Can you see me update Sunday 17th April 2022

Can you see me update 17 April 2022 zee world: Pihhu sees Barbie and Bobby going out and tries to wake up Anandita, but she is sound asleep. Barbie walks out of house with Bobby and seeing a car asks if he brought it. He says he does not know. Mohini’s goons get out of car and hit Bobby’s head from behind. Bobby collapses. They throw away Barbie’s clothes and jewelry box, kidnap her and speed away in car. Vikram reaches and runs behind car. Whole family wakes up hearing Barbie’s plea and run out. They find Bobby on ground, Rohini shows her fake concern. Vikram returns and says goons kidnapped Barbie, he ran behind their car, but could not stop it. ACP worriedly runs. Vikram stops him and says he will call police, let us go home. Mohini continues acting. Bobby wakes up.

ACP asks who took Barbie, where did they go. Mohini yells how will he know, he was trying to protect Barbie instead and starts badmouthing about Barbie that she broke alliance after seeing Barbie’s affair with man, but Barbie told Bobby they should elope with her father’s jewelry box and money, good I saw box and saved it. ACP warns not to badmouth about his daughter. Mohini continues that his brother blindly fell in obese Barbie’s love and spoilt his life. Vikram asks him to shop, he has called police. Mohini’s kidnapper calls ACP and demands jewelry box and 25 lakhs money to free Barbie. ACP asks how does he know about jewelry box and 25 lakhs saved for Barbie’s marriage. Kidnapper disconnects call saying he will call back and inform location to bring money and box. He then alleges Rohini and Bobby that only they knew about it. Rohini continues yelling.

Vikram speaks to his contacts and informs that he asked his friends to track Goon’s number. Mohini gets tensed and insists ACP to pay goons. Bobby stops her. Mohini says Barbie is ACP’s only daughter and he should value her life. Neelam’s drama starts who will give 25 lakhs for an obese girl. ACP warns her to shut up. Bhagmati says Neelam is right.

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Pihu uses her magic and runs behind car, she makes goon drive car reversely. Other goons yell him that he is acting as if booth is controlling. Barbie realizes Pihu has arrived. Pihu gets into car and asks Barbie not to worry, she has come. Barbie asks if she will kill her after rescuing her. Pihu says she is a good bhooth and will not harm her, she will save her instead and asks if she will befriend her. Barbie nervously agrees. Pihu opens car door and asks Barbie to run. Barbie runs and goons follow her. Pihu beats goons. Goons catch Barbie again and escape in car.

Anandita walks in searching Pihu and asks everyone if they saw her daughter Pihu. Neelima yells mad woman came to trouble them now. Anandita asks Mike if he saw her daughter, she is of his age. Bhagmati yells she does black magic, stay away from her son and pushes Anandita. Vikram holds Anandita and their eyes lock. Mohini gets jealous. Police comes later. Vikram explains whole story. Inspector says they will track goon’s number. Mohini gets more tensed..

Anandita confronts Rohini. Rohini acts as worried for Barbie and runs to her room acting as crying. Neelam yells that Rohini is shivering, Anandita is mad, but Bobby should at least go and console his sister. Pihu fumes that Neelima is mad.

Barbie tied to a chair by goons cries and calls Pihu for help. Pihu wakes up worried for Pihu and thinks how to save her. Anandita asks her to get back to sleep, she is a kid. Pihu thinks she will save Barbie as kid and asks if she can skip school. Anandita says she did not say that. Pihu calls Gopal for help. Gopal’s peacock feather falls. Pihu gets happy seeing it.

Bobby acts good and asks ACP to have something as he did not have anyting and did not even sleep since Barbie was kidnapped. ACP hopes his daughter is safe. Rohini loudly tells Bobby that she is unwell and is going to doc. Neelama enacts her. Pihu notices their acting. Pihu then gets ready for school and happily says she is going to save Barbie didi. She sees Rohini and thinks there is no hospital here, then where she is going. She walks behind Rohini and reaches godown where Barbie is hostaged. Rohini orders her goons to do as she says, ACP Hukumchand is very intelligent and . Pihu calls Barbie, but Barbie cannot hear her. Gopal’s feather throws color on Pihu. Pihu asks what is he doing. He says he is playing small holi and reminds her about Prahlad’s story. Goon throws water on Barbie and says if her father does not give jewelry box and 25 lakhs, he will kill her. Barbie pleads not to snatch her father’s lifetime earning. Gopal suggests Pihu to be careful and alert.

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Pihu returns home behind Rohini. ACP says he is ready to spare his whole life’s earning, but wants his daughter back. Bobby tells Rohini that old man is ready to give everything to them now. Gopal suggests Pihu to be alert and follow Bobby. Bobby goes aside and keeping cloth on his mobile talks to ACP in changed voice and asks him to be ready with money and jewelry box, else lose his daughter. ACP agrees. Bobby warns him not to inform police. ACP agrees. Pihu shows Bobby’s drama to Anandita.

Bobby in kindapper’s voice speaks to ACP and asks to send 25 lakhs and jewelry via a woman and don’t dare to inform police. Pihu shows this to Anandita and tells Bobby and Mohini are thieves and they have hidden Barbie in a godown. Anandita says let us inform everyone. Gopal warns Pihu that nobody will listen to Anandita. Pihu warns him not to call her mamma as mad, else she will beat him. Anandita asks whom she was speaking to. Payal says no one and asks her not to tell them directly. ACP agrees to pay 25 lakhs and jewelry and get back Barbie. Bobby tells Mohini that old man agreed to pay them finally. Anandita comes ands says she will go with money bag to get back Barbie. Bobby yells not to trust mad woman and let Mohini go. Neelam also backs Bobby. Anandita says she is also a mother and knows ACP’s pain, she will bring back Barbie safely, he can trust her. Vikram says it is dangerous and she should not. Anandita says she does not mind. ACP says he trusts Anandita and gives her jewelry money and jewelry bag.

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Anandita leaves with Pihu and Vikram. Vikram drives car and says why she is taking risk, anyone would have gone. Anandita asks why he cares for her so much, she sometimes feels she knows him. He stops car, holds her hand and asks her to be careful. She walks out with bag. Mohini tells Bobby that she does not trust Anandita, so she ordered her goons to kill Anandita after getting bag. Anandita walks in to godown with money bag. Goon takes it, frees Barbie and throws Anandita on other side. Pihu gets out Barbie. Barbie asks if she saved her. Pihu says mamma saved her and asks where is mamma. She rushes in and sees goon trying to kill Anandita. She beats goons and rescues Anandita.

Goon informs Mohini that Anandita escaped. Mohini asks if bag is safe, to keep it with him until she comes and takes it. ACP comes and asks what happened. She gets tensed, but says their Barbie is back. ACP happily rushes down and sees Barbie and Anandita. He thanks Anandita for bringing back Barbie safely. Mohini tells Bobby that they will escape with money and jewelry soon. Pihu plays prank with them and throws color on them.

Barbie’s mom pampers her and feeds her food, then ties tantrik’s taweez. Pihu tells Barbie that Bobby andMohini are thieves and are behind her kidnap, etc., how she exchanged money bag with another bag with stones, etc., but Barbie cannot hear now. Mohini calls them down for holi celebrations. ACP drinks bhang and dances on Amitabh Bachan’s Holi song.. Whole family dances with him. Bobby/Barbie and Sooraj/Neelam’s romantic moments start. Pihu continues playing prank on Mohini and Bobby.

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