Can you see me 29 March 2022 Written Update

Can you see me Tuesday 29 March 2022: Anandita tells Suchi that she has shifted in opposite house and can come here often. Pihu gets happy and jumps saying she can see mamma anytime and eat her prepared laddoo. Next morning, Pihu wakes up Suchi and says let us go to meet mamma. Suchi does not wake up. Gopal gets her ladoos. Pihu gets very happy and say she likes mamma’s prepared ladoo.

Aarav works out in the morning shirtless and walks in front of Suchi. Suchi yells he is showing off his body. He taunts if she like his body and says he is wearing clothes. Suman walks in and asks what is happening. Aarav says Suchi called him to her room and asked to show his muscles, sometimes biceps, sometimes triceps, and sometimes abs. Suman shies. Pihu fumes. Suman says he is like Gulgule for her and can ask if he needs anything.Gopal takes Pihu to Anandita’s house. Pihu enjoys laddoos and hears Anandita thanking Subodh for buying house opposite to their old house, she can see Pihu’s room from here.

Pihu gets happy that her parents patched up. Gopal thinks if he tells the other side of story, Pihu will be very sad, things are not as rosy as they look.Gulgule tells Aarav that Suman asks if he wants to eat something and says his sister is very good, he loves her. Aarav fumes that he also loves his sister Mansi a lot, but she is in jail because of Suchi. Suchi walks into her room and sees hibiscus flowers on her bed. She starts coughing and says she is allergic to hibiscus flowers. Aarav walks in and says this is how he takes revenge from his enemies. Suchi collapses. Aarav gets worried, makes her sleep on living room sofa and calls doc.

Pihu returns home and seeing Suchi unconscious on sofa gets worried, asks Khadoos what happened to bhurbhuri. Doc treats Suchi. Pihu asks not to inject rudely to her bhurburi. Aarav feels sorry for Suchi and thinks he did wanted to just frighten her and not harm her. Babli enters and asks why is he so worried about Suchi, Mansi is in jail and suffering because of Suchi. She asks if he has to choose between Suchi and Mansi, whom he will choose. He says Mansi and leaves. Babli thinks he is telling it now, but will choose Suchi when time comes.

Pihu asks Gopal to give her powers to frighten Aarav. She wears lipstick and acts. Suman gets afraid seeing Gulgule wearing ghost mask behind Suchi. Pihu thinks she is afraid seeing her. Gopal thinks Pihu is so innocent. Pihu murmurs her plan to frighten Aarav.Pihu with Gopal drops ice cold water on Aarav and hide. Aarav thinks Suchi dropped water and shouts to come out. Suchi comes to balcony and asks what happened. Aarav asks why did she pour ice cold water on him and asks to come down and apologize. Suchi says why should she, sees Pihu hiding and praises her that she did tat for tat and asks not to do any mischief again. Pihu asks Gopal what is tit for tat.

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Babli wipes Aarav’s head while Aarav continues sneezing and asks why does he go near Suchi, she does not deserve his attention. She says she is planing new year party. Aarav says they cannot party when Mansi is in jail.Pihu goes to kitchen and sees Gulgule barbecuing corn cob on gas. She excitedly asks him to give her some. Suman calls Gulgule, and he leaves gas open and runs away. Aarav walks in to prepare coffee for him fuming that he caught cold because of Pihu. He searches lighter. Pihu pleads not to switch on lighter, reminiscing herself burning in fire accident. She runs to call Suchi. Suchi comes running asking Aarav not to light gas.

Aarav lights gas. Suchi pulls Aarav away just before fire accident and saves him. Babli rushes to Aarav concerned and asks if he is fine, she scolds Suchi that she is troubling Aarav always and now tried to kill him. Aarav says it is not Suchi’s mistake, she in fact saved him. Gulgule says he left gas open by mistake. Babli angrily raises hand to slap him, but Suchi holds her hand and says Gulgule is an innocent kid and does not know what he did. Babli says Mansi is in jail because of Suchi and Aarav would have died because of her brother, she should punish Gulgule so that he should not do any mistake in the future. Suchi says even she is trying to make her understand same, what Mansi did purposefully was wrong and an innocent child Pihu died because of her.

Aarav emotionally hugs Suchi and thanks her for making him realize his mistake via his mother, he was thinking from a brother’s perspective and did not think of that girl. He sneezes. She keeps her hand on his mouth. He says he will propose her today in front of everyone during new year party.Party arrangements start. Pihu and Gulgule jump happily in excitement. Suman stops Gulgule and says they are not invited for the party, so they will not attend it. Babli speaks to someone over phone and plans to harm Suchi. Aarav over phone excitedly tells someone that he will promise someone.

Gopal gets laddoo for Pihu and says her mamma prepared laddoos. Pihu rushes to Anandita’s home and sees Subodh telling Anandita that he is taking her out for dinner to celebrate new year party. She says she does not want to and if he had spent time with her instead of Mansi, she would have thought and says she wants divorce from him soon and hope she does not meet him in life again. Subodh angrily shouts it is waste talking to her. Pihu gets worried seeing her parents fighting.

Aarav invites Suchi with whole family for new year party. Suchi says one incident changes a person so much, till yesterday he was hating her and today…She hears Pihu crying outside and runs to her. Pihu says mamma told pappa if he had loved Pihu truly, she would have been alive. She says she cannot see mamma pappa fighting. Suchi says only she can reunite them, she should write a letter for them both. Aarav comes and asks what is she doing here. Suchi says her 10 rs note fell her and says she will attend party only if he invites Anandita and Subodh. Aarav says she can call whoever she wants to. Gopal smiles and says Aarav agreed, but how will he convince his mother.

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Suchi meets Anandita and Subodh and invites them for party emotionally saying she feels really happy and excited when something good happens in that house. They both agree to attend party. Pihu writes letter for her parents taking Gopal’s help.

Aarav gets ready for party and asks Babli how is he looking. Babli says as if a girl is coming to see him. He smiles and walks away. Gulgule sees him and says didi will come from there. Suchi comes wearing a beautiful gown. Aarav gets mesmerized seeing her beautiful. Mai Hoon SaathTere…song…plays in the background. Pihu asks Suchi whene will mamma pappa come. Anandita and Subodh walk in. Pihu gets very happy and keeps her letter between Aanndita’s bangles.

Babli speaks to someone over phone, goes out and receives Mansi. She takes Mansi in. Mansi walks in wearing mask and clashes with Anandita. Letter falls down between balloons. Mansi goes to her room. Babli sees Anandita and Subodh and shouts who invited them, how dare they are to come in here, get out. Aarv says they are victim and not culprits, so she should calm down. Babli shouts he is speaking like Suchi and forgot his mother’s sacrifice. She walks away. Aarav apologizes Anandita and Subodh. Anandita says she will go now. Suchi insists to stay back. Pihu holds pallu. Suchi gives Pihu’s promise. Anandita stays back.

Mansi goes to her room and picks knife. Babli walks in and asks what is she doing here and what is she hiding behind. Mansi hides knife under bed and says she wants to attend party. Babli says she should stay here with her and not go in front of anyone, ties her to a chair and leaves. Mansi frees herself and walks out.

Pihu cries searching her written letter for her mamma Anandita. Suchi asks her to search properly. A girl tells Suchi that she is lucky that Aarav loves her, they cannot find a boy like Aarav even if they search. Aarav reveals Suchi’s sketch. Gulgule asks what is Aarav bhaiya doing with Suchi’s picture. Aarav plays guitar and signs Tujhko Hai Mujhme Raabta…song… He dances romantically with Suchi and they both hug. Babli sadly thinks Aarav gave his sister’s place to Suchi, she did not expect this. Pihu walks into Mansi’s room and shouts in fear seeing Mansi holding knife. Suchi hears her shouts and rushes calling Bhootu, parting ways from Aarav. Anandita stops her and asks why did she call Bhootu. Suchi says she did not. Anandita says she knows she called Pihu as she can sense Pihu around and searches Pihu emotionally. Subodh says there is no one here. Anandita says she knows her Pihu is somewhere around and runs. Mansi watches her hiding and reminisces her roughing up asking why did she kill Pihu. Anandita walks to Pihu’s room searching her and asks to come in front of her. Pihu emotionally says she is here, please lift her up. Anandita cannot sense Pihu and continues crying emotionally. Mansi walks in towards Anandita holding knife, but runs away hearing Subdoh coming calling Anandita. He asks Anandita why don’t she understand that our Pihu is dead. Anandita cries that she can feel her daughter and goes out.

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Suchi consoles Pihu to stop crying. Aarav walks in and asks why she is ignoring him, if that girl was gifted by a boy, if she loves that boy. Sarla from Kumkum Bhagya walks in and slaps him. She vents out her anger and asks if he thinks Suchi will betray him. Aarav apologizes her She says she scolded him like a mother and wishes him happy new year. Aarav apologizes Suchi and leaves. Pihu is surpised to see khadoos apologizing Suchi on aunty’s lesson. Sarla asks where is Bhootu. Suchi asks Pihu to greet Sarla aunt. Sarla taks to Suchi emotionally and says her and Aarav’s wedding will be unique and Bhootu will be the reason for their marriage. She hugs both Suchi and Pihu emotionally.

Suman walks searching Gulgule and clashes with Babli. Babli warns if something wrong happens during party, she will not spare her and Suchi. Suchi reads Aarav’s message that he wants to make their new year’s eve special for her. She walks into hall where Aarav sings and dances on Ek Baara Aabhi Jaa Yaara…song and dances holding her. Pihu walks towards Anandita emotionally. He switches off light and kneeling down proposes Suchi, showing her diamond ring. Mansi walks towards Anandita holding knife. Pihu shouts mamma.. Suchi runs away calling Anandita. Mansi hides. Suchi runs searching Anandita and finds her under table. She gets worried seeing Anandita’s hand injured and bleeding. Subodh and others gather. Suchi says someone has attacked Mansi purposefully. Pihu blames herself that she should not have come in front of mamma.

Babli takes Mansi to her room and scolds why did she attack Anandita, now they are in trouble and will be exposed. Gulgule hears their conversation standing near door and informs Suman. Aarav also hears that. Suman goes and knocks Babli’s door. Aarav also joins. Babli hides Mansi behind cupboard and acts as crying sitting on bed. Aarav asks what she is doing here instead of enjoying party. Babli says missing Mansi. Gulgule says she is lying, he heard her scolding someone. Babli scolds she was not and scolds Gulgule why is he lying and creating doubt in her son’s mind.

Suchi prays god and hopes things will get normalize, but why she is feeling something unforeseen will happen. Gopal thinks everything is in Suchi’s hands now. Mansi in her room reveals that she was acting to escape jail and is mentally well. Babli walks in and explains her what to do. Mansi hears everything, then determines she will not go back easily without accomplishing her goal… Drama continues..

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