CHANDRA NANDINI 4 DECEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Chandra says get him in,padmanand is brought in handcuffed,Nandini feels bad,mora gives him cold looks,padmanand looks at Nandini,and then mora,Chandra says today my biggest army stands here handcuffed,we took long time to get him here but now he will be punished,people start shouting sentence him to death,Chandra says only one person can announce him his punishment but before that let me show the person who gave us nands information,Apma walks in,Helina surprised and thinks ma helped him,Nandini thinks why is Apma behind pitahamaharaj,Chandra says Apma as promised ask for your gift in return,Apma says maharaj I made huge mistake and you could have sentenced me to death for this and I want you to allow me to stay with my daughter in this mahal forever,this mother just wants her daughter.

Chandra says just because I had promised,I accept this but you havent been forgiven because you killed durdhara and my sons mother you will stay in mahal without any rights and privileges and if seen that you are interfering, I shall forget you are my wife’s mother,Apma says I will not give you any chance for that,Chandra says let’s welcome in Acharya Chanakya, all are surprised,Chanakya walks in,padmanand shocked,Chandra smiles,Chanakya looks at surprised Nand and then walks to Chandra and smiles,Chandra takes his blessings,and hugs him.nand gets very angry,chandra says Acharya I’m very happy you are back,we missed you,please take your post back,Nand thinks this means Chanakya played again against me.

Chandra says let me clear everyone’s doubts,me and Acharya never fought it was just a plot to get Nand,people get happy and cheer for Chandra and Chanakya,Nand says you broke my trust Chanakya I won’t leave you,I will kill you,Chandra says Acharya please announce his punishment,Chanakya says this evil person deserves only one punishment,magads people and I have waited for this long, and so in front of whole Magad Nand will be sentenced to death,Nandini in tears,Nand looks at her.chandra looks at Nandini,Nandini leaves Sabha. Chandra gets angry and says so jail him in the same place he had jailed my mother for years.nand is taken away by Guards,people cheer for Chandra,Chanakya says I’m very proud of you Chandra,Chandra thinks but I feel so sorry for Nandini.

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Mora walks to Nand,he is jailed at the place she was jailed years back,mora has flashes of every single pain she was given by Nand,Nand says mora came to your Nand, mora says yes I came to see your end,I will burn the last log on your body,look at the time,you are at the end of cycle,I had cursed you,Nand says curse won’t kill Nand,instead I will kill your son,mora says I had told you my son will come back and take my revenge and see it’s happening, he has taken all my revenges,he gave justice to his father,Magads people and look you evil man you are here,Nand says it was just a plot,if your son was brave he would have not caught me this way,mora says it’s war plot and you talking about good and bad,Nand says no one can defeat me because I’m mahapadmanad not even your son can defeat me,mora says look at you,you already are,you evil sole are already been defeated by positive force,mora leaving,Nand shouts mora I will kill your son and shouts.

Nandini in her room with sword gifted by Nand,crying and remembering her childhood memories Chandra looks at her,she remembers Nand saying if by killing your husband I get throne I will do that too,Nandini throws the sword,mora and dadi walk to Nandini,Nandini wipes her tears,and says sorry,mora says enough Nandini don’t hide your pain,I know your condition,I believe in you you won’t loose yourself,dadi says Nandini Chandra has done this for Magad and I hope you won’t hate him for this,he is your husband but also a king and so I request you not to aks him to give up any roles,Nandini says I’m Magads daughter first and then padmanand and Chandras decision is right,mora says I’m proud of you,do call me if you need me.

Chandra picks up the sword and walks to Nandini and gives it to her,she doesn’t take,Chandra says don’t give away relations they are only thing that remain life long,he is your father and you can’t delay it,I know you are in trouble,as king I’m happy but as a friend I know how hurt you are.

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Nandini says Chandra what is happening or what will happen I knew it would happen one day and as a daughter it will always be too soon and please leave me alone I need some time,Chandra says no I’m your friend and I won’t leave you in this situation,and so I promise you whenever you will find yourself in blackness you will find this friend of yours with light,and will motivate you and be with you always life long,friends know each other and don’t need words to know each other,Nandini hugs Chandra and starts crying,Chandra says let the pain go cry,I’m here for you.nandini says a friend can I ask something, as a queen I know I shouldn’t but as a Daughter please I request,Chandra can you do something for me,Chandra says as a friend you can but don’t ask something a king can’t,Nandini says I know my limits I just want to meet my father for a last time,Chandra says I know your pain and so can meet your father for the last time,Nandini says thank you and leaves.

Helina says ma I’m so happy you are back with me,I missed you, Apma says Helina but now you have to show hatred against me this way you will win Chandra and this time it will be by the way of Heart,Helina says ma this time we will win because Nandini has fallen for some other man in this mahal,Apma says Helina this isnt possible,Clovie says I have seen with my own eyes,Apma says shut up you two fools.Nandini walks to padmanand,padmanand Imagines her as her little daughter walking to him and gets very happy,he remembers how Nandini use to rush to him and hug him. Nandini walks to Nand and takes a pause.padmanand says Nandini i won’t forget gods this favour that he gave me a daughter like you but the mistake you made by marrying Chandra won’t be forgiven.

Nandini says pitahamaharaj I have no issues with my life and I do love you but I’m not proud of my fathers deeds,I’m your daughter and Chandras wife and because of him I can see you for this last time,I thought my pitahamaharaj loves me,his people love him too but I was wrong,you gave me best,made a very good women but how did you keep yourself away from these concepts ,I want to forget your ill deeds as a bad dream but you remind them to me somehow,Nandini holds his hand,Nand says Nandini if tomorrow will be my last day,and as you are my only loved person ,I want you to do this for your pitahamaharaj,
Please give him gangajal,Nandini gives gangajal to nand with her own hands,Nand in tears.


Padmanad says Nandini now leave,Nandini says no,Nand says don’t make me week anymore and shouts at her,Nandini says I can’t, Nand says I want to see you laughing before I die as you always use to,please smile for me,Nandini smiles at him, and leaves crying,Nand sees Nandini as his little daughter running away and breaks down.

Morning,in front of whole Magad,Announcement : now Magads biggest enemy padmanad will be behead as part of his punishment,people cheer for Chandra and show hatred against Nand,Chandra thinks Nandini isn’t here,she must be so hurt. Nandini says bindusara let me tell you a story and narrates her story to bindusara and is in tears. Padmanand about to beheaded says Chandragupta mourya,you call yourself a warrior shame on you, you are coward ,if you were a warrior you wouldn’t handcuff me and kill,you are just a dog in his house acting like lion,if you truly a lion come fight me,show me your power,mora gets very angry,Chanakya stops the person going to behead Nand and signs Chandra to fight Nand,Chandra puts his crown on throne.

Chandra walks to Nand and asks to release Nand,people cheer for Chandra,Chandra says today no one will interrupt us we will fight like warriors,Nand says you will regret your decision of not including your army whereas me I can’t fight you all alone,both are given swords,the fight begins,initially Nand gives Chandra a tough fight. Nandini with bindusara sitting in front of lord in tears.


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