Can you see me update Wednesday 4th May 2022

Can you see me 4 may 2022: Can you see me update Wednesday 4th may 2022 zee world, Pihu enters Anandita’s room. Anandita says why did you return, go away. Pihu thinks she is talking to her, but sees Vikram entering. Anandita says she does not want to marry him. He insists. She disposes his request. Their argument continue.

Tantrik fumes imagining Pihu taunting him that she got out of his grip, and he could not do anything. Daadi enters calling him and yelling what kind of haunting place is this. Tantrik returns to his place. Daadi calls Mohini and then Shona/Pihu. Tantrik is shocked to see Shona and realizes she is Pihu’s twin. He thinks he can enter that house via Shona. Shona misbehaves with him. Daadi apologizes and says she is a kid. Baba says her mistakes are forgiven and silenltly trying to hug her cuts her hair silently to do black magic on them.

Anandita searches Pihu. Neelam informs that she went with Daadi and Mohini. Anandita says she wants to go to temple with Pihu and is feeling weak. Vikram enters and says she should not go if she is weak. She insists. He says he will drop her to temple and insists. She agrees goes to change. Neelam clicks their pics together to enjoy Daadi and Mohini’s drama.

Daadi returns with Mohini and Shona. Neelam says she should not tolerate Vikram and Anandita’s romance, now Anandita has convinced Vikram to take her out shopping. Mohini fumes and plans to trouble Anandita. She spreads rats in store room and asks Shona to send Anandita to store room. Anandita tells Vikram that she is ready. Shona loudly says she is back, let us play hide and seek. Anandita walks out searching her and asks Mohini if she saw Pihu. Mohini says she went to store room. Anandita gets into store room and Mohini locks it from outside. Rats bite her and shee shouts for help, which no one listen.

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Vikram comes out searching Anandita. Mohini says she went to temple holding thali and asks why he is so fond of her when she ignores him. He says he is male family member and is doing his duty of protecting family ladies. Mohini says he should take care of even her and she is going to grocery shopping, but is tired. Vikram agrees to take her for shopping. Mohini rejoices…

Pihu searches Anandita and hears her shout in store room. She uses magic and opens door. She sees rats biting Anandita and takes her out. Anandita walks out and hears Neelam praising Mohini that she easily fooled Anandita and is going out with Vikram. Mohini calls Vikram. Vikram comes down and says he will drop her to market and go on his work. Anandita walks in. Vikram asks where were she, what happened to her. She says someone locked her in store room among rats. Vikram looks at Mohini angrily. Mohini alleges Shona/Pihu that she was playing hide and seek and must have locked Anandita in store room. Vikram asks Anandita to get ready for temple. Anandita says she wants to go with Pihu and walks in.

Pihu fumes that Shona troubled her mother, she wil teach her a lesson. She then hears Mohini scolding Neelima for spoiling her plan. Neelima says she informed her instead about Anandita and Vikram’s outing, else they would have been romancing somewhere in a garden, only after that Mohini locked Anandita in store room. Pihu fumes and with her magic punishes Mohini.

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Pihu goes to confront Shona. Shona yells how did she escape from tantrik, she thought she is finished by now. Pihu says she can escape from any tantrik. Shona challenges her. Anadita goes to Shona next and offers her milk.

Shona dances on loud music. Anandita switches off player and asks her what happened to her. Shona shouts she cannot hear. Anandita speaks loudly. Vikram passes by and warns her not to misbehave with child. Shona acts that Anandita misbehaves with her daily. Vikram warns Anandita not from here. Shona arrogantly misbehaves with Sooraj, but Vikram does not scold her.

Ananndita takes milk for Shona. Shona arrogantly shouts she does not want to. Tantrik does black magic on her with her hair. She turns evil, throws milk on her and throws things. She runs behind Shona and slaps her. Daaadi slaps Anandita and yells at her. Vikram consoles Anandita.

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