Can you see me update Monday 18th April 2022

Can you see me update 18 April 2022 zee world: Holi celebrations continue with whole family dancing and applying holi to each other. Mohini tries to apply holi on Vikram, but he stops her and leaves. He goes and applies holi to Anandita. Mohini signals Bobby to come out. They both walk out holding money bag. Pihu plays prank on them and throws color on them. They both open bag and find papers instead of money. They return to godown and scold their goons. Goons return to holi celebrations venue and shoot Barbie. Barbie collapses. Vikram runs and trashes goons. Family rushes towards Barbie. Barbie gets up and says she is fine, it was just holi water.

ACP Hukumchand asks Vikram to find out why goons attacked Barbie even after giving money. Bobby as kidnapper calls ACP and warns why did he send papers instead of money. ACP says he did not and asks who did it. Pihu says she did it and asks Barbie to speak. Barbie does not hear her due to tantrik’s taweez. Anandita comes and says she wants to say something. Mohini slaps Anandita and shouts she is behind Barbie’s kidnap and did it for money. Anandita says she is innocent. Pihu shouts at Mohini why did she slap her mamma. Dumb ACP believes Mohini and says he has to check Anandita’s room. They all check Anandita’s room and find money bag. Pihu says her daughter has kept it, she does not even about it. Mohini continues yelling at Anandita. ACP says Anandita is an insult on motherhood, he trusted her blindly. Bobby calls police and asks them to arrest Anandita. Even Vikram does not utter anything. Anandita pleads that she is innocent and wants to stay with her daughter. Police drag her away. Mohini yells to stop her mad drama. Barbie thinks if Anandita can see Pihu, why can’t she hear her.

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Pihu runs to her room and holding Gopal’s idol asks what is he doing, her innocent mother is arrested by police. Gopal asks her to extend her hand and gives her bhang tablets and asks her to go and drop them in thandai/cool drinks. In kitchen, Neelam’s jokergiri continues and Sooraj says he cannot believe memsaheb can do this. Pihu silently drops bhang tablets into thandai.

Pihu mixes Gopal’s given bhang tablets in thandai/milk. Neelam serves it to everyone. Everyone start acting weirdly. Pihu thinks these tablets are really good. Anandita takes Pihu to her room and locks door. Barbie asks Neelima what she mixed in milk and smells bhang. She knocks Anandita’s door and shouts she will get her arrested at any cost, she is so bad, everyone was doubting Bobby wrongly. Pihu opens door and walks out. Anandita dances on Dil Chori Sadda Hogaya…song… Vikram walks in and looks at her dance. She falls on him.

Pihu walks out and sees Mohini trying to steal ACP’s wallet. Pihu gives her wallet via magic. Mohini says she was eyeing on this wallet since long. Inspector asks if she is stealing. Mohini says she is a thief and is the one who kidnapped Barbie for money. Bobby asks why she is confessing her crime. Mohini slaps him and says one should not lie and he should also accept his crime. Pihu gets happy and thinks Gopal was right, evil ends on holi day. Gopal emerges playing flute/bansuri. Pihu happily hugs him.

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Barbie sees ACP and Bobby chatting and gets happy. Bobby accepts that he does not want to marry Barbie and he is a conman who fools girls and loots their money. He will marry beautiful girl like Aishwarya Rai and will not even befriend obese girl like Barbie. He has already conned 7 girls. Barbie shatters and runs to her room crying. Pihu asks her not to cry, Bobby is a thief. Barbie ties her dupatta to ceiling fan. Pihu asks if she will sing on it. Barbie ties dupatta around her neck and hangs. Pihu gets worried. Fan falls down. Pihu asks her to go and swing outside, who swings on fan. Barbie cries that even fan cannot withhold her weight, why god made her like this, everyone hates her and makes fun of her. Pihu thinks how to speak to her. Anandita asks what is she doing. Pihu says Barbie was swinging on fan. Anandita says they have 3 swingers at home. Barbie continues venting out her anger. Anandita asks if she was trying to suicide. Barbie says Bobby betrayed her and was just playing with her feelings.

Barbie confesses to Anandita that she was trying to suicide. Anandita scolds why did she take such a big step, did not she think even once about her parents and brother. Barbie says how can she forget Bobby’s betrayal. Anandita says for that she cannot punish her parents, for parents biggest punishment is to see child’s dead face. Barbie calms down. Pihu listens to their conversation and asks if she can come in. Anandita says yes. Pihu walks in. Anandita asks if she has met her daughter. Barbie says yes, she met Bhootu. Pihu thinks mamma does not know that she has become bhootu/ghost and drops night lamp to divert their attention. Anandita walks out. Pihu pleads Barbie not to tell mamma that she is a bhootu. Anandita brings juice for Barbie.

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Inebriated Bobby confesses in front of inebriated ACP that he and Mohini are big thieves are the one who had kidnapped Barbie for ACP’s family jewelry and money, Mohini can even kill Barbie for money. Mohini comes and gets tensed. ACP slaps Bobby. Mohini says Bobby is joking and takes him away while says lying is bad, they are ally big thieves.

Pihu searches Anandita and goes to bed thinking Anandita is sleeping. Anandita comes from outside and they see Vikram sleeping on bed instead. They try to wake him up, but he is sound asleep. Pihu says he is bad uncle.
Anandita says Vikram is a nice man and always helps him. She says let us go and sleep on sofa today. Pihu feels angry and handcuffs Vikram to bed.

Mohini gives lemon juice to Bobby to get him out of inebriation and scolds for telling truth to ACP. She says they should steal jewelry tonight and gives him hypnotic spray to spray on all family members, especially Anandita. Bobby sprays everyone and silently steals jewelry with Mohini and they try to run. Vikram wakes up hearing sound and shouts to free him, he sees necklace on floor and shouts thief.. Mohini and Bobby get alert. Bobby says let us spray some spray on ourselves and act. Mohini says no. Pihu wakes up hearing sound…


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