Chandra says Nandini I love a lot,Nandini asks whom do you love a lot,Chandra says Basanti my horse I love her a lot,but I love other things and other people too,like ma,Nandini says good,you should spend more time with ma then let me call her,Chandra says no no,I shall tell her tomorrow but now I’m talking about someone else,Nandini asks who,Chandra says my wife,Nandini says Durdhara she must be very happy to hear that,or Helina oh wow,Chandra says stop it why are you troubling me,you know what I’m trying to say,Nandini says I’m sleepy,Chandra pulls her and someone knocks the door,Nandini says door.
Chandra says who it must be so late, let me go check and opens the door and says acharya,Chanakya says it’s very important,Chandra says sure,Nandini greets him,Chandra
says I have to go Nandini it’s important,Nandini says but you were to say something,Chandra says the right time is gone now,Chanakya says Chandra we are attacked,Nandini asks who,Chanakya says nand,Chandra you let nand alive and now see he has his army and has attacked us,you need to address your army,Chandra looks at Nandini and leaves.
Chandra addressing his army,says we have 5 lakh army,Greeks and Indians and we have to fight 2 lakh army of nand and save our mother land,Chandra says rajmata make sure all doors are locked from inside and no doors are opened without proper addressing and security ,Helina says Nandini your father how can he attack ,mora says enough Helina,Nandini is not at fault,Nandini perform Chandras Aarti,Helina angry.
Padmanand with his army at entrance,Chandra says open the door,Chandra says let’s proceed,Chanakya says soldiers quickly close the door.”this update is a copyright © content for Zeelovers,com”
Chandra rushes to Chanakya,and asks what’s wrong,why did you do that ,we will win,5 lakh soldiers are with us,Chanakya says we need more 5 lakhs,because look behind someone else is ready to attack us from there too,Chandra takes a look,Chanakya says selecus wants to attacks us too,Chandra says but his daughter is my wife,Chanakya says that doesn’t matter,Chandra you are king and people want your position and from your 5 lakh army the Greeks have joined selecus and so we have just 2 lakhs and if nand and selecus enter together it’s not good for our people and magad,Chandra says acharya what shall I do.
Avantika says sorry Nandini because my wring decisions you have to go through this day, maharaj Chandra who has well treated us,given you a good life but your own father is here again to attack him,dasi says we are attacked from behind by Greeks king selecus and his army,all are shocked,mora says buy he had joined hands with us and Helina he is your father,Helina says ma you didn’t ask Nandini about nand then why me,I hope you won’t discriminate between us,Helina mother says we are unaware of this trust us,Nandini says this is not good.
Chandra leaves the mahal,( Chandra says everyone has joined nand even maliketu and parvatak king,Chanakya says first we need to deal with selecus, because his army is huge and so you need to surrender to Greek and this is the only way left,Chandra says no ways,Chanakya says we need selecus and his army to fight nand,and selecus won’t attack us because Helina and his wife are in here and so we need to find reason for his this decision to attack us,and this is surrender not defeat,Chandra says no ways I shall die but not surrender)
Chandra goes to Greek tents,Greek soldiers get alert,Chandra puts his sword down,selecus is informed about chandra( Chanakya said Chandra king never dies,your enemy is here and your people are in danger and so surrender and let selecus join you and next I shall handle)
Helina says ma what all this I thought I shall put conditions over Chandra that I want Nandini out but he surrendered,ma says relax Chandra must have gone there with some plan and your father shall get in return what you want and if you want to be there acharya Chanakya is the person who shall help you. Dadi addresses ladies and says our maharaj has surrendered,mora says acharya and Chandra are a team and we must be prepared for anything ahead and gives swords to everyone,and walks to Avantika and says it’s your choice your husband or your daughter ,Avantika says rajmata im with magad,I’m with Nandini , it’s a war and nand is enemy here and not my husband,and accepts the sword.
Selecus says no one shall attack Chandra, don’t take him as alone,he must be here with acharya Chanakyas plan,let him in here,I shall talk to him first. Nandini gets dressed as a warrior,she has her childhood memories when nand said,war has no relations ,war is war and your duty comes first and then relations and taught her how to fight,little Nandini attacks nand,nand says see Nandini nothing happened,Nandini says when you are with me no one can hurt me or attack me. Nandini picks up her sword.
Chanakaya explaining plan to soldiers,Helina walks in and says why did Chandra surrender to my father,”this update is a copyright © content for Zeelovers,com” Chanakya says why did your father attack on us and why did his army join him back and to find this reason Chandra went to visit your father and I think you should leave,Helina says may be even I know the answer or may be I can help,Chanakya says then helina you shall be the queen of magad in true sense because magad is in danger and needs help,you will be known forever in history.
Nandini leaves the mahal. Mora says why did Nandini go,she can’t deal with nands army,Avantika says she took the right step,padmanand won’t attack his daughter and she surely did this to save magad, and I support her decision,Nandini has her memories with nand going around in her mind. Helina and Chanakya
leave through secret way. Chandra says selecus I’m not here to surrender but need some answers, you were the one who lost last time,and as a deal I married Helina, so why did you attack me,selecus said attitude is not good,You are between Greeks huge army with no arms,Chandra says you are my father in law so I’m talking so respectfully so please answer me,selecus says the reason is Helina.
Selecus says I handed Helina to you but I was informed she isn’t given all rights other queens here get,and even the elephants we had asked for we didn’t get so we are here,Chandra says if the reason is 500 elephant you knew I was to sent them but had to leave for war and can hand right away and about Helina I have given all rights in fact even more than the rights a queen has and for personal matters you included nine lakhs soldiers,selecus says Helina shall take that decision,Chandra says no we shall take,Chanakya and Helina enter and Chanakya says Selecus is right,Helina shall take the decision.
Padmanand is informed maharani Nandini is here with a sword,padmanand says don’t attack her and leaves,maliketu says I hope this Nandini doesn’t get into here as a pain other wise nand won’t attack until she is here,nand walks to Nandini.
Chanakya says rani Helina talk to your father,Helina says sure but before that I would like to talk to Chandra all alone. Padmanand says Nandini my daughter,Nandini points sword and says I’m maharaj Chandragupta wife and his enemy is mine and I’m standing in front of one and I won’t shiver to attack ,padmanand says I’m you pitahamaharaj,Nandini says in war there are no relations and you lost all rights when you revealed your true face by yourself and Chandra he is a great king and I’m shameful that I’m your daughter but proud to be maharaj Chandragupta wife,padmanand says few hours more and I will win over magad and relive you from this pain.
Nandini says if being with Chandra is pain I shall accept it, padmanand says if killing me makes you happy kill me,Nandini drops her sword.chandra says Helina your father attacked us even when we are into a peace deal,and he said the reason is Helina wrote a letter to me,so definitely you are hiding something,Helina says no I have no idea,Chandra says really then how did he know about our personal issues,Helina says he is my father,Chandra says all this because I said no for a child and look magad is in danger because you made our personal issues into a war ,Helina says don’t I have right to even share my pain with father and I’m here to help you, I can stop this war, and save magad because I’m queen too and want to save my people but on one condition,it’s Nandini,Chandra says enough of it,why drag her every time,Helina says I know because of Nandini you said no for our child,Chandra raise his hand but stops,Helina says beat me or kill me but this war will stop only when you throw Nandini out Of this mahal,just think you can save whole magad just by this one Condition.
Chanakyas selected soldiers attack selecus,and says your huge army is waiting for you but my selected soldiers attacked you and If no king no use of army,selecus says I shall kill you,Chanakya says you no this is not possible anyways you are Chandras father in law and so let’s discuss,Chandra walks and says no more discussion I don’t accept helinas condition,Chanakya says accept her condition,we can kill selecus but it’s not easy to handle his army,Magad first,don’t forget that,I request you,Chandra says ok,I accept helinas condition but I have one condition too,selecus says what,Chandra says now you shall join us fight nand.
Helina nods to his father,selecus says agreed.


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