Can you see me 26 February 2022 Written Update

Can you see me 26 February 2022: Can you see me update Friday 26 February 2022 zee world, Ketki coming to Kalyani’s room and says I heard that you fought with Shark alone. She stops her glucoseSuchi shatters hearing that she cannot become mother. Sarla confronts Vimla and warns to shut her mouth, they already broke alliance and she can get out. Vimla yells she will get a rich alliance for her son and will send invitation, she can come with 50 Rs envelope to have a feast. Suchi collapse. Family rushes her to room. Doc checks her and says he warned them not to give any tension to Suchi. Father asks Sarita why did she let Vimla near Suchi, he will not spare Vimla if something happens to Suchi.

Vimla returns home and sees her bhabhi waiting for her. Bhabhi asks why did Suchi’s family cancel marriage. Vimla says she broke alliance as Suchi met with an accident a day before marriage and her uterus had to be removed, so she does not want anyone who cannot bear her heir. She asks to refix alliance with Priya as it is god’s wish. Bhabhi says Priyanka’s alliance is fixed somewhere else. Vimla asks to break that alliance and refix it with Rishab. Bhabhi scolds that she rejected Priyanka and now wants her back, she is so ruthless to reject innocent Suchi after accident, good Priyanka did not come in his house, else she would have ransacked even Priyank after accident. Vimla colds Rishab that he is just watching his mother’s insult. Rishab says he will take revenge from Suchi and grab money from her to start his business.

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Rishab’s puppet inspector comes to arrest Suchi and alleges that her company’s placed maid stole 25 lakhs from a house. Father pleads not to arrest her, he will pay 25 lakhs. Inspector warns to pay 25 plus 2 lakhs extra in 1 week, else he will arrest Suchi and even parents. Suchi stands dumbstruck in a shock. Parents console her.

Suchi sits on bed in a shock and Pihu tries to feed her food. Sheetl yells at Sankalp and says she will not let hi break FD to repay Suchi’s loan, she made a mistake and should pay herself, etc. Suchi hears that and breaks down. Pihu angrily confronts Sheetal, but Sheetal cannot hear her. Suchi says her life is finished now and walks towards balcony. Pihu asks Gopal why did Suchi tell everything is finished. Gopal stands sadly. Pihu goes to Suchi and consoles her. Suchi breaks down hugging her. Pihu reminisces her mother. Her mother holding her pic cries reminiscing time spent with her, etc. Pihu reminisces Gopal’s moral gyaan. Suchi says she will fight back and will not accept defeat easily. Pihu asks Gopal what does Suchi mean and says even she will fight and get back to her mother. She tells Rishab is a very mad man, only she knows and Suchi does not, she wants to teach him a lesson. Gopal smiles and says someone will be able to listen to her once. Pihu gets excited.her Papa. Sampada asks what is in this hearing aid?

Suchi calls Rishab, but he does not pick call. She thinks Vimla is angry on her, but Rishab always supported her, he cannotbreak their alliance. Rishab sees her call and thinks fish wants to fall prey before throwing food. Suchi sadly sits. Pihu comes and says Rishab is a bad boy and she is going to confront him. Suchi stops her and leaves locking room door. Gopal comes and takes her out. Sarita gives Vimla’s gift bag to Sankalp and asks him to go and return it. Pihu smiles at Gopal and walks with bag. They reach Rishab’s house. Pihu walks to Rishab and says she came to fight with him for troubling Suchi. She feels angry on Gopal that he fooled her that someone can hear her. Suchi searches Pihu. Suman asks what is she searching. Suchi says Gulgule. Suman says he is sitting right here.

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Pihu sees a man who complained against Pihu to grab 25 lakhs walks in to Rishab’s room. He tells Rishab that he did his job and police or Suchi did not doubt him. Rishab gives him money and says he will trap Suchi to run away with him and then allege that she ran away with someone and defame her. Pihu is shocked to hear that and says they are bad. Man hears her. Rishab goes out. Suchi frightens him for troubling Suchi. Rishab enters and man runs away. Sankalp returns home and tells Sarla that he returned Vimla’s gifts. Suchi realizes that Pihu must have gone to Rishab’s house, how will she return now.

Pihu thinks how will she return home now, she dos not even know route to home. She walks down and sees Vimla asking Mona to count all jewelries and if anything is missing, she will not spare Suchi’s family. Pihu fixes earring on Vimla’s hair. Mona says one earring is missing. Vimla calls driver to get car out, she will not spare Suchi’s family. She travels in car. Pihu sits next to her and smiles. Gopal joins her. Pihu’s mother passes in another car. Gopal does his leela. Pihu gets sleepy and sleeps on his lap, but instead sleeps on her mother’s lap. Car moves ahead. Pihu wakes up and says she felt as if she was sleeping on her mother’s lap. They reach home.

Vimla walks in and shouts that they stole her earring and she had carefully ordered gold polish with stones on it. Suman laughs that means earring was fake. Vimla nervously says real ones and she wants 30,000 Rs. Gulgule sees earring on her hair and laughs. She embarrassedly picks it. Suman taunts if she wants 30,000 rs cash or cheque. Vimla runs away.

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Suchi goes back to her room. Pihu acts as sleeping. Suchi asks why did she go out without informing her. Pihu informs Suchi what she saw in Rishab’s house. Suchi says Rishab cannot be wrong and says Pihu is a kid. Pihu says she is telling truth. Suchi gets Rishab’s call who insists her to meet. She meets. He says his mother will not accept their marriage, so they should elope and marry. Suchi reminisces Pihu’s words and agrees to know Rishab’s truth.


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