Can you see me 2nd April 2022 Written Update

Can you see me 2 April 2022 update: Aarav breaks open the locked store room door and goes in followed by everyone except for Manasi.They find only Suchi’s mobile there but not Suchi.Finding Aarav worried,BaI rushes to Manasi’s room and seeing her fast asleep, with a sheet fully coverging her ,breathes a sigh of relief.
Manasi is seen ordering her goons to hurry up .They put an unconscious Suchi in the back seat of a vehicle.Pihu frantically tries to stop them from taking away Suchi,completely forgetting that she can neither be seen nor heard.No one hears her and the van speeds away with Manasi sitting in the front. Finding a motorbike following them ,Pihu decides to ride pillion and follow Manasi.
Aarav calls the police ,the inspector suggests that Suchi might have gone out leaving her mobile and met with an accident. Aarav becomes emotional and says hat nothing will happen to Suchi. He requests the inspector to start searching for his beloved.
The van reaches a lonely forest area and stops there.An excited Manasi jumps out and orders her goons to take out Suchi and start digging a grave her. As the men follow her instructions,Pihu tries all means to revive Suchi but fails.Meanwhile One of her men gets a bright idea ,when told,Manasi agrees and complements him saying that she will pay him an extra Rs10000/.-Accordingly he takes out a poisonous snake and leaves it near Suchi so that even if anyone discovers her body later on,it would look like a death by snake bite.As the snake approaches Suchi,Pihu helplessly prays Gopal to help her save Suchi.

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When Gopal appears ,Pihu begs for some powers to tackle Manasi and her goons.Gopal agrees and reminds Pihu that it is time to fulfil her responsibility as a daughter and save her mother.

Pihu first scares away the snake with a stick.Seeing the snake slither away,Manasi becomes restless and orders her men to finish digging Suchi’s grave.As the men approaches an unconscious Suchi,Pihu in an attempt to stop them ,starts throwing stones at them .Some of them even feel unseen hands beating them. The terrified men run away leaving a furious Manasi alone with an unconscious Suchi.Refusing to get scared,Manasi sits beside Suchi and expresses her hatred for her.She reminisces how she had to go to jail because of her and had to tolerate the humiliating taunts that she is insane,all because of Suchi.Looking at Suchi,she promises herself that she will certainly take her revenge by killing Suchi first and then Anandita.As a shocked Pihu watches,she cries for her failed love but feels happy thinking that once Anandita is killed she can get back Subodh.She lifts Suchi and places her in the open the meantime ,the scared men comeback and Manasi orders them to start filling it with soil.Pihu finds a huge boulder nearby and pushes it towards Manasi. The boulder rolls down and Manasi falls into the ditch.As she gets up and regains her balance,Pihu hits her with a stick on her head.As her men take her away to attend to her injuries,Pihu finds some water left by the goons and sprinkles on Suchi’s face to revive her.

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When Suchi regains consciousness she asks where is Manasi.Pihu explains that Manasi is very dangerous and she is only pretending to be insane,she intends to kill her first and then Anandita.

Suchi tells Aarav that Mansi tried to kill her and reveals whole story, says Mansi is not mad and is just acting. Babli shouts she is wrongly alleging her daughter to take revenge, Mansi is sleeping in room. Suchi says she is not and cannot reach home so early. Babli warns to stay here silently or leave her home. Suchi says she will leave right now. Aarav stops and says Mansi will not go anywhere. Suchi says she is sure Mansi is not in her room. Babli challenges. Suchi takes them all to Mansi’s room. Babli sees pillows on blanket and thinking Mansi is sleeping asks Suchi if she will go herself or shall she pack her bags. Pihu removes blanket from pillows. Everyone are shocked. Suchi signals to leave blanket. Pihu does same. Suchi says now they realized she was telling truth. Aarav says Mansi plays hide and seek often. He and Babli search Mansi all around.

Mansi acting as mad returns home and calls Aarav. Aarav rushes down. Mansi tying fake bandage around her head says she went out behind ball and met with an accident. Her goons walk in and say she met with an accident and they took him to hospital. Pihu says these are same Mansi’s goons who tried to bury her alive. Suchi says these are Mansi’s goons who tried to kill her. Goons act. Mansi also acts. Babli slaps Suchi. Suchi angrily walks to her room. Aarav tries to walk behind her, but Mansi stops him and says it is hurting. Aarav pampers her and thinks he knows Suchi does not allege anyone wrongly, but he is also sure Mansi is mentally ill and cannot do any crime.

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Suchi cries leaning on her bed. Pihu consoles her and says she will not spare bad aunty Mansi. She walks to store room where Mansi is sitting on rocking chair. Mansi thinks Suchi’s luck is very good that she escapes always, she has to get rid her off Aarav’s life somehow. Pihu walks in and angrily swings rocking chair and throws things to frighten Mansi. Mansi gets afraid. Suchi walks in and challenges that she will expose her truth soon in front of Aarav. Mansi challenges that she cannot do anything and acting as mad again challenges that she will get rid of Suchi out of Aarav’s life before upcoming festival. Drama continues…

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