Kaling : Nandini is pulled by maharaj,Nandini says maharaj how can you misbehave with a women,maharaj says I love you I will make you a queen here Chandrika,Nandini says I am married women leave me alone or I shall inform bade maharaj and leaves.

Chandra playing with bindusara,bindusara happy about the Payal sound,Chandra goes get it and remembers a moment ( Nandini says Chandra when you have gifted me payal put it on my feet,Chandra says I’m magad king what will people think if they see me,Nandini says ok and closes the door,now cmon do it,Chandra pulls Nandinis leg and she falls and slowly pulls her pants up,Nandini says Chandra don’t,dadi walks in and Nandini pushes him and Chandra says what happened let me,Nandini says no dadi,Chandra says why no,dadi knows about us,Nandini says no ,dadi tell me why you were here,dadi says nothing this is more important and leaves,Nandini says Chandra now what dadi will think about me,Chandra says that you are so bossy,shall I and both laugh)


Bindusara takes the Payal from his hand and plays with it,Chandra puts it down and bindusara leans towards it. Nandini known as Chandrika in Kaling,teaching rajkumari sukanya and maharaj fantasies her,dasi says it’s her sword practise time,Sukanya starts practising,Nandini says guruji Sukanya has wrong grip of sword shall I and teaches her,maharaj claps and says wow Chandrika I like it,beauty with brains,Chandrika says come Sukanya practise,and leaves.

Dasi says Acharya Chandrika you are so good at it,Chandrika says I use to teach swords before,dasi says but only one princess is good at this as I heard and it’s magads princess Nandini ,Chandrika says yes I know but I had to learn it to save myself from devils and looks at maharaj,dasi says this devil yesterday proposed a dasi and its wedding in Kaling tomorrow and Holi celebration and Pooja at shiv temple,Dasi says I heard you have a baby ,chnadrika says it’s not,dasi says get him,for shiv Pooja.

Chandra getting ready,Helina says Chandra I,Greek mantri walks in and says our Greek treasurer is standing against us, we need to deal with him , Helina says he has to deal with whole magad in this case,Chandra starts laughing and says thank you mantri you may leave,Helina says how can you be so calm about It,Chandra says Helina you too are so good at it, look you have everything you always wanted,first me then mukhya rani and now what you want I’m your slave,Helina says no chandra. Dasi says Acharya is waiting for you maharaj,Chandra says shall I leave mukhya maharani.

In Sabha, Greek mantri says Kaling has invited you for a wedding and I think we should accept the invitation.Chandra says I can’t I have to leave for war,mantri says but Kaling is a strong nation and friend,y bond would be a good start. Chandra says send gifts but I can’t,Helina says ma what now Chandra will fail our plans,ma says patience,Chanakya says Chandra I think you should go for sake of magad, dadi says Chandra Kaling is known for shiv temple you should take bindusara with you he needs blessings too,with medication, mora says yes Chandra go with bindusara ,dadi says if his mother was here she would have taken him.helina says dadi I’m his mother too I shall take him and Chandra to Kaling,Chandra says ok if you all insist ,Helina and ma smile.

Gautami says how could maharaj do this,Nandini says bhabhi I wanted to take action but I had to hide my identity,Gautami says don’t loose hope we shall find a way and tomorrow it’s Holi do you remember magad Holi.

( in magad Gautami slowly approaching Nandini to apply colours,Nandini applies her and runs away and says only my pitahamaharaj can apply me colour first,padmanand walks in,Nandini takes his blessings and wishes him,padmanand hugs him and apply colours.)

Nandini says it was fun but Bhabhi,no relations are as their were in past,I don’t want to play Holi,Gautami says don’t say that may be you have a new path open tomorrow.

Chandra playing with bindusara and says let me tell you a story once a king married a princess who was his enemies daughter and Nandini telling same story to Gautamis son,Nandini says they hated each other ,Chandra says it slowly they fell in love,his Acharya said a king should never love,Nandini says that was the best time of their life,Chandra says they always stood for each other,but one day,Nandini says king asked queen to leave,Chandra said and he lost faith in love.

Chandra narrating story says,the king lost his love, and imagines Nandini walking to him wearing those Payal,Nandini imagines Chandra in front of him and asks when king loved his queen so much why did he asked her to leave,Chandra asks his imagination Nandini why did you kill poor Durdhara,Nandini says Chandra don’t you trust me,proof is my heart which beats just for you,it loves you and not hate,you could have at least asked me once,Chandra says can you feel my heart it’s dead after what you have done,I had feelings when I loved you but you killed them too,Nandini says you killed my trust and my heart and no one can bind it now.
Both in tears and their imaginations vanish, Nandini goes to bed.

Chandra Helina and bindusara to leave,Chanakya says Chandra these are our soldiers disguised as villagers and will secure you,there’s Holi celebration in kaling and it’s dangerous and so I would propose you and maharani too disguise its safe for bindusara too,Chandra says as you and all go get changed.
Chandra takes everyone’s blessings,mora performs Aarti,dadi says Helina do take shiv lings blessings for bindusara,Helina says sure dadi and they leave.

The whether is stormy,Chandra says it’s looks like it’s gonna rain heavily,soldier says maharaj it’s not safe for prinnce bindusara,Helina says god this kid doesn’t stop,will turn me mad some day,a soldier proposes, there’s ashram nearby we should stay there,Chandra and everyone reaches ashram.

Chandra says helina take bindusara and go inside some house,Helina goes inside house and says dasi hold this baby,spoilt all my clothes and leaves the house,Nandini in same ashram,to buy books for princess Sukanya,Chandra seeing few kids play remembers a past memory.

( Nandini playing in rains,Chandra tries to stop her but Nandini forces him to join her and both start playing and enjoying the rains)

Chandra gifts some coins to Acharya but he hands him back and says I don’t want these , I wanted to give you blessings but you are a king and Chandra says how do you know,Acharya says I can see it on your face the glow,a king has everything but I see sadness in your eyes,I’m poor by money and you by relation and once you find the path you shall get all your relations back but you will loose it again.

Chandra never knew he was going Kaling where he would find what he was looking for , he would find himself back.

Nandini hears bindusara cry and rushes there,she steps in the house and says give me i shall help calm him down,Nandini calms down bindusara,Chandra walks to the hut,bindusara falls asleep,Nandini thinks what connection am I feeling towards this baby,Chandra says why am I feeling like some thing is calling me in there.

Nandini hands bindusara to dasi,but he is holding her dupatta,Nandini smiles and slowly puts his hand back,Nandini leaves,Chandra gets busy to talking to his soldier,Helina gets inside and takes bindusara and acts as if she put him off to sleep,Chandra asks Helina did anyone come in here,Helina says no it’s just me and bindusara here,Chandra takes him back,Nanidni unable to forget bindusara and says I felt like he was so uneasy I hope he is fine now.

Padmanand is informed Chandragupta and his son are here in kaling for shiv temple visit, padmanand says now we shall leave tonight and kidnap his son ,inform Maliketu to get his army,Amartya says no maharaj,padmanand says how dare you,Amartya says I mean not tonight,that ashram surely has security for Chandragupta and his son and it would be hard to attack but tomorrow during Holi celebration we can use the crowd to hide and attack ,padmanand says you are right and starts laughing.

Holi celebration in shiv temple,Chandra bindusara and Helina arrive at the temple with soldiers and all disguised as villagers, Chandra says it’s crowdy make sure you keep strong security around bindusara and Helina,padmanand army in crowd as villagers too,Helina thinks god it’s so weird and crowdy,Chandra takes bindusara and takes shiv lings blessings and says please take care of my son,
Release him from his pain,take his pain away and Send someone to relieve his pain and help lead him a happy life,Nandini steps inside the temple.





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