ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 22 FEBRUARY 2021:  Helena throwing a letter in dharmas room and in which it is written that as Chitra has ran away and you have taken her place and now you should marry bindusara because if he gets to know that Chitra has ran away then he will erase the existence of champanagar and then immediately Helena comes there and takes her to the place of marriage and the way chitralekhas mother comes there and says that I was coming to take her and was really happy that her daughter was going to be the daughter in law of Chandraguptas family and then they move to the function and then their Chandra performs rituals but Nandini stops him and takes him aside and says that chitralekha is not ready for this marriage and to stop this wedding and Chandra stops and asks chitralkeha(dharma disguised). There chitralekha goes to Bhadraketu and says that I want to marry you and not with bindusara so you decide if you want to take me there and let everyone make me a joke in front of whole world or marry and he says that I will marry you and that too right now. In mahal when Chandra asks chitralekha whether she is happy to marry bindusara then she refuses and he keeps on asking and then she keeps on declining. Then bindusara gets furious and says that you are make a fun of me in front of all guests and then Nandini pulls him aside and says that it is not right because she herself refuses to marry bindusara and then she goes to find dharma and sees that she is not present in whole mahal. There bhadraketu marries chitralekha inside a temple. At mahal marriage of both pairs completes and at Helena’s room Helena and apama are trying to act sad with fake tears after bindusara comes to know that he is got married to dharma and then a dasi comes and says that all are waiting for her for chitralekhas home entry cerermony and then they leave. There Nandini says to Chandra that everything is going wrong because dharma is not there in whole mahal and then Chandra asks all the soldiers to find dharma and get her to Nandini immediately.

Bindusara walks in with his bride,adornus stops and says I want a gift too,dadi says adornus this ritual is for girls and not boys,adornus says dadi there’s no girl here and bhaiya married twice and so it’s my time now,Bindusara asks so what you want,adornus says a bride,10 horses,a mahal,Bindusara says enough enough I will get you everything you want,Helina says ok Nandini come perform the graham Pravesh ritual and then looks at Bindusara and says for the sake of me don’t loose your calm,dhrama thinks I’m sorry ma I didn’t want to do this but I had to,dhrama about to stop in,Chitra walks in with Bhadra and says dhrama.

Bindusara says Chitra then who is she,Bindusara looks and shocked to see its dhrama,all are shocked,Chitra says why did you do this and that to save me,Helina says this is cheating,dhrama says I didn’t cheat,I wa shuts trying to solve things,chitras mother says what all is this,Chitra says I told you ma I love someone else and it’s Bhadra and I cant live with anyone else and now please bless us and accept us,Nandini slaps dhrama,Chandra says Nandini she is your daughter, don’t do this,Nandini says don’t step in today and takes dharma away,dharma while walking steps in kumkum and get footsteps are marked again.

Nandini in the room asks why did you do this,don’t you understand what marriage is,you married the person you hate the most,no one will understand that you did this for Chitra but will take this as you did this for the kingdom,dhrama says what will I do ma,I found a letter,and tells about it to Nandini,Nandini says what this means it’s a plot someone made you do this,dhrama we need to inform maharaj about it,where is the letter,Dhrama says in chitras room. Helina says look at that dhrama,Bindusara don’t ever forgive her,Charumati says yes ma is right,first she messed with your Yuvraj title and now this and what will Magad say when they will earn you married a dasi.

Nandini and dhrama looking for the letter,dharma says we won’t find it ma,because that person who plotted all this has won,Nandini says I don’t accept it,I will talk to maharaj,Dhrama says stop ma. Dasis walk in and says dharma it’s your wedding night please come to Bindusara room. Champa king,scolds Chitra,and says there will be war now and Champa will face the warship. Malayketu says wow my son Bhadra you did a great thing you snatched Bindusaras bride,Bhadra says I love her. Champa king says please Chitra go to Chandragupta and say you don’t accept this wedding,Chitra says no please,Kartikeya stops his father and says she did the right thing,she stood for her love and will fight for it.malayketu says now let’s see,who will Chandra stand for,his son or you,you have served him till now and if Chandragupta decides to go against you,don’t you worry,Chandra walks in and says that won’t be required malayketu.

Bhadra says I’m sorry,Chandra says don’t be,you are like Bindusara to me,and I’m not upset but why didn’t you tell me,and anyways come let’s go get your wife home and walks away,Malayketu says he is trying to snatch my son away from me. Chandra walks in with Bhadra to chitras room and says I would like to take my daughter in law home,Kartikeya says sorry Bindusara and Chitra won’t be one now,and I’m ok for war too,Chandra says Kartikeya I’m talking about Bhadra,and Champa king I’m forgiving you this time because in my Magad no girl will be forced to marry and will be Strictly punished.

Nandini says to Chandra,we need to align this wedding,Chandra says did dharma say this,Nandini says no she didn’t but I know they aren’t made for each other,Chandra says Nandini we were enemies and hated each other,we are live examples of how hatred can be transformed to love and only dhrama can help Bindusara.

Dharma is taken to Bindusara room and she thinks now I shall have on,y hatred in my life. Chandra says Nandini don’t worry fate will decide whether this is right or wrong,Nandini remembers baba say that dhrama has her fate in Magad. Dharma in Bindusara room says this is a dream and opens her eyes and Bindusara walks in,dharma is scared and in tears,Bindusara sits beside her and hugs her and says thank you dhrama,dharma asks why,Bindusara says you saved me and my families status by taking chitras place and don’t worry we soon will cancel this marriage,I will talk to my father,and ask me anything you want,gold diamonds land anything,dhrama says sorry I want nothing,I did this for my ma and maharaj Chandragupta,Bindusara says still thank you and I will be back let me talk to pitahshree and leaves,dhrama says one man and so many different and confusing emotions.

Nandini says look at these ornament ,Nandini wants to gift them and Chandra thinks it’s for herself and says Nandini a sore age it’s not good,Nandini says age by the way this is for gifting and I can wear them,and aren’t you aged,Chandra says I can still fight wars and marry many ladies and they are flat on me,Nandini thinks you can marry many times but what will Helina say then,Chandra says forget her but why are these two sets,Nandini says one for Bindusara and other for Bhadra wife,Chandra says only you can do this,Nandini says it was long day good night and leaves,Chandra says I have to sleep on sofa.



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