Can you see me update Monday 9 May 2022

Can you see me update Monday 9th May 2022,  On Can you see me 9 May 2022: Mohini’s puppets kidnap Shona in a bag and hide her in a room. Kidnapper lady calls Mohini and asks to come and take Shona across border and sell her. Pihu realizes Shona must be inside room and walks via door into door. She sees Shona in a bag and tries to wake her up, but Shona does not. Pihu then prays Gopal for help. Gopal plays flute and does his magic/leela. Shona wakes up. Gopal disappears. Pihu says she told her not to eat Mohini’s given ice cream as she wants to kidnap her. Shona fumes and says she will teach Mohini a lesson. She sees door closed and gets tensed. Pihu says she is bhootu and can do anything. She goes out and steals key from kidnapper lady and silently opens door. Shona walks out with Pihu and kisses her happily. Pihu is surprised. Shona yells not to be happy, she is just thanking for saving her, but still hates her.

Host announces next dance performance. Pooja and Naren from other serial dance on Koyi Ladka Hai Jab Wo Gaata dances with them. Kidnappers notice her and try to kidnap her again. Pihu tries her best to save Shona again.

Daadi with her evil friends plan to kill Anandita and get her rid of Vikram’s life. One friend says she has arranged big doll in which they will hide Anandita and blast it. Daadi says Anandita will be finished. Vikram hears her and asks what is happening. They all get nervous. He says he did not listen anything, they can relax.
He asks why is this big doll for. They say it is a ritual. Evil friend says to end goodness via evil. Vikram says it is other way. They all smirk. Daadi says tonight Anandita will be finished.

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Kindappers kidnap Shona and take her in a car. Pihu notices it and calls Vikram, but he does not hear. She throws stone on him. He turns and seeing kidnappers carrying Shona runs behind them. Pihu hopes he saves Shona.

Mohini and Bobby with their team kidnap Shona and speed in car. Pihu throws stone on Vikram and signals her. Vikram sees kidnappers kidnapping Shona/Pihu and speeds car behind them. He catches goons and trashes them brutally. Mohini and Bobby get tensed and hide. Shona also helps Vikram. Vikram rescues Shona/Pihu. Shona then thanks Pihu for helping her and promises to be a good girl from here.

Daadi with her friends kidnap Anandita by hitting her head from behind. They then hide her in a big doll and laugh that they will burn it and kill Anandita with it.

Host announces other serial’s artist’s dance performance. Artists dance on Shivay movie’s title song gracefully. Daadi and her puppet friends hide Anandita in a doll and burn it. They all laugh thinking Anandita will be burnt alive with doll. Pihu notices that and prays Gopal to save her mamma. Gopal showers rain and sets off fire.

Pihu then signals vikram that Anandita is hidden in doll. He rushes and gets her out. He shakes her and expresses his love for her, apologizes for scolding her. She wakes up. He says he will marry her as Pihu needs them both. Daadi fumes hearing that and scolds Vikram. Vikram says he will marry Anandita at any cost and will not listen to anyone. He leaves lifting Anandita.

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Host announces that summer camp ended with a positive note with hero getting herione. Mohini comes out of her hideout and yells. Daadi’s friends suggest her to play last game which all MILs do, change bride during wedding, she can change Anandita with Mohini. Daadi likes her idea. Pihu thinks she will help mamma and chachu’s wedding.

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