Can you see me 22nd March 2022 Written Update

Can you see me 22 March 2022 update: On today’s Can you see me update Tuesday 22nd March 2022 zee world update, Suchi tells Suman that Aarav has brought this house and they have to vacate it. Suman says she was about to marry Aarav. Suchi says she broke up due to misunderstanding. Suman says she will speak to Aarav. Suchi says no need for that. Suchi then challenges Aarav that she will leave his tomorrow itself. He smirks and enjoys grapes. She calls agent and asks to find another rented house for her. Broker says her name is black listed by 15 brokers as she does not pay rent on time. She says she will get house in 15 min from another agent. Agent says then find it and disconnects call. Aarav smirks and leaves. He then throws stone on Suchi’s room windows and smirks at her.

Anandita prays Gopal not to punish her Pihu and continue her bhootu. She chats emotionally to Subodh and says she wants to go to her home now where Pihu’s memories are.

In the morning, Suchi and Pihu wake up hearing loud music. They see Aarav playing Daler mehandi’s song loudly in living room. Pihu angrily walks to music system and breaks it. Aarav sees Gulgule wiping his eyes and fumes that he broke music system. Gulgule says he did not do it and calls him uncle. Aarav twists his ears and says he is not uncle. Gulgule says bhaiya. Aarav sees Suchi in balcony and says bhaiya is fine. He then drags Gulgule and says let us go to police station. Gulgule says why police station for such a small mistake. Suchi shouts she will call another brother and leave this house.

Suchi goes for a bathe while Pihu waits for her to come out and take her out to mamma. Suchi comes out in bathrobe with soap on her face and says Aarav stopped water. She walks down to Aarav and asks why did he stop water. He wipes her face with his kerchief and asks to her to bathe before 6:15 a.m. from tomorrow as he does not want to waste water being a good citizen. She fumes in anger. Pihu ties Aarav’s shoe laces and he falls down. Suchi laughs. Aarav fumes. Pihu then asks Gopal when she can meet her mamma. Gopal says she will meet her mamma daily from hereon, playing flute…

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Suchi fumes when Aarav troubles her and locks her cupboard. Aarav says she cannot go out. Gopal says he is right. Pihu asks if he is on her side or Aarav’s. Suchi goes to Suman and says she needs clothes to go out, but Aarav has locked cupboard. Suman says she will give clothes. In hospital, Anandita calls Subodh and says she wants to go to her old house where her Pihu’s memories are.

Suchi tries to wear sari fuming that she never wore sari and she is trying because of Aarav. Aarav peeps from window and clicks Suchi’s pic smiling. Gulgule notices him and showing his arms asks what is he doing, he will inform didi that Aarav uncle is clicking her pic. Suchi comes out holding her half tied sari and asks what is happening. Gulgule informs same and leaves. Suchi asks Aarav if he is not ashamed. Aarav nervously says he did not click any pic, she can check his mobile. She snatches mobile, but cannot open lock. She says she did not know he would click her pic while wearing clothes. He says he cannot be so cheap, he was clicking her face pic and shows it. She looks at pic and thinks she knows he cares for her a lot and is her perfect match, but how to make him realize what she did was inevitable as nothing is important to her than getting justice to Pihu. Aarav thinks he loves her, but when he remembers Mansi, he fumes in anger and thinks of taking revenge.

Suchi walks into her room. Aarav walks behind he. Suchi shuts door and Aarav’s finger get injured. She gets worried and applies medicine on his injury. He smiles looking at her hanging sari. She drops antiseptic lotion on his finger. He shouts in pain. She laughs and then tries to tie her sari. He teaches her how to tie sari. She does not understand. He demonstrates it and ties it herself. Sacchi doriyan doriyan….song..plays in the background. He then fixes her earning and bangles and other jewelry smiling and then dorns pallu on her. She also smiles. Suman calls Suchi to come down soon. Suchi goes down and sees her bag ready. She tells Pihu let us go now. Suman tells Aarav that she got happy when he came here and thought he would marry Suchi, but now they have to leave this house. Aarav asks to stop Suchi then. Suman says Suchi will not stop. Pihu cannot step out of house and stops. Gopal plays flute smiling.

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Suchi angrily walks out of house and asks Pihu to follow her. Pihu is unable to go out of house and tells Bhurbhuri/Suchi that she cannot go out and asks Suchi to go alone. Aarav eagerly looks from inside house. Suman calls Suchi if she does not want to come and happily asks Gulgule to get back luggage from taxi. Gulgule yells if Suchi did not want to go, then why did she do such a big drama.

Suchi walks back into house. Aarav taunts her that she is a coward and cannot face reality. Suchi says her heart is in this house and she cannot part ways with it. Aarav continues taunting her. Pihu says Suchi did not go because of her and angrily asks Gopal to give her power to lift a bell and hit Aarav. Gopal agrees. Pihu lifts bell and runs towards Aarav. Such rushes to stop Pihu. Aarav sees bell in her hands and thinks she has gone mad. Pihu drops bell on Aarav’s leg. Aarav writhes in pain. Suchi feels bad. Pihu then runs towards dining table and picks apple. Suchi tries her, but she throws it shouting she will not spare khadoos. Suchi holds her hand and throws apple on Aarav shouting she will not spare him and continues throwing fruits. Aarav calls Suman for help. Suman comes and scolds Suchi not to misbehave with her would be husband. Suchi says husband my foot.

Suchi takes Pihu to room and scolds that nobody can see her, then why did she throw things on Aarav, what if he started doubting. Pihu says she will not spare whoever will trouble bhurbhuri. They sleep. Next morning, Suchi wakes up at 6 a.m. and asks Pihu to get up and take bath before Aarav stops water. Pihu says she is sleepy. Suchi says today they cannot miss meeting Anandita. They both walk out and see Aarav sound asleep. Pihu asks to throw water on him. Suchi says he sleeping so peacefully, let us not disturb him. Pihu says she does not trouble Khadoos at all. Gopal smiles and says he knows what is in Suchi’s heart.

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Aarav and Suchi’s usual nok jhok starts. He hides her keys. She throws pillows on him. He holds her hand. She says it is not good to hold a girl’s hand. He says sorry. She asks to return her keys. Pihu takes Gopal’s flute and insists him to give her powers. Gopal requests to return it and agrees.

Aarav walks out of house towards his car to go to office when he sees cycle instead with a letter she will not spare him if he troubles Bhurbhuri. He fumes that this handwriting is of a child and who this child is. He angrily kicks cycle.

Suchi with Pihu reaches hospital and meets Anandita. Anandita says she never saw Pihu, but she helped her in fighting Pihu’s case and saved her many times, hope she would have seen Pihu anytime. Suchi thinks she can see Pihu, that is why she is attached to her emotionally and is helping her mother. Their discussion continues. Pihu gets emotional.

Suchi gets Aarav’s call and leaves. Aarav asks where is his car. She asks what. He says where did she hide his car and who is Bhurbhuri, he got a letter with cycle in place of car. Suchi realizes it is Pihu, says she is coming come and disconnects call. She scolds Pihu. Pihu writes sorry Bhurbhuri on wall and is not seen around. Suchi sees some other girl wearing similar shirt and scolds her. Girl’s mother turns and asks if she needs anything. Suchi rushes towards home. Gopal smiles.

Suchi reaches home and sees Gulgule being punished. He says he did not do anything. Aarav stops her and asks where is his car. She says in backyard. He rushes there and sees car not there and fumes that Suchi tricked him again. Suchi searches Pihu in whole house and goes out searching Pihu. She slips. Gopal comes disguised as a boy and asks to be careful. Suchi again rushes to find Pihu. Gopal asks if she is searching Pihu. She is surprised and asks how does he how. He smiles.


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