Can You See Me Zee World Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Can You See Me Zee World: Inspiring by Casper Scare School The film Casper Scare School: Can You See Me (Bootu) is about a sweet girl ghost who is always trying to assist others, frequently creating light mischief and chaos while doing it.

Can You See Me Zee World

Can You See Me Zee World

Can You See Me Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

Bhutu/Pihu wakes up to find a vacant house. Through the day, she is trying to communicate with her friends, but is unsuccessful. She awaits Anandita’s return, but is shocked when she hears neighbors talk about ghosts that reside in her home. If neighbors attempt to cleanse the home through the practice of Havan which causes her to faint, Bal Gopal (Lord Krishna) appears.

Gopal tells Bhutu that she passed away in an accident in the fire six months ago and she is a spirit. He assures her that she’ll have one person who can hear her. In time the moment the new friend and she are closer, then eventually, the friend of hers will capable of touching her and look at her. This new acquaintance will eventually lead the girl to her mom.

Suchi is named Bhutu’s new best friend. She’s sweet, responsible, but she is a snob to kids. Just a few days prior to the wedding ceremony, and when they are required to move out of their home in a flash, Suchi comes across Bhutu’s home and leases it.

When Suchi begins to hear Bhutu’s voice and begins to hear her voice, everyone believes she may have some kind of mental illness. After meeting Subodh the father of Bhutu, Suchi realizes she was not just imagining things and that the ghost of Bhutu is still living in her house. In an effort to rid herself of the ghost, Suchi gives a gift to Singapore in which Subodh as well as Anandita are expected to leave within a couple of days. She tells Bhutu to remain in the house with her parcel. But, she begins to develop an affectionate side for the girl. When Suchi discovers that Anandita hasn’t left in the town, she looks for Bhutu and they reunite. This leads to Suchi being capable of touching Bhutu and it appears that their relationship has changed. When Bhutu is asked by Suchi whether she hates her like the rest the children, Suchi replies that she isn’t a normal child she is ghosts. Contemplating that Bhutu is hurt by the word “Bhoot” (Ghost), she begins calling herself “Bhootu” to lighten up her mood. She promises she will learn about her mother’s identity and help her to reunite with her.


A sequence of events follows in which it is discovered that the fiance of Suchi Rishabh is actually getting married to her for the purpose of dowry. Following Suchi is involved in an accident that kills her and her uterus is surgically removed to ensure her survival. When she sees Suchi fighting for her life, Bhutu insists before Gopal for help to rescue her. Suchi gets back to her feet and can look at Bhutu. Suchi’s mother cancels her engagement to Rishabh. In the following days, Suchi discovers Rishabh’s defamatory tactics used by him to denigrate her, and she gives him to the police.


Since Rishabh had her license revoked, Suchi applies for a new job. Her boss Aarav is extremely unliking of her. Anandita is also a part of the office as her immediate boss, and they become close friends. Anandita is repeatedly attacked by an unknown adversary. When Subodh discovers that Aarav as the boss of Anandita, Aarav instructs her to get from her home immediately and move to a different location to her delight. Meanwhile, Suchi continues her search for the mother of Bhutu. Aarav discovers her profile on a matrimonial website and is furious believing that Suchi is using her position as a single mother in order to win the sympathy of. When confronted, Suchi clears his doubt and tells him she’s responsible for a girl who is alone anywhere else. Aarav is aware of his error and begins to fall in love with Suchi.


When Suchi finds out that she is Anandita She rushes to meet the woman with Bhutu. However, before she was able to reach, Anandita had already left. After she relocating, Anandita discovers Bhutu’s death was not an accident, but an act of murder. Suchi is also informed about the incident from a different source , and promises to bring the culprit to justice. She begins to seek out Aarav’s assistance in the same. Bhutu is beginning to feel depressed when Suchi is spending more and more time with Aarav. In frustration, she requests Gopal to remove Suchi of the ability to feel her. Soon, she begins to lose Suchi. Suchi however is agitated as she cannot locate Bhutu everywhere. Bhutu acknowledges to Gopal that she’d demanded Him to be punished Suchi because she was furious with her , but she didn’t intend to. She admits that, besides Anandita and Anandita, Suchi has a deep love for her and she would not be able to live without her. Gopal breaks his spell . Suchi reconnects with Bhutu.


Aarav admits his love to Suchi The latter responds. Then, she finds the secret file of Bhutu’s murder investigation, in which Aarav was the primary suspect. Soon, misunderstandings begin to develop between them. Suchi asserts Aarav of being the culprit and then collapses before Aarav. In order to protect her, she surrenders to Police.


The truth is revealed later it was Aarav was innocent, and that His Sister Mansi was the culprit. Subodh became involved in an affair that was not intended for marriage, but later did not accept her. In order to win him back, Mansi had planned to strike Anandita however, unfortunately Bhutu passed away in the accident. Following that accident, Mansi lost her mental equilibrium. Confronted with her mistake, Suchi apologizes to Aarav and establishes that he is innocent. Then she gets Mansi detained and this causes Aarav angry. He vows to retaliate against Suchi and, in a bid to slay her, he buys her home.


Suchi chooses to move out of the house along with Bhutu. However, Bhutu is unable to traverse the border of the house because she was killed the area. Suchi returns home to save Bhutu’s life and suffers through Aarav’s snark. Infuriated by the insult of Suchi, Bhutu starts playing pranks on Aarav. However , she is too much with her recklessness, and in a display of fury, Suchi shouts at her that she would have had admitted to the boarder school if she had been a normal kid. Fearing the wrath of Suchi, Bhutu seeks help from Gopal and hides inside her beloved doll. However, she’s not able to get out and becomes stuck. Suchi gets scared and starts searching for her. Gopal tells her that her fate is to be her Yashodha maa. Previous incidents have occurred to keep her away with Bhutu for a short amount of time. Suchi will be required to go through various phases of motherhood and show her devotion to Bhutu. Suchi is able to pass all of her tests and is finally able to free Bhutu away from the doll. They finally meet, while Gopal gives them a blessing.


Aarav continues to play games with Suchi. One day, fire bursts into their home due to the negligence of Gulgule. While Suchi helps save Aarav just in time, the mother of Aarav blames her and threatens to strike Gulgule. Suchi is able to stop her and reaffirms her position regarding getting Mansi sentenced for the murder of Bhutu. Aarav is aware of his error apology to Suchi. Babli takes Mansi home on medical grounds. Then Suchi realizes that Mansi isn’t sick, but is just trying to avoid punishment. Mansi attempts to kill Suchi But Bhutu is able to save her. Also, she creates an untrue medical record that claims she is pregnant with Subodh’s baby. Anandita following witnessing the Subodh’s real regret, returns her home, allowing their bond a second chance. After reading the report she decides to leave him. Infuriated by Mansi’s constant plan, Suchi reveals everything to Aarav. Although he isn’t convinced by she is lying, he assures Suchi that he will see Mansi to be punished if proved guilty. Together, they gather all evidence and Aarav collapses. Anandita is back in Subodh and they get together. Bhutu is thrilled to see this, however after Gopal warns her not to go to Suchi She doesn’t consider Him seriously. Meanwhile, Mansi kidnaps Suchi and is eloped with her. Bhutu gets angry when she realizes her inexperience has caused this to happen. She asks Gopal to assist in the search for Suchi and for the first time, Aarav is able to recognize Bhutu. The actor apologizes Bhutu on behalf of his family and joins with her to save Suchi. They succeed, but the room burns down and everyone presumes Mansi as dead. Babli accepts Suchi completely and begins to prepare for Aarav and her wedding.

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Gopal informs Bhutu that her mission in this world has been completed and she has to cut off all ties to achieve salvation. Although initially reluctant, when Gopal promises Bhutu that she will be the daughter of Anandita, Bhutu is willing to accept. But, she is unhappy when she thinks of being separated from Suchi. Suchi notices something is wrong with her and inquires of her about it. When Bhutu informs her all the things she knows, Suchi replies that she is not looking forward to losing her. However, she puts Bhutu’s happiness over her own, and promises Bhutu that she’ll be there to see her once she’s born.


At the time of the wedding, Mansi is seen entering the venue disguised as a photographer to shoot Subodh. The shooter is arrested, however Anandita is unable to keep her balance. Gopal removes Bhutu away to keep her from being present at the funeral of her father. After an entire period of time, Bhutu wakes up and begins to learn about all things. She realizes that Suchi is unable to recognize her, as she was expected to be gone at that point. Suchi is in a great deal of grief and confusion over Bhutu’s abrupt disappearance. Bhutu is not willing to let Anandita in peace and scatters her ashes. Suchi is aware of the presence of her and heads towards their room. She breaks down in tears and begs Bhutu to stand to her for a moment. She recounts her experience with Bhutu and confesses to her that she will never be as passionate about anyone as she did Bhutu since they were her children. Aarav attempts to comfort Suchi and then takes her away. As he observes Suchi and Bhutu’s longing for one another, Gopal lets Bhutu meet Suchi for the final time. They enjoy a brief bonding in which Suchi is touched by Bhutu and kisses her. After their time is up, Suchi assumes Bhutu has been able to leave and reached her salvation. She moves out of the home along with her loved ones.


Bhutu is left behind to attend Anandita and emotional bids goodbye to everyone. Season 1 comes to an end by Suchi and Bhutu’s split.


A two-year leap can be seen. Bhutu/Pihu lives in her home and is waits for the arrival of her mother. Anandita is back home but doesn’t recall Subodh. Bhutu’s uncle Vikram enters the scene. He is married to Anandita and attempts to make her healthier. An unknown group of criminals are able to enter the home and employ various methods to take the house from Anandita. They even attempt to show an alleged doppelganger of Bhutu however they fail. Bhutu assists her doppelganger Shona to join her mother. Anandita recuperates and is soon pregnant. She has the baby girl. Gopal transfers Bhutu’s soul to the body of the baby and unites Bhutu to Anandita.

Can You See Me Zee world Cast & Real names:


  • Arshiya Mukherjee as Pihu Subodh Bose (Bhutu) / Shona (Bhutu’s doppelganger)
  • Viraaj Kapoor as Baal Krishna/Gopal
  • Sana Amin Sheikh as Suchi Sharma / Suchi Aarav Randhawa / Burburi
  • Kinshuk Mahajan as Aarav Randhawa
  • Akanksha Chamola as Anandita Subodh Bose


  • Kapil Nirmal as Vikram
  • Khushbu Thakkar as Barbie
  • Shivangi Verma as Mohini
  • Tushar Khanna as Badripasad / Bobby
  • Aliraza Namdar as Barbie’s father
  • Sameer Sharma / Vimarsh Roshan as Subodh Bose (Pihu’s father)
  • Dharmik Joisar as Gulgule Sharma
  • Tanushree Kaushal as Aarav’s mother
  • Neetha Shetty as Mansi Randhawa, Aarav’s sister
  • Cindrella Dcruz as Suman, Suchi’s Chhoti Maa
  • Vipin Krishan Chahal as Sankalp Sharma, Suchi’s brother
  • Anjali Priya as Sheetal Sankalp Sharma
  • Gaurav Vasudev as Tantarik (Bhootnath)
  • Archana Mittal as Sarita Sharma, Suchi’s mother
  • Karim Hajee as Shuchi’s father
  • Drishti Chopra as Pooja, Suchi’s friend
  • Neeraj Goswami as Rishabh
  • Shalini Vishnudev as Rakhi Mehta


Can you see me update Monday 21 February 2022

Suchi returns to her room and thinks good she did not tell Rishab anything, ghost is gone. Pihu speaks and calls her burbhuri. Suchi asks if she did not go yet. Pihu says she is not bad bhooth and wants to meet her mamma. Suchi gets dizzy. Pihu asks her to relax and says she did not trouble her today, she just wants to meet her mamma, even bhurbhuri loves her mamma and got concerned when mamma got afraid. Suchi asks if she will not trouble her again if she takes her to her mamma. Pihu says no.

Suchi calls property agent and takes Subodh/Pihu’s father’s address. She takes her down and tells Sarita that she is going to meet Rishab. Pihu stops seeing Gulgule munching snacks and warns not to eat much, his tummy will burst. Suchi says shut up. Gulgule asks what did he do. Suchi says let s go now and Pihu walks behind her. She takes Pihu in scooter. Pihu’s parents lock their house and leave in car towards airport. Suchi’s scooter stops at a signal opposite to their car. Pihu is excited to meet mamma, but does not see them. Mamma senses Pihu, but stops. Signals gets green and Pihu reminds Suchi.

Sheetal munches Gulgule’s pencil. Gulgule informs his mother. Suman comes and says even she used to have rubber and pencil when she was pregnant with Gulgule, she will prepare Multani mitti soup. Sheetal says yuck..Suchi and Pihu reach Bose house. Pihu knocks door and calls mamma, please open the door. Watchman informs that family left for Singapore forever. Suchi sees Pihu busy knocking door and calling mamma to open door, thinks bhooth will find her own way and runs away to escape from her.

Sheetal complains Sarita that Suman is not going from their house at all. Sarita asks to ask who brought her here. Father comes and says it is a marriage house and Suman will help her. Sarita says when she gets free from serving him. Vimla comes asking if bride’s mother is there. Suman attends and then says she is maasi. Sarita greets her. She taunts if wedding preparations are going on or they are just munching food. Father says they are and asks her to sit. Rishab also comes. Sarita says Suchi went to meet him. Suchi returns. Vimla taunts she is lying now. Suchi goes to her room. Rishab follows her and says he expects truth from her.

She reminisces Sarita telling Rishab and his mother will not believe her ghost story. She tells she went to meet her friend. Rishab goes down and informs his mother that he and Suchi had planned meeting, but he forgot and a bit of confusion happened. Mother says he is lying. He says he is not and takes her along.Suchi tells Sarita that bhooth has gone from house. Sarita prays for her happy life. Family’s nok jhok starts. Suchi does not find her wallet and searches it everywhere. She thinks she must have left it in Bose house and leaves in her scooter. Suchi’s mother comes there next. Sarita asks who is she. She says she is Mrs. Bose, this is her house. Pihu is seen still knocking door. Madhav smiles looking at all incidences.

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Pihu’s mother Anandita enters home and introduces herself as owner of house to Sarita. Sarita greets her in. Suman takes over and starts her jokergiri and says she know this house has ghost, so she gave them this house for half price. Anandita angrily asks why don’t they return house then. Sarita takes Suman aside and scolds her. Suman says even that woman disappeared now.Suchi returns to Bose house and finds her wallet there. She happily gets into scooter thinking Pihu has gone. Pihu sitting in sooter calls her bhurbhuri and asks why did she left her alone here. Suchi says she did not. They both argue. Watchman looks at them. Suchi drives home. Pihu insists her to send her to Singapore to her parents.

Suchi says she is not a parcel that she can send her to Singapore. Pihu says she can sit on parcel and go. Suchi asks if she will not trouble her again and not return back. Pihu gives pinky promise. Suchi asks how will she find her mamma in Singapore, then thinks none of her concern. She makes a parcel for her friend in Singapore.Rishab meets Suchi’s friend and gets to know that Suchi did not meet her and lied. He calls Suchi and insists to meet her at a cafeteria. Suchi agrees but gets tensed. Pihu insists to drop her to Singapore parcel office first. Suchi says she has much bigger problem before and reaches restaurant with Pihu. Pihu sits on chair.

Suchi tries to sit on it, but Pihu alerts her. Rishab tries to sit on Pihu, but Suchi stops him. Rishab asks Suchi if she is sure about marrying him. She says yes. He asks their honeymoon destination in Europe. Pihu says Singapore. Suchi repeats. Rishab says it is not in Europe. Suchi says she is sending parcel to Singapore, so is thinking only about Singapore. Rishab says his friend is going to Singapore, he will send her parcel via him, asks address. Suchi shows address and goes to get parcel. Rishab takes her phone to check and does not find any clue.

Suchi takes Pihu to gift shop. Pihu gives her moral gyaan not to each much chocs or trouble mamma, she will leave her. Suchi makes parcel and gives it to Rishab. Pihu gets into Rishab’s car and yells that she has to spend a day with him. Rishab reaches home and seeing his clothes all over angrily throws parcel and calls his mom to clean his room. His sister Mona comes and he yells at her. She says today is her birthday. He shouts her birthday comes every year. Mona says he cannot talk to her like this. Vimla comes and takes Rishab’s side. Pihu silently looks at their drama.

Suchi gets Pihu’s scrap book and reminisces Pihu’s moral gyaan. Door closes. Suchi thinks it is Pihu and scolds. Gulgule hides and smirks. Sarita comes and scolds that she asked him to bring Suchi, but he locked her door. Suchi fumes and thinks Pihu is much better than him, she is so innocent and hopes all children are like her. Madhav reminisces Suchi hating children earlier and now changing her perception. Sarita enters and feeds her food and pampers. She says she is going away. Suchi says what if she dies. Sarita scolds her and says she will die before her. Suchi reminisces Pihu’s words that she will realize her pain if her mamma goes away. She emotionally hugs Sarita and pampers her. Sarita informs that house owner Anandita Bose had come.

Pihu waits for Rishab to wake up and hopes he will drop her to Singapore with parcel. Mona brings him bed tea and asks to wake up. He scolds to keep it and go. Mona yells it is his usual drama daily. Vimla comes and says she should serve until bahu comes and works. Pihu eagerly waits for Rishab to get up. Mona calls raddiwala and sells all papers and even parcel to him. Pihu excitedly goes with parcel thinking she is going to Singapore. She gets into raddiwala’s truck happily with parcel.

Can you see me 21 February 2022
Suchi’s mother Sarita asks her why she was checking Singapore flight schedules when she is going to Europe for honeymoon. She then tells they would have lost this house, house owner Mrs. Bose had come and Suman as usual brainlessly troubled her, so Mrs. Bose left. Suchi calls Rishab and asks if he sent parcel to Singapore. He says Mona sold it to raddiwala with old papers by mistake. She asks which one. Mona tells address. Suchi rushes to search Pihu.Raddiwala’s truck stops in market. Pihu sees laddoos and gets out of it. Truck leaves.

Pihu runs behind it crying. Suchi searches her in scooter and speeds ahead of her. Pihu’s mother also passes by same route in her car and stops seeing a child crying for her mom in the middle of road. Girl unites with her mother. Pihu does not see her mother and passes under her sari pallu seeing Suchi. Madhav comes there playing flute. Suchi stops her scooter. Pihu runs and hugs her and says uncle’s truck left her alone. Suchi says she can touch her. Pihu reminisces Madhav telling once their friendship strengthens, her friend can even see her. Suchi touches Pihu and emotionally says she is so small, does not have horn, long nails and teeth like bhooth, she is so sweet. Pihu pleads again to take her to her mamma. Suchi says her mamma is in Lucknow itself and they will find her.

Suchi goes to meet her friend who tells that Rishab had met her and asked if she really met Suchi. Suchi reminisces lying Rishab. She gives laddoos to Pihu silently. Friend says Suchi ate all ladoo, very bad. Suchi says she will meet her later and goes to meet Rishab. She says Rishab she had to lie him, that does not mean she is cheating on him. He says he does not trust. She says then it is better to end their relationship and returns engagement ring. Rishab holds her hand. Pihu shouts to leave bhurbhuri, if he hits her, she will hit him. Rishab apologizes her and returns engagement ring. Suchi leaves with Pihu.

Suchi and Pihu fall asleep. In the morning, Sheetal comes and wakes up Suchi, she pulls bedsheet and Pihu falls down and cries. Suchi wakes up and asks if she is hurt, sees Sheetal and asks if she slept long. Sheetal says Vimla tadika has come and wants her to do some family ritual after cold water bath. Pihu goes down. Vimla says this ritual will strengthen saas-bahu relationship, bahu has to walk holding saas’s footwear on her head. Suchi and family are shocked. Rishab thinks let us see the drama.Vimla tells Suchi’s family that she has to follow their family rituals by holding her saas’s slippers on her head.

Sankalp and Sheetal resist. Suchi says she will happily do this ritual as it will strengthen bond between saas and bahu. She asks Rishab also to perform ritual. Rishab nervously asks from when she is believing in superstitions. Suchi insists. Vimla says she can forgo ritual. Suchi smiles looking at family.Suchi takes Pihu to ice cream parlor and they enjoy ice cream. Pihu insists for one more ice cream and says she does not have to pay money. Suchi says camera is watching them, then realizes Anandita’s car must have passed in front of parlor. She requests parlor owner to show CCTV footage and agrees to pay money. Owner agrees and gives her car number.

They both reach home, and Pihu finds out car details online and says it is City Star hotel’s service car. She calls hotel and asks manager if Mrs. Anandita Bose has taken a room there. He checks and says yes. She asks to let her speak to her. He says Mrs. Bose gave strict instructions not to disturb her, but she can come to hotel and wait till she comes out.Pihu silently tries to leave home with Pihu when Sarita stops her and says it is already night now and she can go in the morning. Pihu insists to mee mamma, but Suchi drags her to room. Pihu throws pillows and says she does not want to take her to her mamma. Pihu says it is mamma’s order not to go out at night, what she can do. Pihu says she hates children. Suchi says children, not bhooth. She then pinky promises Pihu that she will take her in the morning.

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In the morning, Pihu waits Suchi to wake up. Gulgule comes and tries to wake up Suchi. Pihu shouts in Suchi’s ears. Suchi thinks it is Gulgule and hits him with pillow. Sarita and Suman come and stop their fight. Sarita asks Pihu to get ready for pooja. Suchi says she to go to office. Pihu reminds her promise. Suchi insists, but Sarita gets emotional and says she is going away forever in 5 days. Pihu says mamma should not go, so bhurbhuri can finish pooja and take her later. After sometime, Suchi gets ready to take Pihu to hotel. Pihu excitedly tells Madhav that she is going to meet her mamma. In scooter, Pihu tells Suchi that she will inform mamma about her and will sleep between mamma and pappa holding their hands.

Suchi asks her to keep quiet, she lost way. She calls hotel and asks manager if Anandita is there. Manager says she checked out 1 hour ago. Suchi asks to tell where she went. Manager asks how can he. Pihu hears that and runs on road asking if someone saw her mamma and pappa. Suchi finds her somehow, consoles her and takes her to a park.Anandita goes to her friend and informs she did not go to Singapore, asks if she can stay here for some days. Friend agrees. Subodh calls her and says she did wrong by not coming to Singapore and he will send her another ticket. She says she cannot as she feels Pihu everywhere, but cannot see her. Subhodh asks if it is her final decision. She says yes and disconnects call.

Pihu sitting in garden with Suchi asks her why can’t mamma feel her when Suchi can feel her. Suchi says she has pappa’s number, so can call him. She calls Subodh’s number, but it is not reachable. Pihu gets sad. Drama continues.

Can You See Me April Teasers 2022

Friday 1 April 2022

Episode 42

Suchi Misses Vital Evidence Against Mansi. Later, Suchi And Aarav’s Romance!

Saturday 2 April 2022

Episode 43

Mansi Harms Suchi!. Pihu Tries Her Best To Save Suchi.

Sunday 3 April 2022

Episode 44

Suchi Informs Mansi’s Truth To Aarav. Suchi’s Plan To Expose Mansi’s Truth Fails.

Monday 4 April 2022

Episode 45

Later, Pihu Teaches Mansi A Good Lesson. Mansi creates an Evil Plan To Separate Anandita And Subodh.

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Episode 46

Anandita Decides To Leave Subodh. Aarav Does Not Trust Suchi.  Later, Aarav Searches for Dr. Shukla.

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Episode 47

Pihu Beats Goons. Suchi Saves Pihu.

Thursday 7 April 2022

Episode 48

Mansi Kidnaps Suchi.

Friday 8 April 2022

Episode 49

Pihu Converses With Aarav Via Gopal’s Magical Feather. Later, Pihu Saves Suchi.

Saturday 9 April 2022

Episode 50

Suchi And Aarav’s Wedding takes place. Mansi Kills Subodh.

Sunday 10 April 2022

Episode 51

Pihu To Get Eternity and super powers. Anandita Loses her Mental Stability.

Monday 11 April 2022

Episode 52

Pihu Becomes Anandita’s Mother. New Entries In Pihu’s Life.

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Episode 53

A Suspicious Man Saves Anandita.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

Episode 54

Pihu Finds Out Bobby’s Truth. Rohini Tries To Harm Anandita.

Thursday 14 April 2022

Episode 55

Pihu Get A New Body. Pihu To Expose Bobby’s Truth.

Friday 15 April 2022

Episode 56

Bobby And Rohini’s Lies Continue. Rohini Tries To Kill Anandita. Bobby’s Parents And Vikram Save Anandita.

Saturday 16 April 2022

Episode 57

Bobby’s Plan To Defame Barbie.

Sunday 17 April 2022

Episode 58

Bobby And Rohini’s Plan To Kidnap Barbie.

Monday 18 April 2022

Episode 59

Pihu Saves Barbie. Anandita And Pihu Rescue Barbie.

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Episode 60

Anandita Is Arrested. Barbie Comes To Know Of Bobby’s Truth.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Episode 61

Bobby Confesses His Crime. Barbie Hears Bobby And Mohini’s Plan.

Thursday 21 April 2022

Episode 62

Barbie Can See Pihu. Pihu Gets Mohini Caught Redhanded.

Friday 22 April 2022

Episode 63

Barbie Gets Mohini Arrested. Anandita Is Kicked Out Of Her Own House.

Saturday 23 April 2022

Episode 64

Anandita Realizes Her Husband And Daughter Are Dead. Vikram Can See Pihu.

Sunday 24 April 2022

Episode 65

Vikram’s Plan To Get Back Anandita’s House. Gopal Joins Pihu As Her Friend Mohan.

Monday 25 April 2022

Episode 66

Anandita Gets Back Her House. Pihu’s Doppelganger Shona Enters the House.

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Episode 67

Shona Replaces Pihu; Mohini Kidnaps Pihu. Anandita Is Shocked Seeing Changed Pihu/Shona

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Episode 68

Gopal Helps Pihu Again. Pihu Becomes Bhootu Again.

Thursday 28 April 2022

Episode 69

Shona Punishes Bobby And Mohini while Shona’s Misbehaves.

Friday 29 April 2022

Episode 70

Shona Can See Pihu. Pihu’s Birthday Party.

Saturday 30 April 2022

Episode 71

Mohini’s Evil Plans Continue. Shona Loses Eyesight.

Can You See Me May Teasers 2022

Sunday 1  May  2022

Episode 72

Arrogant Shona’s Evil Plans. Shona Pushes Anandita From Balcony.

Monday 2  May 2022

Episode 73

Vikram’s Mother’s Entry To Trouble Anandita. Vikram Expresses His Desire To Marry Anandita.

Tuesday 3  May 2022

Episode 74

Shona Blasts Cylinder By Mistake. Daadi’s Evil Deeds.

Wednesday 4  May  2022

Episode 75

Daadi Forces Anandita To Walk On Burning Coal.

Thursday 5  May  2022

Episode 76

Tantrik To Capture Pihu’s Soul.

Friday 6  May  2022

Episode 77

Pihu Sees Her Past. Daadi And Mohini’s Evilness Increases Each Day.

Saturday 7  May 2022

Episode 78

Tantrik To Use Shona To Capture Pihu. Tantrik Does Black Magic On Shona.

Sunday 8  May  2022

Episode 79

Pihu Reaches Holy Shrine To Save Shona. Tantrik Sends Evil Soul Into Anandita’s Body.

Monday 9  May 2022

Episode 80

Evil Soul Troubles Anandita. Anandita Is Sent To Mental Assylum. Pihu Celebrates Mother’s Day With Anandita.

Tuesday 10  May 2022

Episode 81

Daadi Decides To Kill Anandita In Summer Camp.

Wednesday 11  May  2022

Episode 82

Vikram is Determined To Marry Anandita. Daadi And Mohini’s Evil Plans.

Thursday 12  May  2022

Episode 83


Friday 13  May  2022

Episode 84


Saturday 14  May 2022

Episode 85

Mohini Uses Shona To Stop Anandita And Vikram’s Wedding. Anandita Denies Marrying Vikram.

Sunday 15  May  2022

Episode 86

Anandita And Vikram’s Wedding Completes. Daadi’s Evil Plans Continue.

Monday 16  May 2022

Episode 87

Pihu Searches Shona’s Parents. Subodh’s Voice Haunts Anandita.

Tuesday 17  May 2022

Episode 88

Anandita Loses Her Memory. Pihu Finds Shona’s Mother’s Clue.

Wednesday 18  May  2022

Episode 89

Anandita Gets Vikram Arrested In Molestation Charges. Pihu Reaches Avanti’s House.

Thursday 19  May  2022

Episode 90

Anandita Alleges Vikram Again. Anandita Gets Vikram And Mohini Engaged.

Friday 20  May  2022

Episode 91

Avni Apologizes Shona And Invites Her Home. Daadi And Mohini Mislead Anandita And Make Her Believe Vikram Killed Subodh.

Saturday 21  May 2022

Episode 92

Daadi Lies to Anandita That Vikram Killed Anandita As He Likes Her. Daadi Tricks And Gets Anandita’s Signatures On Divorce Papers.

Sunday 22  May  2022

Season Finale!

Shona Finds Out Why Avanti Abandoned Her. Daadi Tricks Anandita To Suicide; Vikram Trusts Daadi. Pihu Reaches Her Destiny.

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