ATINKA TV UPDATE CHANDRA NANDINI 11 JANUARY 2021: begins with all people in Magadh gather for announcement where Helena announces that bindusara is declared as bhaviraja of Magadh and there Chandra performs the ceremony and then he too declares him as bahviraja and hims a sword after that he take everyone’s blessings and then Chandra says that bindusara now you should take your real mothers blessings then bindusara says that I have take my mother durdharas blessing and also taken blessings of my mother Helena no but you have not taken nandinis blessing but he says that if she is alive why have brought her picture and her blessings have always been with me and then all leave from there.

From there Helena follows Chandra and asks him that was he doing this to insult her but he says that Nandini is his real mother so I asked him take her blessings but Helena interrupts him and says that due to this behaviour of your all think you are mad then Chandra says that then you should have no problem of listening to a mad.

On the other hand bindusara drinking rum thinking about Chandra taking about Nandini and Helena comes there and feels bindusara that today too your father has insulted me and stops him from drinking too much rum by saying that he is affecting his health. Then bindusara leaves from there in anger and finds Chandra taking to a man about Nandini and gets furious and separates them and asks all the soldiers about his permission to enter in this mahal and then sends him out. There Nandini wakes up from her dark dreams and tells dharma about someone waiting for her. A voice from behind says that after 8 years too

Chandra is waiting for Nandini and whole world is wanting them too meet again.
The next day Helena decides tha day for bindusaras engagement with Charumati where Chandra was absent in the mahal and then rajamata handles the situation. There dharma calls doctor to check Nandinis health where she says that Nandini has forgotten her last life memory and when she tries to remember those memory a pressure is released on her brain and so she gets bad dreams. Nandini thanks dharma and her father for saving her life and also tells that she doesn’t know whether her family members will be aware of her or know.

Bindusara thought nandini killed his mother and killed her and soon turned to a Yuvraj and all the injustice Helina imposed on people where named on bindusara. Dharma spoke against these injustice.

Nandini had new name Prabha and has forgotten her past but Chandra is still waiting for her,he is seated on the cliff she fell off,The man meets Chandra again and says see king go back,your fate is calling you,Nandini is told some guy named bindusara is named Yuvraj of Magad,Nandini has his name ringing in her mind and says I know his name how come,he says Prabha calm down its all over the town,that bindusara is the new Yuvraj. Prabha says I always think why hasn’t my husband come finding me,doesn’t he love me or he has believed that I’m dead.baba says answer to this isn’t available but I even shall reveal its cards soon,be patient.

Chandra asks what do you mean by fate, he says go away, look at this winds,your past will come back it’s a sign,Chandra walks away. Adornus,says why am I always given secondary treatment,bindusara is gonna get married why not me,Helina says because you aren’t ready for it yet,adornus says don’t you trust me,am I not your Son and leaves upset,Helina tries to stop him but he leaves.

Dharma playing with her friends and filling water at the falls. Adornus sees her friend and says go get that girl for me,guards grab her,she calls dharma for help,dharma throws a pot on his head and rushes to help her friend,adornus gets very angry,dharma hits all the soldiers,while doing so,adornus,grabs the girl and takes her away,dharma asks who are you working for and guard says for Magad,dharma says these men trouble common man and also girls.

Adornus asks guards not to allow any one in, dharma on horse reaches mahal but isn’t allowed in,she enters mahal with some women entering in,she thinks I have to find my friend where is my friend madhumita,Prabha waiting for dharma and is worried,baba says she will come don’t worry,a man comes in and says dharam and madhumita are kidnapped,by Magad Rajkumar,Prabha has bindusara name again ringing in her mind,Prabha says I will go Magad and save my daughter but where is this magad.

Helina says Chandra bindusara is your son,and it was his special day and you weren’t here,at least you could be there as a king if not as a father,Chandra says you where there right mukhya maharani,Helina says cant you see anything except Nandini,Chandra says you haven’t loved anyone so you dont know what I’m going through.
Chandra feels nandinis presence when she enters Magad .prabha asks where is mahal,she goes as per given direction and has flashes in her mind.

Prabha asks a vendor for water as she chokes,he asks where are you from,she says I’m from Champa,he says only Magad people can enter inside,and if they learn you aren’t from here queen Helina will kill you so be careful and quick,she says okay but for me it’s very important,she leaves,he says this face was similar to and then remembers and says yes to queen Nandini I should inform maharaj about this.

Dharma looking for madhumita stops to look at bindusara and hides,bindusara,sees her hands hair and leg and thinks is it some enemy and tries to get but dharma hides,bindusara tries to get her but she keeps hiding. Baba remembers dharams future prediction that she will have her future in Magad,and thinks so is the prediction taking its path.

Chandra says don’t disturb me,dasi says sorry but there’s a person and he has some news about Queen Nandini.chandra says get him in with all respect,vendor says maharaj I saw queen Nandini in market today,Chandra gets emotional and happy and remembers all the quality moments he spent with her,he gives vendor coins and rushes to market.

Chandra with soldiers in market,starts looking for Nandini, people start cheering for him,Nandini stops as bindusara starts ringing in her mind and past memory flashes keeps flashing,Chandra remembers the first time he had seen her and says my trust won you are alive Nandini,I’m coming.



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