CHANDRA NANDINI FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV, Helina says I told you all Nandini is a here just for revenge,Durdhara says see she killed my Chandra too,mora says Nandini I always stood for you but why did you do this,today you proved you are nands daughter and as rajmata I order to jail you,

Nandini says ma I did nothing,don’t take me away from Chandra,dadi says at least listen to her,mora says no dadi not today,helina and everyone take Chandra to his room and Nandini is taken away to jail and she keeps saying that she is innocent,Nandini tries to escape and rushes to Chandra ,and says I won’t leave you I didn’t do this trust me,mora says take her away.

Chandra is taken to his room,head Vaidya arrives,and says everyone please stay out and don’t let the news of maharaj unwell break out as even acharya isn’t
here and closes the door and starts treating Chandra. Nandini says I didn’t do this,I made medicine in front of him,Helina enters and attacks her and says how dare you attack Chandra I love him the most and if something happens to him I won’t leave you,Nandini says trust me I didn’t kill him,I had so many chances when I could kill him and he is my husband too and as you love him even I and stops.

Helina thinks if Nandini didn’t try kill Chandra, I hope it’s not Roopa and leaves,Nandini prays lord please save my Chandra. Roopa says Sunanda ma I wanted to kill Chaya and durdhara saw me too now how will I get thrown and my Chandra,Sunanda says now it’s not good for you to roam out too as Nandini is jailed too,Helina mother walks in and says now Nandini and Roopa both are out of our way,good job Roopa,you moved Nandini out of my nandinis way but because of your plan Chandra is injured and helina is very angry and to save yourself from Chandra and helinas anger leave as soon as possible because even me as well as Sunanda cant help you in this matter, right Sunanda as you know Helina and her anger as after what Roopa has done with Chandra I can’t stop Helina from killing you.

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Nandini praying lord please save my Chandra.chandra is being treated. Vaidya sees Chandra has no effect and so tries different remedies. Dasi gets good for Nandini,Nandini asks how is maharaj,dasi says maharaj is still unconscious ,Nandini says I won’t have food until maharaj is all well. Four days past Chandra is being treated and Nandini fasts for Chandras health. The medicines start showing effect,the water in which Chandra was put so that he gets well turns green and Vaidya says maharaj is now out of danger,Nandini faints.

Everyone near Chandra,Chandra gains conscious,Vaidya says maharaj please keep resting,Chandra asks where is Nandini,Helina says you are in this state because of Nandini and Chaya is in danger because of her and lost her baby too and do we all don’t matter that you are asking for Nandini do you take her innocent,Chandra asks where is Nandini,Helina says she is jailed,Chandra says dasi call her in Sabha and gets up,dadi says rest Chandra,Chandra says dadi today I shall take the final decision.

In Sabha,Nandini arrives wearing crown and seeing Chandra thinks I’m not worried about the accusations But happy to see you out of danger,Nandini to take her thrown,Chandra says stop Nandini you will be questioned so you won’t be on thrown,Chandra says let’s begin,durdhara tells what did she see,mora says I saw Nandini get the medicine and Chandra drank it and we all saw the rest,Chandra says Nandini all the proofs are against you and I have faced consequences of trusting you but still you get a chance to keep your side,Nandini says Sunanda ma please tell the truth we can’t hide the secret, Nandini says Chandra I’m having a neurological issues and I may have done all this under its influence Sunanda ma please tell them,Sunanda says maharaj I don’t know what she is talking about she is all fine,Nandini says ma why are you doing this.

Chandra says Nandini enough all the proofs are against you and so you will be trapped in wall alive,all are shocked to hear the punishment.

Chandra says Nandini your punishment is you will be trapped inside wall alive, all are shocked to hear chandras punishment,Avantika says maharaj my daughter did nothing please don’t do this,dadi says yes Chandra Nandini can never do this,Chandra says soldiers take her away,Nandini looks at Chandra and thinks of Chandra takes me as guilty I don’t wish to say anything, Chandra says Nandini you are no longer the ruling queen,Nandini places her crown on the thrown,soldiers put hand cuffs to Nandini, Avantika hugs Nandini,Nandini is taken away.Nandini looks at Chandra and leaves.

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Nandini remembers her childhood days and says this mahal has my memories with my pitahamaharaj,Chandra who was my enemy but fell in love with him and now look what happened,Nandini hears ladies talk Nandini
proved she is nands daughter.

NAND is informed Chanakya is here,he says this means my daughter is here too,get him in,nand says get him in he will never fight, Chanakya says yes I never fight and with my help look he has conquered magad ,nand asks where is Nandini,Chanakya says she isn’t here where is Bharti,nand says get her,Chanakya sees Bharti weeping and asking Chanakya to help her,nand says this is how I felt when Chandra had killed my son and taken Nandini away,where is my daughter I will kill you if You don’t get her,Chanakya says I know you won’t kill me and if you do this you will never get Nandini anyways give me some time to get Nandini here,nand says seven days if you don’t get Nandini here in seven days you will find Bharti dead.

Chandra thinking about good time spent with Nandini,Nandini is being trapped in wall,dadi says Chandra please don’t do this you are making big mistake,Chandra says dadi please leave,dasi take her away please,Avantika comes there and falls in Chandras feet and says put me in that wall but let my Nandini go,Sunanda in tears too yes please maharaj,Chandra leaves and closes door,and watches Nandini being trapped,Nandini sees Chandra last and is being trapped in wall.

The misunderstanding between Chandra and Nandini led to never completing their love story.
Sunanda says Avantika Nandini must be dead now lets leave,get up Avantika,dasi take Avantika away. Sunanda goes to Roopa and tells her Nandini is dead now,Roopa says are you mad,Sunanda says Nandini is trapped in wall and so Roopa has no existence now lets go,Roopa says there must be some way,Sunanda says no dear no way now,we shall meet at our secret place now.


Avantika imagines little Nandini calling her and searches for her,Sunanda says Avantika stop it,Nandini is no more,Avantika says Nandini must be hungry,Sunanda says it’s a day now she must be dead now,Avantika says no no why is my daughter bearing my ill deeds I had done in past, I married nand and killed my husband ,radhika says ma lets leave we shouldn’t live here any more,Avantika says I want my Nandini, Sunanda says Avantika don’t do this and we are going no where.

Chandra in his room,remembers his time spent their with Nandini and is in tears,and gets angry too,he looks at nandinis books and puts them away,and remembers gifting her his favourite shawl and calls dasi and takes every belonging of Nandini away from here do whatever but take it away,dadi walks in and says Chandra will this Remove Nandini from your heart,Chandra says dadi she was never in my heart,dadi says why do I see tears in your eyes then,Chandra says no dadi can’t you see I’m here in this state because of Nandini and now she has faced its punishment she is dead and so forget dadi and hugs her.
Roopa jumps in water and escaping the mahal,she comes out in the forest and meets Sunanda,Sunanda says see Roopa I have made arrangements leave now,Roopa says see ma I was here for revenge and now I love Chandra and now Nandini is dead I don’t care, I will not leave Chandra,help me ma,Sunanda asks what help you want.

The news about Nandini dead spreads among the people of magad, they get upset with this decision of Chandra and decides to talk to maharaj and goes to mahal,soldiers stop them but people say we want to meat maharaj,Chandra says get people in,people says maharaj why did you do this to magad daughter and the ruling queen, you made a big mistake,people of magad loved maharani Nandini,why did you do this,Nandini says quite and walks in and says I’m alive ,and walks in all wounded.




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