CHANDRA NANDINI 23 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Greek mantri says queen Helina what are you saying you saw Nandini then she vanished,Helina says yes there’s something cooking between them,something big is gonna happen,Apma says are you sure this happened,is it your happiness that Nandini is leaving or are your are just scared,Helina says ma why would I lie,Apma says ok take me to that place,Helina takes her to that place,apma sees the stuck dupatta,and says you should be very observative,see this cloth,Helina asks what’s great in it,apma says this means There’s a secret way here,Helina bangs in anger and the door opens(Nandini had torn her dupatta and left) ,Apma says your anger worked,Helina says so this is Nandini and she has left mahal and dadi knows about it and is it they know that we killed durdhara ,apma says that’s not possible,and never a word about it again,I have destroyed all proofs.

Nandini sees Chandra disguised in market,Chandra walks to her,Nandini has her face covered and he passes her,Nandini imagines disguised Chandra talking to Nandini and says you are my wife stay with me,Nandini says I can take care of myself and look these bangles are so beautiful,Chandra holds her and takes her away,Chandra says we are here with a mission,to find about our people hunk of their king,Nandini says ok let me go and find out what your people think about his king,Nandini asks how are these bangles,seller says it’s 4 bugs,Nandini says your king he makes things so expensive god,seller says I don’t want to sell you,you talk Ill about our king,every shopkeeper does it and denies Nandini goods.Nandini says see Chandra your people love you but my bangles I lost them all because of you,Chandra walks to shop keeper and buys it for Nandini.

Chandra says our relationship is bounded by our hearts I know what you want and will always take care of it,the images vanish and Nandini realises it’s just a dream and says Nandini don’t fall week go find Acharya Chanakya only he can help you.

Mora says Vishakha you are daughter to me now,Vishakha says I’m so greatful to have mother like you,Helina says ma where is Nandini,mora says good she isn’t here,Helina says I meant Nandini applies beautiful Mehndi,so how about she applies Vishakha,dadi says she can’t come,Helina says dadi she is dasi now,she will do anything we say,dadi says I heard she is unwell,Mora says good she isn’t here, I don’t want her negativity.

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Nandini meets a potter and says a quote that takes to Chanakya,he looks at Nandini and says come with me,Vishakha sends Chandra a letter.Vishakha with the special snake and consumes its poison,she puts it back in the box,she severs some alcohol in a glass and then adds poison to it,Chandra walks in Vishakha sits on bed,Chandra sits beside her and says you wanted to see me,Vishakha says I wanted to show you my Mehndi it’s said that the brighter it’s colour the more your husband loves you,Chandra says your Mehndi looks so bright red,I love you most,order what you want,Vishakha says how about a drink,and yes before giving anything to maharaj the person herself should have it and drinks it and then gives to Chandra,Chandra says it tastes different,Vishakha says it’s a special one,Chandra says I have to share it with everyone then and serves alcohol in glasses and asks dasi to take it to everyone.

Vishakha says maharaj I should leave,Chandra says but you wanted to spend some time with me,Vishakha says we have whole life for it,Vishakha sees all guests drinking the alcohol and gets angry and says I have to do something and thinks if they die Chandra will surely doubt on me,Vishakha sees dasi serving another round and says let me serve and says keep that glass and have this one it’s special.

Chanakya to his informer with that letter,Chanakya says I knew it was that fake Vishakha but why does she want poison,Chanakya hears door knocked and says did anyone follow you,he says no,Chanakya says hide,Nandini walks in,Chanakya asks why are you here,Nandini says I’m here to ask your help to save Chandra,Chanakya thinks I have to use Nandini to keep my secrete intact and says Nandini I can’t help you,Nandini says please I know you have differences but he is like a son to you,Nandini says you had warned me about danger and I have found it it’s fake Vishakha she is vishkanya,Chanakya thinks so this is why Vishakha asked Amartya for poison,Chanakya says Nandini only one person can help you it’s your father,Nandini says that’s not possible,Chanakya says it is if you trick him,I will take you to him but rest you have to handle.

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Chandra meets dadi,dadi says many days passed we haven’t talked,you are getting married and I don’t even know are you happy or not,Chandra says dadi My son is getting mother why won’t I be happy,dadi says and what about what about love,Chandra says dadi I know Nandini has asked you to do this,and Vishakha is waiting for me and leaves.

Amartya tells padmanand tonight Vishakha will finish her work and soon Magad will be yours,padmanand says I’m so happy,he is informed Nandini is here,Nand says get her in quick,Nandini walks in and hugs him,padmanand says I was waiting for you, look at you what Chandra has done to you,I will kill him,Nandini thinks don’t react,Nandini says pitahamaharaj first Chandra threw me out of mahal and then look he used me as dasi,you were right Chandra doesn’t deserve to be king,I wanted to see you and lost all hopes but see I’m here in front of you,but today I’m here to tell you,Gautami bhabhi has delivered a baby they were with me in Kaling and when I went to see them again,they weren’t in Kaling, i miss them,and you are a grandfather now,padmanand says do you want to see your bhabhi come with me and takes her to them,Nandini says I’m so happy to see you both,Nand says it’s a happy day,I will go make arrangements of celebrations and leaves.

Nandini says bhabhi I have to take Vishakha with me,Chandra is in danger. Amartya says maharaj,how did Nandini find this place and how did she go against Chandra,I find this all fishy,nand says Amartya my Nandini I know her,she is back to her father,it’s a happy day for me,don’t spoil it,don’t doubt on her come with me let me take you to her. Nand sees Nandini isn’t in tent and asks,Gautami where is Nandini,Gautami says you won’t reach her ever , I beg if you let her go,Nand says Gautami how dare you help Nandini,guards find Nandini and Vishakha but take care Nandini shouldn’t be injured in any case.

Vishakha says like this night there will be darkness in your life too. Nandini and Vishakha on the run,guards chasing them,Vishakha says we won’t reach Magad,Nandini says quickly run,don’t give up, soldiers get them,Nandini says you will have to attack me before Vishakha,a guard attacks Nandini and injures her hand,other says fool if maharaj Nand learns about this he will kill us,Nandini puts soil into their eyes,snatches sword and fights them,Nandini kills all of the guards,Vishakha says you are so brave, I would never do this,Nandini says when your loved ones are in danger you will do anything for them,Nandini injures her head too,Vishakha says Nandini you are very injured let me get help,Nandini says we are short of time also we can trust no one here,both get on the horse and leave for Magad.

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Chandra walks into Vishakhas room,Vishakha has put off all lights,Vishakha hugs him and says I waited for this moment so long,and now we have it and I won’t let it go so easily,and injures his back,Chandra falls down due to the poison in his body.Vishakha starts laughing and says you are dead after all and takes a lamp in her hand says rajmata and Helina look at my fate,before my wedding I’m a widow, What will I do and lights all the lamps and starts laughing.

Helina and apma walk to mora and says we are here for something important,apma says dadi is doing something really wrong.helina says ma dadi helped Nandini sneak out,who knows what Nandinis motives are,mora says why is ma doing this,Helina says ma if you don’t trust us come let’s check Nandini room,dadi already in Nandinis room,dadi says she is unwell since morning don’t wake her up,mora pulls the blanket, mora says ma what are you trying to do,you are making huge mistake,where is Nandini,dadi says she is doing everything for Chandra,mora says we saw how she helped durdhara,dadi says please take it as my request and wait for Nandini don’t tell Chandra,Mora says I have to and leaves.

Nandini and Vishakha arrive Magad. Mora asks where is maharaj,dasi says he is with Vishakha,mora walks to their room,Vishakha says I have to leave soon,Nandini and Vishakha arrive too and about to open door,mora says have you lost your mind,cant you knock,Nandini says if we keep waiting we will lose Chandra forever ma please don’t stop me today,Nandini rushes in and so do all,Vishakha hides and sees them unaware and leaves,everyone sees Chandra dead on floor.


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