CHANDRA NANDINI 26 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Helina asleep wakes up to see apma near her and gets scared and asks what are you doing here so late,you scared me,apma says how do I sleep,now the news I will share will scare you more,chandra has learnt about us,Helina says ma I had warned you but you,now Chandra will throw me out along with you,apma says Chandra just knows it’s me behind durdhara death but doesn’t know you were with me and the lady keeping an eye on us was Chaya she was acting Ill,Helina asks why didn’t they take any action,apma says they are gathering proofs against us,Helina says ma lets stop everything no more poisoning Nandini,apma says I won’t step back and don’t worry I shall leave no proofs behind but Nandini will die.

Dadi and mora in happy tears to see Chaya all well,apma says Chaya meet bindusara,Apma walks to Nandini and acts as if she has knee ache and while doing so she pins poison to Nandinis hand ( apma pins the needle to moras dupatta without her notice) apma thinks now one more dose and Nandini will be dead. Nandini in her room,gets Dizzy and her mouth starts bleeding,she falls on ground and calls for help,chandra rushes to her and sees her lying helpless and calls Vaidya. Soldiers starts checking helinas room,Helina asks what is this,guard says bindusara nanny is being poisoned and so we are asked to check everyone’s room please cooperate,they don’t let Helina leave either,Helina says don’t forget I can punish you for this,apma says Helina we should cooperate she is just doing her duty,today Nandini is poisoned tomorrow it could be us so calm,guards leave,apma says stop overreacting,no one will doubt us at all.

Guards find moras dupatta having poisoned needle and bottle of poison in her room,chandra is informed about it,chandra thinks so apma this time is trying to force her deeds on rajmata,last time she blamed Nandini and this time her,chandra says get me this lady as soon as possible( it’s the sketch of lady who got poison) chandra is beside Chandra and memorises the quality time he spent with Nandini,chandra thinks I couldn’t save durdhara, I won’t let this happen to you,I won’t let you go away from me,mora walks in and asks how is she,chandra in tears says she isn’t well,mora says trust me I didn’t poison her,it’s true we aren’t on good terms but I won’t do this to her,chandra she was like daughter to me , I didn’t do this,chandra says ma even Nandini pleaded that she didn’t kill durdhara but we blamed her and I won’t repeat the mistake, I know it’s not you,mora asks if it’s not Nandini who is it,chandra says right now Nandini is important.

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The ladies sketch is circulated in Magad and reward is announced ,the lady sees it and says oh I need to escape,villagers see her face and guards rush behind her to get her,she is caught. Dadi says Vaidya do something ,Vaidya says this poison is very dangerous,Apma says who is behind this,what have to do with this poor girl,Helina says ma I’m worried about bindusara,Nandini talks in her state of convulsions chandra please take care of bindusara,chandra says yes I will,Vaidya do something,chandra says Nandini I will fight anything but get you,Apma says Helina soon this will end with Nandini,no one can save her,Chanakya comes to Magad kingdom and says tell maharaj I’m here to see him.

Chanakaya asks chandra why did you call me,chandra says I need your help,I know Nandini doesn’t matter but she does my love is fight between life and death and I don’t want to lose her,I lost durdhara and not her now,chanakaya says don’t forget she killed durdhara,chandra says no she didn’t,durdhara is killed by Apma,Nandini kept saying she is innocent but we punished her innocent,for me she came back and now she is poisoned like durdhara and is collapsing like durdhara please save Nandini if she dies,I will have no life left,I’m sorry if I’m hiding against your principles but I love Nandini,please save my love,chanakaya says there’s only one way,vishkanya.

Chandra goes to see Vishakha,she says strange how come you here,chandra says I need your help,she asks how will I help you,chandra says I know you want to kill me,Nandini is being poisoned and she is danger and I want you to help her with your poison and if you help me I will release you no also kill me,ask anything but save my Nandini I love her a lot,I’m not ordering you but pleading you,please save my Nandini.

Vaidya says Nandini is collapsing just a miracle can help her now. Chandra says vishkanya say something.

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Vishkanya says we vishkanya are famous for their beauty too and no one could be spared of it but you,god you never were tricked into,and now I know why,because you are a lover first and then a king,and Nandini is very lucky women to have you as her husband,and for that love I will help Nandini,Chandra says thank you,please come.

Chandra walks into nandinis room,Vaidya says we tried hard but it seems like these are nandinis last few minutes,Chandra says please leave us alone for some time,all leave,Chandra gets vishkanya in through secrete way,vishkanya seat beside Nandini, she adds her poison to a bowl and says give it to Nandini,Chandra gives it to Nandini,Nandini spits it out,Chandra stands helpless looking at Nandini breath her last.

Apma says Helina the good news must be on its way. Dadi says god why is my Nandini always tested,she always does good but look what she is facing today,Chaya says dadi don’t lose hope,Chandra walks to them,Helina acts as If she is very upset and Apma consoling her,Chandra says Nandini is no more,dadi breaks down in tears,Chandra says I have ordered to make her funeral arrangements,Mora walks to Chandra and says cry son,don’t let this pain conquer you,and hugs him,Chandra looks at bindusara and picks him in his arms,and breaks down and cries in pain,Chandra says my Nandini is poisoned,my durdhara was killed similarly,now I shall not leave that person alive and punish them in a way that no one shall forget,my son is left motherless again,I won’t spare them,Apma and Helina get scared.

Apma in tears and says Nandini was so good but look she is dead,she was mother to bindusara,Helina says ma it’s time to celebrate but you are in tears, Apma says dear learn this,you have to present this in front of Chandra,Nandini was Chandras love he won’t sit quite but till he has no proof against us he won’t harm us,now go to Chandra,he is hurt and help bindusara,all should take you as bindusara mother go,Helina says I hate that kid,he gives me headache,Apma says if you want Chandra and mukhyarani,go handle that kid,we have just won half game,so get to work ,Helina leaves.

Helina walks to Chandra and bindusara,Helina sits besides them and says I know you are hurt,Nandini was your true love and she is no more,I will not and no one can ever take her place but I would like to take place of mother to bindusara,he is left alone again,and I promise I will give him the love he deserves, I have ordered to shift my belongings in your room so that I won’t leave bindusara alone.chandra says no Helina,I have no one than bindusara in my life,I’m his mother and father I won’t share him,Helina says ok but if you need me do call and leaves.

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Bindusara plays with Chandra,Chandra hugs him and then covers them with blanket and leaves.chandra with bindusara gets in to a secrete room and puts bindusara on bed and says here is your mother, bindusara,plays with nandinis hair,Nandini wakes up and asks where am I,all that blood,what is happening,Chandra says you were poisoned take rest,Nandini asks who poisoned me,and sees vishkanya and says she did it, arrest her ,save my son she will poison her too,Chandra says calm down,she is the one who saved you,you were poisoned like durdhara and vishkanya used her poison to kill its effect.

(After Nandini spitting the poison,Chandra says don’t leave me Nandini wake up,I can’t live without you,nandini starts coughing,vishkanya says we have some hope,Chandra says do what you can,vishkanya says we need to put her in a bathtub of poison to kill her poisons effect,to bathtub of water vishkanya adds her poison and bathes nandini into it,vishkanya asks Chandra not to enter as it could be dangerous for him.vishkanya sways look the water turned green Nandini is out of danger now,but she will have weakness and needs rest,they both rest Nandini on bed,Chandra says thank you,but please keep this as a secrete,Nandini is alive should be secrete no one should no about it,so that I can find her and durdharas murderer )

Nandini says thank you vishkanya,Chandra says Nandini you are dead now and I want you to help me to find durdharas murderer and also I don’t want anyone to hurt you,will you be on my side,Nandini says for durdhara sure I will,but who is it,Chandra says Apma,Vaidya walks in and says she needs rest due to poison she has internal injuries,Nandini asks how will you arrest Apma,Chandra says I have a way.




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