Magad people happy to have maharaj Chandragupta back,Chandra says I’m happy to see love and blessings of my people and would like to announce we have won our war and as a part of mourya Vansh I shall never step back to serve my people and mother land and even sacrifice my life for it.

Chandra walks into his room and says I so wanted to see you and sees it’s not Nandini but Helina dressed as Nandini,Helina hugs him and says even I was waiting for you,Chandra says how come you are here,Helina says it’s acharya order and as your birthday I have a gift for you special one,Chandra says first thank you for helping magad,Helina says that was my part as a patrani and now as your wife and hugs him says I want to be with you and have our babies and want a life where it’s just
us and want all my rights,Chandra says but I,dasi walks in,Helina says how dare you,Chandra says calm down,dasi says maharaj all are waiting for you down in Sabha,Chandra says helina we should leave and leaves,Helina thinks Chandra tonight we are together how will you escape then.

Brother thinking who it is Chandra bhaiya loves and walks into a room ,Malti sees him and thinks who is he in rani(Queen hub)Nivas,and follows him,both look at each other ,Malti says no one is allowed in rani Nivas,he says I’m here to see mukhya rani,she thinks oh this means he doesn’t know who it is and says I’m mukhya rani I shall forgive you this time leave now,he says sorry and leaves,he thinks maharani Nandini is so pretty any one could fall for her and leaves.
In Sabha Chandra takes everyone’s blessings,rajpurohit perform Tilak ritual,everyone wishes Chandra a very happy birthday And blessings,Chanakya says maharaj a very happy birthday and today we are here for important announcements,today for people benefits many taxes shall be terminated,and announces many other new proposals, Chandra says I agree to them.

Mora says Chandra everyone have gifts for you,mora presents her gift,followed by dadi and others,Durdhara says I already am gonna gift you a very precious gift but still here is kadha for you,Chandra says very pretty thank you,dadi says Nandini it’s your turn,and moras gift was very memorable so I am waiting for Chandras gift,brother thinks so she is Nandini and who is she ,she fooled me.

Nandini says maharaj I can’t present you gift here I request you all to come in the yard behind,Durdhara says looks like her gift is bigger and looks at Helina and says no no your gift is better.

Nandini and everyone in yard behind,Nandini gives him a sword and says please make use of it,Helina says Nandini he is just back from war and is injured and it’s his birthday and what all is this,Nandini says patrani Helina be patient,Nandini claps and few guys jump of tree and shout Chandra.

Chandra leaves sword and rushes to them in happiness,Nandini smiles seeing him so happy,Chandra hugs his friends and says how are you all,friends say look that mango let’s see who picks it first n all rush to get it ,dadi and mora happy to see Chandra so happy,Chandra and his friends get on the tree ,Chanakya not happy at all, Chandra picks the mango first,Chandra shares it with his friends and has it.

Mora says Nandini this isn’t just Chandras bday gift but mine too I could see his childhood though these little things thank you,Durdhara says how do you know it,Nandini says he shared all these stories he use to share with you on our Pooja trip,Chandra and his friends walk to everyone,Helina mother signs Helina and she walks to Chandra and says Chandra my real present will be tonight in our room,Chandra nods yes.

Chandra looking at Nandini through corridor,she is walking with malti,brother joins him and says pretty eyes and says when she talks and scolds looks like there are showers of flowers how pretty she is,Chandra says very true,and says bhaiya please arrange my wedding with her,Chandra says have you lost it she is your sister in law,he says no bhaiya I was talking about her sister, so is it Nandini who you love and so please arrange my wedding with Malti,Chandra says are you alright you want to marry,he says yes bhaiya please,who will help me if not you or else I will tell Nandini bhabhi about your feelings,Chandra says quite I shall help you but no one should know our secret,he says bhaiya go get gift for bhabhi,Chandra says ok go now.

Nandini in her room,and hears announcement that maharaj Chandragupta will be here and gets very happy and then says I will show I don’t care he didn’t even think of informing about anything,Chandra walks in,Nandini says yes maharaj,Chandra says yes I want to talk about love,Nandini thinks does he love me too, Chandra holds her hand and says now since there is love let’s talk about it,Nandini says even I,Chandra says so should I say yes to this proposal,Nandini asks what,Chandra says Madhav and Malti are in love, I mean Madhav loves Malti,Nandini says ok I shall talk to Malti and what’s in your hand,Chandra say is got tamarinds for you,Nandini says oh I love them and tastes it,Chandra leaves.

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Durdhara sees Nandini eating tamarinds and says oh god she is eating tamarinds
is she pregnant. Durdhara says mora ma Chandra is so happy with all gifts he received,dadi says I have prepared kheer for everyone have it,Nandini says dadi I don’t feel like eating shall I have later,dadi says why later come here and gives her spoon and says you made Chandra so happy,Nandini vomits,mora says get water,dadi says call Vaidya,Nandini says no dadi I shall rests and all will be fine and Nandini leaves,Durdhara says ma did you see what I saw,mora asks what,Durdhara says ma I saw Nandini eat tamarinds and now she vomited,mora says is she pregnant,Durdhara says let me inform everyone and leaves,dadi says mora I’m so happy.

Helina in her room getting ready,Chandra walks in,and asks why did you call me,Helina walks to him and holds his hand and puts it over her waist and hugs him,and says Chandra I was waiting for this night and this will be the beginning of our life in true sense,Chandra says why am I finding it wired when Helina is my wife,Chandra you can’t do this to her she has right over you, Chandra hugs her too,Helina thinks so Chandra is trapped and once I have his baby magad will be mine.helina takes him to bed,and starts undressing him,and lies over him,Chandra moves aside and says I’m sorry Helina I can’t do this and picks up his robe,Helina hugs him again,Chandra says I know you are my wife but I’m sorry,Helina says yes you are my husband,Chandra says but it was a political reasoned wedding and you got everything why you married me for and so I can’t do this ,Helina says but I love you,Chandra says but I don’t, please I’m sorry and leaves.

Helina says stop who do you love then that Nandini,Chandra says I wish I could answer this question of yours and leaves. Chandra goes to Nandini and asks what’s wrong are you fine,Nandini says yes,dadi says no you are not and won’t be fine for long time now and then will see results and I’m so happy for you two and Chandra now durdhara and Nandini you will have to take care of both of them, Nandini is pregnant too congratulations.

Nandini says no,Dadi says I understood when You ate tamarind and vomited,and now you need to take rest and be very careful about everything and Chandra take care of her,and leaves. Chandra says Nandini how are you pregnant,Nandini says no I’m not they have misunderstood,Chandra says stupid why did you eat so many tamarinds,Nandini says don’t blame me you got them,Chandra says ok don’t fight let me find some way.

Durdhara walks to Helina says I have a good news and see her on ground crying and the room shattered and thinks god she is looking like a ghost and may be she is looking for a heart to eat and says I will come anyways have sweets, Helina says stop have sweets whatshe news,Durdhara says Nandini is pregnant and my baby will have a brother now,Helina throws sweets and shouts leave.

Dadi says mora we must find some names,mora says yes we are gonna have two babies now,Chandra walks in and says dadi come let me apply oil on your knees and says dadi is it possible that these signs are all of pregnancy I mean vomit,uneasiness,or something else too,dadi says at times it may be bad stomach too,Chandra says then I think we should call vaidya or else Nandini will be heart broken otherwise if it’s stomach issue and not pregnancy ,mora says Chandra is right,Chandra says let me get Vaidya and leaves.
Vaidya checks Nandini and asks maharani do you feel like eating,Nandini says yes all fine,Vaidya says ok take rest and leaves,Nandini says good now the misunderstanding will be gone,Vaidya says maharaj, maharani is not pregnant, and I didn’t tell maharani,I shall take leave and leaves,dadi says I can’t face Nandini ,Mora you tell,Mora says ma but,Chandra says don’t worry I shall handle the situation and leaves,dadi says what about Durdhara let’s go stop her.

Nandini says Chandra I’m so happy,Chandra gives weird look and says take a sit and rest have some fruits ,nandini says what I’m fine, chandra says but Vaidya said you are pregnant,Nandini says not possible,how did this happen,Chandra says may be in Pataliputra when you were drunk you pulled me and then,Nandini starts crying and says how can you do this to me,Chandra says Dont cry I was joking,I will never touch you without your permission. Nandini smiles.

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Helina says no ma, I helped Chandra and what he gave me,Nandini and durdhara have his love and baby and what I have nothing all is gone and I shall end my life,ma says helina stop don’t give up,you are one for whom people will give their lives and we have one way which will give you Chandra and Nandini will go away,Chandra loves magad and he will choose magad before Nandini,Helina says who shall attack Chandra,ma says your father,he has the biggest army,Chandra is brave but wont be able to defeat your father so now write a letter to your father that you are in pain and how Chandra ill treats you and so attack Chandra for your rights,Helina does so and says now this letter will give me my Chandra.

Chandra says acharya we have won all these places but this side we need to win over these
states,Chanakya says this area too,Chandra says but it’s a barren land ,Chanakya says this is daku Nivas and are very powerful and what if they attack you some day and if any kings controls them they can attack us anytime,so this area is very important and so you need to leave for war soon and this area is very important,Chandra is informed maharani Nandini is here and wants to see you,Chanakyas says you can’t go we need to make plan,Chandra says tell her I will see her later.

Nandini asks Malti how do you feel about Madhav,Malti says I saw him in rani Nivas may be not a good guy,nandini says then may be I will reject his proposal,Malti says no no i would like to think about this proposal I kind of like him,Nandini says see Malti wedding is very important a decision so you need to be very careful,Malti says but even you married maharaj when you hated him and look now you love him,Nandini says no I don’t.
Paravtak and maliketu disguised in magad market,Maliektu asks why are we here,parvatak says soon you will know,and says to a seller give me some paan and says this maharaj Chandragupta isn’t a good king,the seller says you are a bad man i shall not sell to people against my king,Paravathi and maliketu meet different people and find that people in magad are very loving towards their king and says Maliketu now this is what you need to work on you have to create hatred about Chandra amongst people.

Chandra walks in room and calls Nandini,Malti says maharaj she isn’t here and since you couldn’t see her last night she was very upset and cried whole night,Chandra says but I didn’t want to hurt her,Chandra slips and falls ,Malti holds him both get awkward,Maliektu see them and remembers his fathers advice.

Nandini says Malti did you see how Chandra behaved he didn’t even think of seeing me,Malti says he did come to your room but you weren’t there. Malti and Nandini taking shower,Malti asks how do you live with fact that your husband has 2 other wives dosent it hurt you,Nandini says before it didn’t matter but now,Malti says Didi someone is there and goes and checks and finds a robe and says Didi see I told you Someone was here,Nandini says how is it possible only maharaj is allowed here,Malti says may be he was here than,Nandini says no that’s impossible,anyways I shall go and see him I want to talk about you and Madhav.

Madhav sees Chandra and says bhaiya did you talk to bhabhi,Chandra says she said no,I mean when she can call me a monkey you are weird then me why can’t she deny you,Madhav says but bhaiya,Chandra says but your bhabhi is right,Nandini walks in,Chandra says Madhav you are right,Nandini says maharaj I want to talk to you,Madhav says bhaiya please talk about me and walks to Nandini and says greetings bhabhi thrice and leaves.

Chandra asks yes Nandini,Nandini takes a sit and says I’m here to talk about my sister and your brother and if this marriage takes place who shall take his responsibility,Chandra says I shall,Nandini says and what if Madhav gets so busy that he can’t even see Malti,Chandra says I shall take responsibility and he is to be punished if he does any such things,Nandini says will he meet his wife and not fall in love with other lady,Chandra says no he won’t and she has to understand he is a king and has many responsibilities and will be only her and her slave. Nandini says I would be so happy to have such husband,Chandra says Nandini you talking about my brother,Nandini says jealous,Chandra says no no I’m not,Nandini says how ever wired mourya men are they have beautiful princess as us so I agree to this proposal,Chandra smile.

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Malti sees its Chandra on floor and is shocked to know he is one who molested her, Chandra says Malti what happened why are you in this state,who did this to you,Malti pushes him and runs away,Nandini and and others meet her,Nandini asks who did this to you,Malti says I was being molested,Nandini and Madhav ask who it is,Malti points at Chandra and says maharaj Chandragupta,chandra says this is false,Madhav says bhaiya I heard Malti shout and came here,Malti you must be mistaken,Malti says no maharaj forced me,Nandini slaps her and says stop it,Chandra can never do this,Malti says I went in room,maharaj came inside and forced me and he has done this before,he purposely slipped on me and in mandap touched me purposely.

Chandra says she is lying and when I was in my room I heard someone screaming
and when I went to the room I saw Malti in this state,Malti says no you did this and runs away,Chandra says trust me I didn’t do this,Madhav,Madhav says sorry maharaj and leaves. Maliketu gives money to some men and ask them to spread the news that maharaj eyes on Maharanis sister and if women in mahal are not safe how will women in our motherland be go,Maliketu says Chandra you gave me this idea and now see you planted an evil player by your own hands in your kingdom.
( Maliketu had seen Chandra walk to Malti after he had forced her and she pushes him and so purposely makes arrangements so that he can stumble and fall and leaves,Chandra walks in and falls ,Malti misunderstands him as the molester)
Maliketus men start spreading the news amongst the people.

In Sabha next day,angry and upset two men wish to meet Chandra,Chandra says let them in,the man says maharaj this man tried to force on my wife,Chandra says don’t worry I shall punish him,the culprit says maharaj even you did this then how can you punish me,Chandra gets angry and says how dare you,the other man says sorry maharaj I don’t want you to take decision if our maharaj is a bad man how can I trust other man,Chanakya says I shall take decision cut the culprits hand. Chanakya says Chandra what all is this happening,if people don’t want their king do you understand what it means, I told you Chandra stay away from emotional matters now see,your people are against you, Chandra says acharya it’s a plot,Chanakya says sure it is because you are a king and now soon you need to solve this and what are you gonna do.

Chandra walks to Malti and holds her,Malti says what are you doing,Chandra says something I wanted to do last night and do whatever you want to but no one can save you,Malti shouts, Nandini walks in and says Chandra what are you doing she blamed you last night but I didn’t agree and now what is this I’m seeing,Chandra says the truth.
Chandra says yes I tried to touch Malti,Nandini says Chandra please leave my sister alone,Chandra says I have alrights and no one can stop me not even you,Madhav walks in and says bhaiya what did you say,you did this to my Malti,Chandra says she is mine now,last night I was drunk but not now ,I had fallen for her the moment I saw her,Madhav tries to attack,Chandra pushes him and says don’t forget who I am,I am magad Samrat,Madhav says bhaiya I love her,Chandra says but I love Malti and I have decided Malti will marry me and stay with me in this mahal,soldiers take Malti away and jail her.
Madhav says bhaiya I promise I will take revenge,Chandra smiles,Madhav leaves,Nandini rushes behind Malti. Durdhara tells mora and dadi about Malti,dadi says how can Chandra do this to Nandini,mora says I shall talk to Chandra. Helina says this means Chandra loves Malti now one more problem,ma we have to change our plans,ma says no Helina your father in on his way and Nandini and Malti both have to get of your way ,so no change in plans.

Everyone hear upset People say they hate their king,mora says Chandra you have to stop all this,Chandra says you please stay out of all this,Chandra says inform people I would like to address them. Maliketu happy to see upset people ,Chandra says my dear people , you have always trusted me and before a king I’m a human too and that human has fallen in love,helina is in tears.I know I have 3 wives but they were political weddings and I don’t love them but I have now fallen in love with someone is this wrong,and now i shall stand by my words I will marry my love and if a king wants to marry a woman not from Royal family it’s a good sign and I want you ask to respect my feelings,people get happy.





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