ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 21 JANUARY 2021: Chandra and Nandini proceed to Magad. Chandra looking at nandinis sketch,Helina walks in and asks where were you,Chandra says I was out with Nandini for some work,Helina says with Nandini and starts laughing and says stop fooling yourself,Chandra looks at Helina and says I fooled myself when I married you and leaves,Helina says this Nandini even after so long Hasn’t left his minds.Nandini in mahal thinking about how cruel was her husband,dharma rushes to her and covers her face and asks what is this,what’s going on,Nandini says I went Champa and tells whole story,Nandini says dharma my hope is no more,on one hand Maharaj love she’s dead wife to this extend and my husband left me,dharma says and so Maharaj learnt the truth,Nandini says yes and he allowed me Magad and asked me to stay with my face covered to avoid further problems,Helina hears this and thinks is she Nandini and Chandra trying to hide her.

Helina rushes to them and says show me your face,dharma tries to interrupt but Helina stops her,and says do it or else I will have to remove it by myself,and tries to remove dupatta abut Bindusara stops her and says ma ,Helina says bindusara she is,Bindusara says ma I know the truth why her face is always covered her face is half burnt,do you still want to see it,Helina turns her face and says no I don’t and leaves,Nandini says thank you yuvraj,Bindusara says I’m sorry on behalf of ma,on one hand your daughter took my Yuvraj post away and on other you called me Yuvraj and touches her feet and leaves.

Dharma applying Mehndi to Charumati,Charumati says make sure my Mehndi is so good that bindusara couldn’t take eyes off it,Chitra teases her,dharma finishes her work,Charumati says dharma you forgot to write the first letter of my husbands name,it’s said this increases the love,Elis thinks even I should write Kartikeyas name,Chitra thinks I should write bhadras name.
A dasi pushes dharma and Charumatis Mehndi gets on dharmas hand,Charumati says this doesn’t mean you will be Magad queen now repair it quickly.

Chandra tells Chanakya about Nandini,and says I don’t know how to prove it but I strongly believe on it,Chanakya says but may be that Purohit is right she isn’t Nandini,Chandra says I can’t mistake it,she is Nandini and there is some big plot behind it,Chanakya says then I shall go and find it myself,Chandra says no Acharya it’s bindusara wedding,Chanakya says you are my son, and today you will have to be with bindusara and I will go find my sons solution,Chandra says thank you Acharya but how will you find it,Chanakya says don’t worry I will find it and if he is lying and why and who made him say that,I will get all the information.

In Mehndi function all boys try getting in,Bhadra asks what all is this,Kartikeya says nothing it’s Champa ritual even boys apply Mehndi so we should get in,Bhadra says no this is women function we can’t,Adornus says look our parents are in so we can,Bhadra looks at Chitra and says yes we should,Kartikeya looks at dharma and thinks soon you will have my name Mehndi on your hands,Elis looks at him and smiles,Chitra says I want to write b on it ,b for Bhadra,and sees Bhadra is hearing it and is shocked,adornus thinks a princess has applied Mehndi for him and follows her ,she asks why are you following me,adornus says I know you like me tell me,she says I don’t,adornus says this Greek sign on your Mehndi,she says it’s just a design and leaves.

Dasi is asked to call bindusara.bindusara walks in,and greets everyone,his mother in law says you have to guess from all the women here who Charumati is with help of the Mehndi applied,adornus says bhaiya all the best,Bindusara says I don’t want to,she says you have to,Charumati thinks see how he will guess me in seconds,all women covered in dupatta,bindusara starts looking,adornus tells him,the one who has your name on her Mehndi is the one,bindusara picks one and says she is the one,chanrumati says I’m here bindusara who have you picked up bindusara sees it’s dharma,and says sorry Charumati and walks to her and holds her hand ,Charumati says what now,mother in law says so my daughter won this game,learn form your father he chose his wife from thousands of women,Chandra walks to bindusara and says son think form heart and not Brain and only then you will win,Bindusara says I have no heart,Chandra says even I had these thoughts when I was your age,but time will get you that person who will introduce you to person who will make you realise the power of love,your Nandini ma taught me the power of love,Helina thinks this Chandra always behind Nandini.

Bindusara says I shall take your leave and leaves,Chandra thinks you aren’t in love and when you will find someone like Nandini , you will know what is love.

Bindusara drinking,and is very angry and is thinking of chandras words,Helina stops him and says it’s your haldi function,Bindusara says he never remembers my mother always Nandini,am I not his son,he is no ones but just nandinis,she doesn’t let us live in peace and bindusara leaves angry. Dharma trying to get her Mehndi off,bindusara sees her and says this won’t go so easily,and walks to her and rubs her hand hard with stone her hand starts bleeding,and says when you know I hate you why did you write my name and let that man speak about Nandini,dharma says it was your fiancé mistake,and if you think I’m happy to have your name,you are so wrong,and don’t worry b stands for many other thinks like bandar(monkey), Bindusara says how dare you,dharma says I didn’t mention it was for you.

Chandra looking at nandinis sketch,he goes to a trunk and looks at nandinis belongings, her jewellery,and it reminds of a old episode.chandra gets Nandini a gift,Nandini thinks is he upto a prank and says you open it,Chandra says you open it you will like it,Nandini scared and slowly opens it,Chandra very excited,Nandini sees jewellery and very happy,Chandra asks what did you think,Nandini says nothing these are so beautiful I will wear these on function,Chandra says you look so beautiful in these,Nandinis says I’m late now,Chandra asks what’s my gift,and sees a turban and puts on,and red kumkum falls all over Chandra,Chandra says so this was your prank to call me red faced monkey but I won’t let you go like this and pulls her close and applies it on her cheeks too.

Chandra calls dasi and asks to call Prabha ,Nandini aiding dharmas hand and says why scratch your hand with stone,dharma says it had bindusara name,Nandini thinks baba said that dharma has her future in Magad,Nandini says dharma behave yourself,dharma says he is so rude,Nandini thinks may be her future is truly here ,but my present and further all are a question mark,dasi informs Nandini that maharaj is waiting for her,dharma makes fun of it,Nandini gets upset and scolds her and says dont again and leaves.

Apma in corridor,its to windy,nandinis dupatta falls off,she covers it back but Apma sees her,and says Chandra was right Nandini is in mahal,am I mistaken is it nandinis ghost and why is she going to Chandras room.apma follows her.she being stopped by guards,she says how dare you,guard says it’s maharajs order not let anyone in,when dharma mother is in,Apma thinks this means Prabha is Nandini and Chandra knows it and let’s her in mahal with face covered all is so fishy here.

Haldi function,Helina says I will apply first haldi to my daughter Charu,Panditji says prince can join later,adornus walks in,Helina says what’s on your face,adornus says haldi face pack and now princess will fall for me,Helina asks what pack,adornus says one near humam,Helina says this was to clean the tub,wipe it off quickly.

Charumati asks Elis to go find how bindusara is looking,Elis slowly sneaks to other side of the curtain,Chitra sneaks too and says he is looking so handsome but there’s long line of girls to apply him haldi,Charumati says I have no jealousy issue,Chitra and Elis go join dance,Bhadra and Kartikeya join to,Kartikeya has his eyes on dharma,but elis dancing with him.

Chandra dressed into his old king clothes,he says Prabha you don’t have to cover your face here and takes it off,Nandini asks do you have any news about my family,Chandra says no I have something for you,Nandini asks what,Chandra shows her jewellery,Nandini says these are expensive how will I,Chandra says you did bindusara Tilak and it’s gift,nandini says I can’t wear these,Chandra says I will help you and helps her put earrings.

Bhadra holds chitars hand while dancing and looks at her Mehndi,she blushes,Elis shows her Mehndi to Kartikeya but he doesn’t notice anything. Chandra puts mangtikka on nandinis forehead,and all other ornaments, Chandra says Nandini.



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