CHANDRA NANDINI 12 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Apma leaving mahal covered in blanket with some gold coins,Helina asks where are you going,Apma says stay away, I need to do somethings alone, Helina says stop you won’t go until I know the truth,Apma says Sunanda is threatening us,and she will go and tell Chandra the truth,Helina says ma if Chandra knows the truth,Apma says Helina don’t be sacred I can manage,I will manage Sunanda for now and later deal with her,Helina says but ma remember you promised Chandra you will get padmanand for him,Apma says yes I know I will find a way to it and leaves.

Nanidini asleep beside bindusara cradle,she wakes up and takes a look at him,she feels like some shadow passed her and follows it,covering herself with blanket,apma sees Nandini following and puts of the lights,and gets away through the door,Nandini gets lost,she starts following another person,and asks who are you and finds its Chanakya,and says Acharya what are you doing here,Chanakya says I was here to see you because only you will trust me,listen to me,Chandra though not with me is still like a son to me and I have information that your father has sent someone to kill him and he is in mahal,is any one new in mahal.

Nandini says yes Vishakha but she is here because pitahamaharaj killed her parents,Chanakya says still keep an eye on every new person and now I should leave and goes. Apma says Sunanda stop all this,Sunanda says how shall I and if you give me huge amount I shall try,I haven’t forgiven padmanand yet and you are just a friend to me,anyways let me share some news with you,Apma asks what is it,Sunanda says the news will bring storms to Nandini and Chandras life,Apma says what is it, Sunanda says padmananad has a grandson through Gautami, and Nandini knows about it,Apma says you are a person but don’t return here’s your amount and leaves.

Vishakha with bindusara and Chandra, Nandini walks in,Chandra asks where were you,bindusara was crying,Nandini says I went to my room,Chandra says don’t forget you are here as his nanny,vishakha says Bindusara is all good,it happens to kids and leaves.chandra says Nandini don’t forget what you are brought here.chandra sees Nandini foot covered with mud.

Mantri informs Chandra with new rules,Chandra gives his suggestions,mahamantri says maharaj I have some news about Vishakha, her story is true,Nand and malayketu did attack on her homeland, also tried kidnapping her but she succeeded in escaping and now we should use this information and now padmanand will attack nearby regions for his army increments and so we should join hands with them to fight against padmanand.

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Chandra is informed about a soldiers dead body being found,they take a look,Chandra says go find who is behind this ,our soldier is being killed and we had no idea, increase security,mahamantri says maharaj this is by someone inside the mahal,Helina says that’s not possible,mora says right all are known people in mahal,Nandini walks in,Chandra remembers seeing her muddled feet,and walks to her and takes her away.

Helina asks ma did you kill that soldier,Apma says Helina come here, I didn’t kill the soldier,Helina says this means no one saw you,Apma says yes Nandini saw me,but she didn’t see it was me,she just followed me,Helina asks then who killed the soldier,Apma says forget that I have a news by Sunanda, Helina gets excited,Apma says Gautami has a son and Nandini knew about it,Helina says ma I know about it,Apma says why didn’t you tell me fool,Helina says I didn’t think it was important,Apma says Helina it’s Nand family and we will use this against Nandini.

Chandra pushes Nandini in and closes the door and asks what are you up to,what’s in your mind,why are you back,tell me and yells at her,Nandini say sim here for bindusara and durdhara,Chandra says don’t take her name,I allowed you in against everyone but not this time,you want to kill me,where were you last night.nandini decides not to tell Chandra about the truth,Chandra says I want the truth, I saw your feet last night,Nandini says I went to get medicine it gets only in night,look , I know you never trust me but I have nothing to do with the so,divers death,Chandra says I have no trust in you and this time you won’t win and leaves.
Nandini thinks who must have killed that soldier this means Acharya is right,Chandra is in danger.

Chanakya is brought to padmanand shelter,he smiles looks at everyone and says it’s familiar here,padmanand says yes it is because of enemy territory this is the change,anyways I have someone you should see,and calls a soldier,Chanakya asks who is he,padmanand says these soldiers can bear pain to worst of it,they are trained for it,they are fearless in true sense and are deadliest,malayketu attacks him with sword,the soldier stands still with no reaction,Chanakya says but such are appointed in worst cases,Amartya says you are right,parvatak he is here for Chandragupta mourya and we need you for it,padmanand says don’t you want it too,you want to dethrone him too,Chanakya says I was thinking about how I shall help you.

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Padmanand says you have to inform him about secret ways and once he is in he shall do his work,so Acharya are you with us,Chanakya thinks I know they are testing me and so for now I have to say yes,Chanakya says as you said our aim is one and so I’m in for it,padmanand says leave for Magad soon,Chanakya says sure,and leaves with the soldier.

Mora says I had prayed to god if bindusara recovers I shall perform charity,dadi says these are very good thoughts,bindusara will be blessed,Chandragupta says I shall make arrangements,mora says I have a request and think on it because it is not easy for you,Chandra says ma at least ask for it,mora says I don’t want Nandini to participate in this,she will not come in front of people,dadi says but mora only Nandini gets along with bindusara well,mora says no ma even Vishakha is good at it,bindusara likes her too,Chandra Acharya isn’t her and people aren’t happy with it and so Nandini in front of people will be a shock,Helina says ma is right,Chandra says ok ma,mora says Vishakha will you look after bindusara,Vishakha say sits an honour, mora says make sure nanny , bindusara is ready in time.

Nandini feels bad and hugs bindusara. Vishakha playing with Bindusara,Nandini thinking about Chanakya warning about being alert,and thinks Vishakha is very nice women but why is she so close to everyone in no time,Nandini asks Vishakha where were you last night,Vishakha asks why,Nandini asks actually I went out last night for some medicine and wanted you to join me,Vishakha says actually I wa sin my room and good you didn’t take me along with you,because you see I heard bindusara crying and since I was here he could be calmed. Nandini says right , anyways how was your mahal and your family,you must be your fathers favourite, tell me more about you,Vishakha asks whose books are these,Nandini remembers fighting with Chandra about books,Chandra says someone use to read them.

Vishakha says can I use these books if no one uses them,Chandra says sure,Vishakha says Maharani Nandini looks like bindusara wants you and hands him to her,Chandra says let me correct you Nandini isn’t a maharani now,Vishakha says I’m sorry,Chandra says no issues,anyways good to see you get along so well with bindusara,Vishakha says in my mahal all use to say I get very well along with everyone,and look at those Payal how pretty,Chandra says you liked them, I can help you wear them please come,Nandini is jealous,Chandra helps Vishakha wear those Payal.


Nandini thinks Vishakha is so cunning and I feel like she wants to replace me, something is fishy here, I have to find it out. Chanakya with soldier thinks I have to find a way in such a way that Nand trusts me,and I secure Chandra too. Chanakya says careful soldier and both walk in,and Chanakya says this is rajbhavan, go downstairs and left is Chandra Gupta room,soldier leaves.

Nandini says Chandra I want to talk,Chandra says I don’t want to listen,Chandra says why but,Nandini says because I’m mother to bindusara, see I know I’m just a nanny but just keep Vishakha away from bindusara,Chandra says you are just insecure,Nandini says Chandra in no time she is so close to him and so it’s fishy,Chandra says I know what’s wrong, bindusara is on,y reason why you are here and since Vishakha is getting along with him,it’s a problem for you,Nandini says you never trust be but anyways I did my job to warn you,but just think on what I said.

Dasi says rajmata has called maharaj for tuladaan function,Chandra says I don’t need you to tell me and leaves. In the function,everyone arrive,Chandra says I welcome everyone to bindusara tuladaan function and everyone in Magad will be gifted with gold coins,once a Magad king forcefully taxed you in name of his daughter but me I will ask just for blessings for me son,people cheer for Chandra. Panditji says maharaj please let bindusara seated here with his mother Helina ho,is him,bindusara starts crying,Vishakha picks him up and he clams down,Chandra smiles, Vishakha hands bindusara to Helina and says now he won’t cry.

Helina seat on one side in the weigh balance with bindusara,Panditji says maharaj lets begin the process,Chandra puts go,d bars and coins on other side of the balance so does everyone,Nandini hiding and watching and is happy she remembers Chandra present at her function of tuladaan,Vishakha walks with her jewellery,Chandra stops her and says what are you doing,and holds her hand to stop her,and says these are your parents don’t do it,Vishakha says I have just these,Chandra says you blessings are more than enough and he is all here just because of you,Nandini gets affected seeing Chandra holding Vishakhas hand.




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