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Can You See Me March Teasers 2022 Zee world

Can You See Me March Teasers 2022: Suchi Gives Her Resignation Letter To Aarav. Suchi Gives Her Resignation Letter To Aarav. Aarav And Suchi Save Anandita. Aarav Reveals Anandita’s Pihu Is Her Pihu. Read Full Can You See Me March Teasers 2022 Below:

Can You See Me March Teasers 2022 Zee world

Can You See Me March Teasers 2022 Zee world

Zee world Can You See Me March Teasers 2022

1 March, 2022 Tuesday

Episode 11

Not available.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Episode 12

Pihu Finds Her Mother. Pihu Rescues Anandita.

3 March, 2022 Thursday

Episode 13

Suchi Pampers Pihu. Suchi celebrates Pihu’s birthday. Pihu Does Not Identify Anandita Under Mask.

Friday , March 4, 2022

Episode 14

Anandita Chooses To Meet the Suchi’s Pihu. Pihu Discovers Her Mother’s Photo.

5 March, Saturday, 2022

Episode 15

Arav The Arav Fires Suchi from the job. Suchi Discovers Anandita is Pihu’s mother.

6 March, Sunday, 2022

Episode 16

Suchi Bhootu Consoles. Arav Starts Liking Suchi.

7 March, Monday, 2022

Episode 17

Suchi Develops Feelings For Aarav.

8 March, 2022, Tuesday

Episode 18

Suchi gets Pihu’s Murder Case File. Pihu is furious with Suchi.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Episode 19

Pihu Discovers the Truth About How She was Murdered. Anandita Refuses Subodh with The Truth.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Episode 20

The romance looms between Suchi and Aarav. Anandita and Subodh Get Attacked.

Monday 11 March 2022

Episode 21

Suchi Places Advertisement On Search Anandita. Arav Plans To Propose Suchi.

Sunday 12 March 2022

Episode 22

Aarav proposes Suchi And she Accepts. Suchi Discovers Pihu’s Murder File in Aarav’s Cabin.

Saturday 13 March 2022

Episode 23

The Aarav’s Deep Connection With Pihu’s Murder. Anandita Leaks LPG To Get A Thruth From Aarav.

Thursday 14 March 2022

Episode 24

Aarav and Suchi Aarav And Suchi Anandita. Aarav Announces the identity of Anandita’s Pihu Is Her Pihu.

Wednesday 15 March 2022

Episode 25

Suchi Gives Her Resignation Letter To Aarav. Suchi Gives Her Resignation Letter To Aarav.

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Episode 26

It is not available.

Can you see me 7 March 2022: Anandita shifts to a new house. People drops files while carrying box and picks them. Anandita sees Pihu confidential written on a file and picks it. Arav informs Suchi that Anandita has resigned and looks like it is all preplanned. Suchi panics and says Anandita cannot quit, she is her bhootu’s mother. Arav stands confused. Suchi leaves. Pihu cries and asks Gopal why he is not letting her meet her mother. Anandita reads confidential file and is shocked to read that Pihu was murdered and it was not an accident. She shatters and cries who must have killed Pihu.

Can you see me 6 March 2022
She reminisces fire accident and Subodh alleging if she had been careful, Pihu would have been with her. Anandita lose smental stability and cries who killed her Pihu, Subodh must be knowing. She searches her mobile and asks people if they found her mobile, finds it and shouts who killed her daughter.Pihu reaches home and cries sitting in room. Suchi calls her and asks if she reached home safely. Pihu says yes and says meeting her mamma is not in her destiny, she got tired. Suchi says she will not let her get tired. She sheds tears emotionally. Arav comes and says he likes seeing her crying.

She says her mom tells whoever gets happy seeing others crying will become bear in next life. He wipes her tears and says he will not let her cry. She gets more emotional. His eyes also tear, he says his mom tells if u tear seeing someone’s tears, then you are emotionally connected to that person, they are connected as boss and employee. She says so mean. He says let us get back on project. She walks. He says she is cute. She leaves. He thinks why he is tearing. He later thinks Suchi does not know why he had hired Anandita and should not know about it.

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Gulgule enjoys crackers with his friends. Pihu panics seeing fire and sits in a corner. Guglule’s friend asks if he will give cracker after his finishes. Gulgule says he will not as mamma told not to, elders are always smart. Pihu thinks he is right, elders are always smart. She heads towards Rakhi’s house. Deboshish rings bell and drops a gift outside Rakhi’s house and leaves. Rakhi opens door and takes gift in and opens it and finds a doll in it. She realizes Deboshish kept and calls Anandita to inform her, but her phone is not reachable. A beer mug is seen on table. Pihu walks outside Rakhi’s house. |Rakhi gets out of house. Pihu gets very happy.

Rakhi walks towards auto. Pihu gets into auto and asks her to get in. Rakhi gets into another auto and leaves Pihu runs behind auto. Suchi reaches home and reaches Pihu. Sarla comes and says she will get her tea. Suchi calls detective and says she wants to find out details about Anandita. Detective disconnects call. Drama continues.Rakhi knocks Anandita’s house door and forcefully opens it. She sees Anandita on floor in a pool of blood and shakes her to wake up. Anandita speaks and says her Pihu was murdered. Pihu is seen searching Rakhi in market.

Doctor treats Anandita and says she got low BP and asks to be careful. Rakhi checks Pihu’s confidential file and asks who can kill Pihu. Anandita says Subodh did not tell that their daughter was murdered, why he is afraid of Arav. Rakhi asks why Deboshish kept that gift. Anandita looking at Pihu’s pic says she will find out who killed her daughter.Gulgule while burning crackers tells Sarita that Suchi has gone mad, she is calling Bhootu all around. Suchi reaches on time and ask what did he say. He says her friends saw her shouting Bhootu. Suchi handles situation. Gulgule walks in calling her mad. She thinks she reached on time and handled situation, else maa would have doubted her, now bhootu is missing and she cannot even call her.

She goes to her room and cries in front of Gopal’s idol that she could not find bhootu and cannot even call her, he snatched her chance of becoming mother and gave her a girl whom no one can see, continues pouring her heart out.Arav at his home thinks about Pihu. Mother hears him and asks who is she. He says no one. She asks what is that name and pulls his legs, asks him to drop her to Pammi aunty’s house as she wants to play cards whole night. She prays god to put a girl’s love in her son’s heart. Mother and son’s nok jhok continues.Pihu searches house wandering on streets and panics seeing crackers. Seeing someone lighting cracker pleads not to kill her again.

Gopal enters playing flute. Lamps and crackers set off. Pih sees him and runs and hugs him happily. She confronts him why he leaves her often, why don’t he explain people not to burn crackers. Gopal says he wants people to live together with love, but they don’t understand that. He then says she unknowingly united 2 hearts today.Suchi searches Pihu on roads. Goons start misbehaving with her. Gopal shows his leela and plays flute. Arav passes in his car and Pihu runs behind car. Suchi slaps goons and warns darfe not to touch her. They hold her hands. Arav reaches, gets out of car, and warns to leave her.

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Goons don’t. He punishes them. One of them holds knife on his neck and others hold him. Arav’s neck is scratched with knife. Suchi gets worried for Aarav. Pihu reaches there.

oons misbehave with Suchi and point knife at Aarav’s neck. Pihu reaches and bites goon who drops knife. Aarav beats goons. Goons get afraid seeing invisible person hitting them. Police come and chase away goons. Arav holds his neck injury. Suchi runs and hugs Aarav worriedly. They both look into each other’s eyes. Gopal does his leela and plays flute. Suchi touches Aarav’s neck. Gopal smiles. Aarav drives car with Suchi next to him while Pihu and Gopal sit behind. Aarav writhes in neck pain. Suchi applies Band-Aid on his injury. Pihu speaks to Gopal. Suchi asks what.

Can you see me 7 March 2022
Arav looks at her and says he lost his phone. Suchi gets concerned. Pihu asks why she is getting concerned for boss’ mobile. Gopal says she will not understand.Anandita reaches police station and insists inspector to reopen her daughter’s murder case. She forcefully checks file. Inspector orders constables to throw her out. Deboshish standing in police station signs gumnaam hai koi…song.Suchi with Pihu reaches police station to file Arav’s mobile’s missing complaint and thinks if she does not get mobile back, she will have to get new mobile for Aarav.

She walks in and speaks to inspector. Inspector says they have lots of work than finding lost mobile. He asks her address. She gives. He says if it is same house where 6-7-year-old bengali girl was murdered. Suchi says it was an accident. Inspector says it was a well planned murder and girl’s mother created havoc here yesterday. Suchi is shocked, asks if Anandita had come, requests to give Anandita’s address. Inspector shouts. Pihu waits out in scooter and smells a man taking sweets in a box. She runs behind, but man leaves. Suchi warns inspector she will find out via RTI if case was shut forcefully.

Pihu returns and says that uncle was carrying sweets, even her mamma was preparing sweets when her accident happened. Suchi walks out of police station and cries loudly.Deboshish sees children burning crackers outside his room and scolds them if he sees them again here, he will. Anandita walks in asking will he kill them. Deboshish stands tensed. Anandita holds his collar and warns how dare he is to touch this boy and slaps him. His specs falls. She asks if he killed her Pihu. He asks if she is mad, what rubbish she is talking. Anandita says police may have shut case, she will find out her Pihu’s murderer and if it is him, she will not spare him, he does not have much time.

Deboshish shivers in fear. Anandita reminisces Pihu’s murder, wishes happy diwali and leaves.Pihu cries hearing cracker sounds and calls Suchi to come and protect her. Suchi holding Gopal’s idol confronts him that her Pihu was murdered and he could not save her at all, she is asking Pihu’s mother each day, but he does nothing, who is he. Gopal comes and says why human thinks if he prays, his problems will be solved. Happiness, sadness, pain, life, death, etc are not in his hands. After every darkness, there will be light, Suchi should not lose hope and fight with herself. He blesses her and she falls asleep.

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Suchi meets commissioner and giving Aarav’s and says she wants to reopen a Bengali girl’s case whose name was Pihu Bose. Commissioner asks how is she related to Pihu. Suchi says she is her relative and Pihu was like her child. Anandita calls her just then and says she wants to talk about her daughter’s murder. Commissioner asks her to hold for a minute and tells Suchi since she got Arav’s reference, she can go to concerned police station and get Pihu’s file. Anandita hears that and thinks why Aarav is interested in this.

Pihu sees Sarla checking her purse and finding her money missing and shouts Gulgule stole it. Sarla thinks Guglule was around purse and calls him. He tries to escape, but she catches him and punishes. Gopal comes and smiling says mistake is always punished. Pihu say Gopal did a mistake of separating her from her mamma. Gopal says already proceedings have started of uniting her with her mother, soon her murderer will be punished.A detective calls Suchi and asks if she is searching Anandita, he can give her number but needs 25,000 rs.

Suchi says she will pay him later and gets number, calls Anandita. Pihu shouts mamma where did you go, I am missing you. Anandita does not listen anything and stands confused. Suchi speaks and asks where did she go without informing, she searched her everywhere. Anandita reminisces commissioner speaking about |Aarav and Pihu’s file, etc. Pihu speaks again. Suchi says Anandita she wants to tell her about.. Anandita disconnects call.Commissioner calls Aarav and informs that he had sent his assistant Suchi to get Pihu’s murder case, he can pick it from police station tomorrow.

Aarav thinks if Suchi’s Pihu is alive, then who this Pihu is. His mother hears him talking about Suchi and taunts him.Suchi dreams about a masked man entering her room and carrying Pihu. Suchi wakes up and ask who is he, leave her Pihu. Man says he is the one who took Pihu away from Anadita. Pihu shakes her and wakes her up. Family enters and Sarla asks who is Pihu, Bhootu.. Suchi says it is her dream. Sarla asks her to rest and leaves with family.Next morning, Suchi reaches office and asks her colleague about Anandita. Colleague says Anandita even closed her bank account and did not take her salary.

Pihu calls Suchi from school. Suchi asks whose phone it is. Pihu says she stole her teacher’s phone. Suchi scolds her to return phone and not misbehave. Aarav hears that and calls her to his cabin, asks who is other Pihu and why did she ask her murder file from commissioner. Suchi says they wants to tell when time permits and trust builds between them. Aarav says he will accompany her to police station to get file. They both reach police station. Inspector gets happy seeing him and greets. Suchi asks if he knows inspector. Aarav says he is commissioner’s friend, so inspector knows him. Inspector gets file.

Suchi sees pages missing and alleges inspector. Arav asks her to behave in police station and says he will speak to commissioner.

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