nandini says look at your greed you are here to kill your daughters husband,padmanand says by killing him I get my throne,Nandini says I thought all you love most is me,but you,padmanand says get away or else I will forget you are my daughter and about to attack Nandini,Chandra stops him.

Soldiers say maharaj padmanand Magad soldiers have arrived,a soldiers pushes Nandini and she is hurt,padmanand runs away ,Chandra rushes to Nandini says don’t worry I won’t let anyone hurt you. Chandra and Nandini alone,Nandini upset,Chandra walks to her and says today you were very brave, and you came why,Nandini says I came to give you message,Chandra says so me,Nandini says I came for Magad king and bindusara father,Chandra says it’s me all are same so we are friends,Nandini says no it’s not and I don’t want to talk,Chandra says but I do,because I could see how worried you were for me,thank you and would like to gift you,ask me for anything in your life and I shall give it to you.


Clovie keeping an eye on Nandini,and by mistakes dashes her,Nandini asks who are you,Clovie introduces her,Nandini remembers Chandra warning her about Clovie ,Nandini says I have to go and leaves. Clovie says Nandini is here means that man must be near by,Chandra walks to her monkey faced,Clovie asks who are you,Chandra says monkey,Clovie says I won’t leave you and follows him,Chandra teases her and makes her run behind him all around, confuses her and leaves.

Helina walks to Nandini and says my lovely sister you are always with bindusara spend time with me too,Nandini says shh he is asleep and I love to spend time with him,Helina says let him be asleep come let’s chat in garden and dasi will look after him and leaves. Helina and Nandini in garden,Helina asks what kind of boys you liked when you were teen,Nandini says I had no interest I was much interested in books,Helina says cmon let me tell you I liked tall boys,and you may be liking beard boys than that may be anyone,Nandini thinks why is she talking about beard guys may be she is talking about Chandra he was disguised in beard and says you are right I liked beard men specially monkey faced.

Apma says Helina is doing her job well and now I have to do something to get back in mahal. Chandra in his room thinks about the battle night and says this means Nandini cares about me and loves me,Helina rushes to him and says I have to talk about Nandini,remember I told you about the man who meets Nandini,he looks like monkey my dasi saw him and even Nandini said she likes men who look like money and it’s so wired she is beautiful how will a monkey faced suit her,Chandra gets happy,guards Says maharaj its time,Helina asks where,Chandra says important announcement.


Magad people cheer for Chandra,Chandras has I have important announcement o make,Apma in disguise amongst common man,Chandra says Nand is here in Magad and we have closed all ways out of Magad and so one who helps me get information about Nand will gets an amount he wishes,Apma says this is the best way to get in mahal.

Chandra sees Clovie keeping an eye on Nandinis room entrance,he slowly calls dasi and shares a plan with them,they laugh and leave,a dasi goes to Clovie and says listen are you helinas informer,Clovie says who told you,dasi says a monkey told us,Clovie asks where he is,dasi says look there,Clovie says I won’t leave him and runs.chandra walks in to Nandinis room and sees she is upset and in tears.
Chandra says I know you are upset and hurt but trust me I’m doing this for Magad,Nandini says please don’t explain yourself,pitahamaharaj was wrong and he deserves to be punished and so I won’t stop you,go Chandra you have to finish a big work,Chandra says thank you for understanding and leaves.


Apma meets malayketu,malayketu says I made such good plan but Nand escaped it,Apma says malayketu tell me padmanand shelter and i will enter Magad mahal and once I get in ,I will make suitable conditions for you to enter Magad,malayketu says okay and shares information. Clovie injured,Helina asks what’s wrong with your leg,and where is the monkey man,Clovie says all day I was behind monkey and now let me meet a doctor first. Chandra sees a lady covered in blanket in corridor and follows her,she walks to throne,Chandra says stop,and asks who are you,Apma turns to him and removes the cover,Chandra gets very angry,I asked you to stay away from Magad and you are insulting a kings decision you may be sentenced to death for this.

Apma says here a letter it’s the most important thing you need now,Chandra reads it,Chandra asks what is it,Apma says this is padmanands shelter information,Chandra asks how do I trust you,Apma says I risked my life for it,Chandra says if it’s a lie,Apma says you can jail me till then,Chandra calls guards and asks them to jail Apma till he returns.

Chandra with few soldiers in market, he finds nothing and says this means Apma lied, Chandra about to leave notices something, he asks soldiers to open a box and finds a secret way going down u dear,Chandra follows it and it leads to padmanand,who is asleep,Chandra and his soldiers slowly get in and arrest padmanand,padmanand wakes up and looks at Chandra in anger,Chandra walks to him,padmanand shouts Chandragupta,Chandra says shut up one word more I will behead you so just shut up and walk.

All gathered in Sabha,Malti asks so late why did maharaj call us,Chandra walks in towards his throne and says get him in,padmanand is brought in handcuffed,Nandini is shocked and in tears.


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