Can you see me 23 February 2022 Written Update

Can you see me 23 February 2022: Can you see me update Wednesday 23 February 2022 zee world, Pihu tells Suchi that Bal Gopal is her friend. Suchi laughs and says she is bluffing. Pihu says she is not and seeing Gopi in front of her asks to speak. Suchi asks her to ask her friend to show some magic. Sarita calls her for breakfast, and she leaves. Gopal gets laddoos via magic. Pihu asks why did not he show magic in front of Pihu. Gopal says gods cannot come in front of human in kalyug/modern age and he is her secret friend. Pihu asks why did not she inform before.

Pihu joins family for breakfast. Sakshi says good Sarita kept wedding jewelry in safety locker. Suman showing her dumb side says thief should come at night without disturbing them. Sankyukt says Vimla’s dowry demands are increasing day by day.

At Rishab’s house, father scolds Vimla not to demand more dowry from Suchi’s family and praises that at 23 years, Suchi is successful and Rishab is still struggling for a job, he should earn himself and set up a business. Rishab gets angry. Suchi meets Rishab in a restaurant and gives him an envelope. He asks what is it and checks. She says it is their Shimla honeymoon package, she knows he is going through financial crisis and cannot afford Europe, Amercia trip. Rishab fumes. Suchi shows her business card. He says she wants to boast that she runs #1 placement agency and he is jobless. She says not #1, but successful and she is proud of herself. Waiter smirks hearing that. Rishab gets more angry. Pihu sees Anandita passing outside restaurant and informs Suchi. Suchi excuses Rishab and runs behind Pihu. Anandita gets into car and leaves while Pihu runs behind her and stops getting tired. Suchi consoles her and returns to restaurant. Waiter says sir left paying bill and gave 1000 rs tip. Suchi thinks 1000 rs tip for 200 rs bill. Rishab hiding behind angrily crumbles card. He reaches home and fumes that he will destroy Suchi’s business. Vimla says she will bring money home after marriage. Rishab says he will destroy her ego.

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Suchi’s haldi ceremony starts. Sheetal taunts her. Pihu in Bengali tells if she will meet her mamma at all. Suchi says she will cheers her up saying lots of sweets have come for her haldi ceremony and Gulgule is finishing everything. Pihu gets excited. Suchi’s haldi ceremony starts. People apply haldi on her and dance around her. Pihu imagines her mamma dancing with her, then realizes it is some guest and feels sad. Drama continues.

Suchi goes to her room. Pihu sadly says she will go away after her marriage in 3 days and will not help her find her mother. Suchi asks her not to worry and goes to change. Pihu thinks she will not let bhurbhuri go. She sees children throwing paper ball on Gulgule and troubling him, gets an idea to trouble Vimal and make her run. Gopal smiles and shows her laddoos. She throws laddoos on Vimla. Vimla shouts who is it and finds no one. Pihu continues and Vimla falls down. She goes in and yells at Suchi’s family. Suchi scolds Gulgule. Gulgule says he did not. Pihu says she did and apologizes. Suchi angrily walks to her room and Pihu follows her apologizing. Suchi scolds because of her, her mamma had to bear Vimla’s scoldings, she is bad bhooth like other and pushes her to get away from this house.

Pihu cries loudly with Gulgule. Gopal says if 2 people cry together, they will become best friends. Pihu stops and sass she does not want to befriend balloon. Gopal says when he used to do mischief, his mother Yashoda used to forgive him as nobody gets angry with children for long. Pihu runs to Suchi’s room and apologizes her, then acts as falling. Suchi gets worried for her and asks if she is hurt and makes her sit on sofa, then says bhooth don’t feel pain. Pihu says she does not want her to marry and go with Vimla, who will help her find mother then. Suchi assures her she will.

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Vimla tells Rishab that her friend’s son got scooter and car as dowry, but he is not getting anything. Rishab says Suchi will get him all that after marriage, he will grab all her money, he will not get a beauty like Suchi though. Vimla says beauty is not everything. He asks her to rest him. He calls police and complains that Suchi is conning people in lieu of placement agency and they should catch her. Inspector asks who is he. He says their well wisher, disconnects call and changes sim. Vimla says she cannot see him doing all this. He says he learnt conning in her womb, this all is normal to him.

Suchi’s family gets ready to go to Rishab’s house. Pihu asks Suchi how can she go, they have to find mamma. Suchi acts as falling ill and sends family saying she will rush for sometime. Family reaches Rishab’s house and say Suchi is ill and resting in bed. They leave. Vimla brainwashes her husband that Suchi is fine and is just acting and insists to prove herself. Husband agrees and accompanies her in car.

Suchi plays hide and seek with Pihu. Pihu hides near door. Pihu’s mother comes and touches door emotionally. Pihu feels her mother on the other side and shouts mamma she is not the other side. Mother leaves crying. Pihu opens door and does not find mamma. She cries that she wants to meet her mamma. Suchi consoles her and plays with her on toy horse. Vimla with her husband enters house.

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