Can you see me update Wednesday 4th May 2022

Can you see me 4 may 2022: Can you see me update Wednesday 4 may 2022 zee world, Daadi informs Vikram that she has fixed his and Mohini’s alliance. Vikram says he does not agree. Daadi shouts she is still elder of this house and her decisions is final. She then yells at Anandita that she is not happy hearing that and alleges that she killed Subodh and asks if she shot him or hired someone. Vikram pleads her to stop, else Anandita’s condition will worsen. Daadi continues alleging Anandita. Anandita gets panic attack and breaks things shouting she did not do anything. Pihu gets worried. Vikram asks Daadi why she is purposefully provoking Anandita. Daadi shouts she will not accept Anandita as her bahu. Mohini and Bobby smirk at each other. Pihu goes and pleads Shona to come down as she mamma got panic attack and will calm down seeing her. Arrogant Shona enjoying chips and playing videogame shouts that her mother is insane and yells to get out. Pihu goes down helplessly.

Anandita continues panicking while Sooraj tries to hold her. Mohini signals Daadi. Daadi purposefully goes near Anandita who slits her hand with knife. Daadi starts drama that Anandita wants to kill her. Vikram rushes and gives injection. Anandita collapses. Vikram asks Daadi why did she provoke Anandita, she is mentally unstable. Daadi shouts to send her to mental hospital then. Vikram says he cannot leave Anandita and if she can leave this house. Daadi continues her drama.

Mohini goes aside and calls mental hospital to come and pick up Anandita. She looks at her recorded video and thinks Anandita will be kicked out of her own house, then she will marry Vikram and rule over this house. She goes to Daadi and brainwashes her that Anandita has done black magic on Vikram. Daadi says she doubted it from before and cries how can she save her son Vikram. Mohini says she knows a black magician tantrik who can help them.

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Sona sees all the incidents on magical water and thanks it. She hears tantrik searching her and runs, but slips. Gopal holds her and says from hereon, he cannot help her.

Vikram presses Daadi’s legs and asks why is she getting trapped in tantrik’s trap. Daadi says she is ill because of chudail Anandita. Vikram warns to stop alleging Anandita and leaves. Mohini enters. Daadi thanks her for help and says soon Anandita will be out and Mohini will be in Vikram’s life.

Pihu asks Gopal why can’t he help her. He says he is go and can guide her, but cannot help always. She asks from when he became god, he is her friend and should help her. Gopal smiles. He goes to Tantrik and warns him to spare child as she is very innocent soul. Tantrik asks why is he interfering and let child fight alone. Gopal says he will not if tantrik does not trick. Tantrik agrees. Gopal warns there is no difference between him and his innocent disciples and if tantrik tries to harm innocent soul, he will repent.

Pihu enters Anandita’s room. Anandita says why did you return, go away. Pihu thinks she is talking to her, but sees Vikram entering. Anandita says she does not want to marry him. He insists. She disposes his request. Their argument continue.

Tantrik fumes imagining Pihu taunting him that she got out of his grip, and he could not do anything. Daadi enters calling him and yelling what kind of haunting place is this. Tantrik returns to his place. Daadi calls Mohini and then Shona/Pihu. Tantrik is shocked to see Shona and realizes she is Pihu’s twin. He thinks he can enter that house via Shona. Shona misbehaves with him. Daadi apologizes and says she is a kid. Baba says her mistakes are forgiven and silenltly trying to hug her cuts her hair silently to do black magic on them.

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Anandita searches Pihu. Neelam informs that she went with Daadi and Mohini. Anandita says she wants to go to temple with Pihu and is feeling weak. Vikram enters and says she should not go if she is weak. She insists. He says he will drop her to temple and insists. She agrees goes to change. Neelam clicks their pics together to enjoy Daadi and Mohini’s drama.

Daadi returns with Mohini and Shona. Neelam says she should not tolerate Vikram and Anandita’s romance, now Anandita has convinced Vikram to take her out shopping. Mohini fumes and plans to trouble Anandita. She spreads rats in store room and asks Shona to send Anandita to store room. Anandita tells Vikram that she is ready. Shona loudly says she is back, let us play hide and seek. Anandita walks out searching her and asks Mohini if she saw Pihu. Mohini says she went to store room. Anandita gets into store room and Mohini locks it from outside. Rats bite her and shee shouts for help, which no one listen.

Vikram comes out searching Anandita. Mohini says she went to temple holding thali and asks why he is so fond of her when she ignores him. He says he is male family member and is doing his duty of protecting family ladies. Mohini says he should take care of even her and she is going to grocery shopping, but is tired. Vikram agrees to take her for shopping. Mohini rejoices…

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