Can you see me 24th March 2022 Written Update

Can you see me 24 March 2022 update: On today’s Can you see me update Thursday 24th March 2022 zee world update, Goons surround Suchi. Suchi pleads to leave her alone. Gopal helps her and she beats goons and runs behind them. They run away. She then walks towards home and sees an old lady calling her cat hidden in a pipe. She asks what is she doing. Lady says her cat hid in pipe, so she is tempting cat with her favorite food like meat, cheese, rat tail, etc. Suchi asks if cat will come out. Lady says yes. Suchi gets happy that she can use same trick to get Pihu out of Mishsti doll. Lady gives her shawl saying it is very cold. Pihu thanks her and leaves. Lady turns into Gopal who says Suchi is passing every test of motherhood and she has to realize t hat Pihu went herself into doll and is finding difficult to come out.

Suchi reaches home. Suman asks where was she whole nigt. Suchi says a friend’s house. Aarav says her theft is caught. Suchi gets tensed. Suman says a thief had come last night and injured Aarav’s leg. Suchi sees bandage on Aarav’s leg. Babli comes and scolds Suchi why don’t she spare her chidren, since she came into their lives, both Aarav and Mansi are suffering each day. She scolds Aarav why is he staying in this house.

Suchi goes to her room and thinks how to get Pihu out of this doll. She reminisces Pihu’s fondness for her mother, Suchi and Pihu’s nok jhok at the beginning of their meeting, etc. Gulgule comes. Suchi asks him to give watchman uniform to watchman with a thank and tells him address. He cries that Babli aunty scolded him for having laddoo as she told she had kept it for prasad and he spoilt it. Suchi reminisces Pihu’s fondness for her mother’s prepared laddoo. Gulgule says she does not care about him at all, everyone beat him in this house. Suchi pampers him and promises to get chocolate at night. Gulgule leave smiling.

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Suchi goes to hospital to meet Anandita. Anandita walking in garden holding support asks where was she all these days, why did not she come to meet her. Suchi says she was a bit busy and says she is having pooja home for Anandita’s good health and wants desi ghee laddoo. Subodh enters and says he will order laddoo for her. Suchi says she wants Anandita’s prepared laddoos. Subodh asks if she is out of her mind, if she wants Anandita to go home and prepare laddoo in this condition. Suchi says she has made arrangements here and asks ward boys to keep ingredients and table. Subodh continues scolding. Anandita says he does not care about her at all. Suchi continues pleads, coughs and collapses. Subodh and wardboys hold her.

Suchi collapses due to poison effect. Subodh and wardboys rush her into hospital. She is treated and gets well. Anandita says why she feels she is related to Pihu, what relationship she has with her Pihu. Suchi says she has a relationship of humanity, if she remembers she used to talk about Pihu. Anandita hopes her Pihu would not have died in fire accident and cries. She reminisces pampering Pihu. Suchi also reminisces pampering Pihu. O meri maaa….song…plays in the background.

Doctor informs Subodh that he found a slow poison in Suchi’s stomach, either she consumed it herself or someone tried to kill her. Subodh goes and informs her. She says she consumed expired medicine and her doctor also warned her, asks to give laddoo anyways as she has to submit it to god. Subodh says doctor has ordered to keep her under 24 hour observation in hospital. Suchi thinks she cannot stay in hospital for long. Nurse gives her sedative and she sleeps.

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Aarav walks into Suchi’s room and looks at Suchi’s photo. He fumes that she troubled him so much, now he will trouble her. Suman walks in and says she likes seeing his and Suchi’s nok jhok, it signifies their love for each other. Aarav angrily says he hates Suchi, holding pics. Suman says then why he is holding Suchi’s pics, why he comes to her room often and taunts her with respect and peeps at her often. She twists his cheeks calling jamai raja/son-in-law and asks if she should inform didi to arrange their marriage. Aarav thinks he will not marry a woman who plays with dolls. He sees Mishti doll and angrily throws it. Pihu from inside shouts bhurbhuri.

Suchi hears Pihu calling her. She thinks she has to take laddoos home and get Pihu out of Mishti doll. She rushes home and sees her whole room empty. Aarav walks in and says he shifted all her goods to a godown and has ordered godown owner if he does not get rent in 30 min, he can sell those goods. Suchi angrily asks to give her goods and shouts at him. Aarav says he will not give her goods until he gets his car back.

Suchi then goes out searching Krish to the colony he was found last. Watchman says there is no person named Krish. She says he is from Nandan villa colony. Watchman says there is no colony with this name. She searches on net and finds none. Watchman says he told her already. Gopal thinks he helped Suchi in whatever way he could as KrishSuchi runs searching Krish and comes in front of car. It is Aarav’s car, he comes out and asks if she is fine. She pleads to return her goods. He says she knows he cannot see a woman crying and asks her to sit in his car. Babli calls him just then and says jailer has tied in chains and calling her mad after she hit someone, she cannot see all this. Arav angrily says Suchi he will not give her goods.

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