CHANDRA NANDINI 30 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV:  Nandini says dadi why is there celebration today,dadi says Chandra has arranged it for you,even we don’t know what it is come let’s go. In Sabha Chandra says this new throne will be placed right to the Kings throne,as for a baby both parents are important so are king and Queen for its people and so these thrones will be placed together ,and now I would like to announce magads true mukhyarani Nandini,Nandini says but,dadi says give bindusara to me go,mora says Chandra come ,Chandra walks to Nandini and holds her hand and takes her to throne,mora says Panditji you shall go ahead with rituals. Nandini looks at the crown in tears and remembers the day Chandra announced the punishment,Panditji performing rituals,and about to crown in Nandinis head she stands up and leaves crying and says I don’t want all this,I can’t do this anymore and runsaway,Helina very happy,dadi says mora look these Nandinis footsteps in wrong direction it’s not a good sign,

Nandini breaks down in her room,chandra rushes to her and hugs her and asks what’s wrong,did I say something wrong,Nandini leaves him and walks to her trunk and says maharaj I’m leaving I can’t do this anymore,
Chandra says why do you want to leave,we can live together now,Nandini says because I have lost it, you were right a king never should fall in love,and whenever we will be in such conditions and you have to chose,you will give me up,you had brought me here as nanny,and if I have to stay I will stay as one and not as your wife,I kept saying I didn’t kill durdhara but you didn’t trust me,as a king you were right but as a husband you failed, I have no faith in you or us,I have broken completely,as a king you did justice but as a husband you treated me as a toy,never stood for me,you made me leave everyone,insulted me,got me here as Nanny but you kept insulting,I can’t handle it anymore,if again such conditions arises you will again leave me,and so I should leave,bindusara will do good without me now,so I should leave,chandra starts crying,Nandini says thank you and packs her belongings and leaves.

Mora dadi and Chaya together,mora says haven’t Nandini forgiven us,dadi says she has,she will never insult us,mora asks why did she deny then. Helina with crown puts it on her head and says it suits me and no one can take it away from me. Dadi says Chandra will talk to her,they both love each other no one can separate them,dasi informs Helina and others that Nandini is leaving mahal. Helina makes herself a drink and says my ma and her plan did work somehow, Nandini atlast left us.

Chandra in tears,Nandinis words going on is his mind. Nandini hugs bindusara and says I’m sorry son,I have to leave you,you will be always in my blessings,you may forget me when you grow up but I shall never forget you,be a good man and forgive me,I love you my son,Nandini hands him to dasi,bindusara holds her dupatta,Nandini says don’t make me weak,be good and leaves.

Dadi and mora stops Nandini,dadi says did chandra say something let me talk to him,Nandini says dadi it’s my decision to leave,mora says Nandini I beg of you please don’t leave,Nandini says ma this time it’s about my self respect please don’t stop me,Nandini takes their blessings and leaves.

Mora says Chandra Nandini left,chandra says you call her your daughter, why didn’t you stop her,I need no one and leaves. Chandra meets Chanakya and tells him all is finished,Nandini left me,Chanakya says it’s your fault,I told you not to fall into this,you have crossed all boundaries,I had bought you in few coins,so that you could rule but you fell in love,look at yourself you why broken down,last year when I saw Nandini left I was happy,because in return I got a king who was emotionless whose people loved him but he didn’t love anyone,because you had lost your love,if you let Nandini leave now this way it won’t be good,I can’t let her leave this way.

acharya chankya telliing Chandra that you should not allow her to go this way because today I’ve known that a king should have quality like caring for his people and loving them and this has only been possible because of Nandini he also says that he didn’t want a lifeless king to rule the kingdom and he had become too weak to rule the kingdom so he should go and find Nandini because of her love you were the greatest leader but Chandra says that I want to win her confidence back then acharya says that that is not possible because you have doubted her so many times that is not possible you can only go and convince her to come back to mahal. Then Chandra leaves in search of Nandini in the midst of the dark forest. Nandini travelling in a cart with local people but suddenly a group of wolf arrives there and all run away except Nandini because her dress gets caught in a nail is the cart and wolf getting closer to her Chandra arrives there immediately and saves her from wolves by a log of fire.
When the wolves run away she asks Chandra why was he here to save her and she can save her Chandra removes her dress which was caught in the nail and then gives her a hand to get down from cart but she refuses help and then gets down. Chandra tells her that he was here to take her back but she says no but Chandra says plz remember all the good times we spend together I feel really good when you are around me but Nandini says it is opposite with because I have only sad memories spent with you so leave my hand because it is my last decision to leave Magadh and she leaves from there after walking some distance she meets acharya Chanakya who tells her that she had a spark in her and she just cannot leave Magadh and Bindusal this way.
After listening to acharya Nandini moves to Magadh and before Chandra reaches Magadh and goes to palace to meet bindusal goes there he sees that Nandini is present there helping bindusal to fall asleep and when she keeps bindusal in the cradle Chandra tells her that how happy he was to see her but Nandini interrupts him by saying that don’t think that I’m here for you ; I’m here for Magadh and bindusal and we may be a married couple but we don’t have any such relation between us. Then Chandra ask her to be his friend and let them start their relation with a new beginning and it would also good for bindusal.
Nandini then moves to bindusals cradle and take him in her arms and moves out from there but Chandra stops her and asks her to stay with him tonight but she refuses and tells that she didn’t want to share bedroom with him then he says that she had a solution and he makes a line in between room with flower petals and by cushions on the bed and places bindusal between them and they sleep and Chandra says that even if we are not in relation like married couple we have to behave like a parent for bindusal for his good sanskar and Nandini agrees on it and then they go to sleep.



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