Can you see me 22 February 2022 Written Update

Can you see me 22 February 2022: Can you see me update Tuesday 22 February 2022 zee world, Pihu waits for Rishab to wake up and hopes he will drop her to Singapore with parcel. Mona brings him bed tea and asks to wake up. He scolds to keep it and go. Mona yells it is his usual drama daily. Vimla comes and says she should serve until bahu comes and works. Pihu eagerly waits for Rishab to get up. Mona calls raddiwala and sells all papers and even parcel to him. Pihu excitedly goes with parcel thinking she is going to Singapore. She gets into raddiwala’s truck happily with parcel.

Suchi’s mother Sarita asks her why she was checking Singapore flight schedules when she is going to Europe for honeymoon. She then tells they would have lost this house, house owner Mrs. Bose had come and Suman as usual brainlessly troubled her, so Mrs. Bose left. Suchi calls Rishab and asks if he sent parcel to Singapore. He says Mona sold it to raddiwala with old papers by mistake. She asks which one. Mona tells address. Suchi rushes to search Pihu.Raddiwala’s truck stops in market. Pihu sees laddoos and gets out of it. Truck leaves.

Pihu runs behind it crying. Suchi searches her in scooter and speeds ahead of her. Pihu’s mother also passes by same route in her car and stops seeing a child crying for her mom in the middle of road. Girl unites with her mother. Pihu does not see her mother and passes under her sari pallu seeing Suchi. Madhav comes there playing flute. Suchi stops her scooter. Pihu runs and hugs her and says uncle’s truck left her alone. Suchi says she can touch her. Pihu reminisces Madhav telling once their friendship strengthens, her friend can even see her. Suchi touches Pihu and emotionally says she is so small, does not have horn, long nails and teeth like bhooth, she is so sweet. Pihu pleads again to take her to her mamma. Suchi says her mamma is in Lucknow itself and they will find her.

Suchi goes to meet her friend who tells that Rishab had met her and asked if she really met Suchi. Suchi reminisces lying Rishab. She gives laddoos to Pihu silently. Friend says Suchi ate all ladoo, very bad. Suchi says she will meet her later and goes to meet Rishab. She says Rishab she had to lie him, that does not mean she is cheating on him. He says he does not trust. She says then it is better to end their relationship and returns engagement ring. Rishab holds her hand. Pihu shouts to leave bhurbhuri, if he hits her, she will hit him. Rishab apologizes her and returns engagement ring. Suchi leaves with Pihu.

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Suchi and Pihu fall asleep. In the morning, Sheetal comes and wakes up Suchi, she pulls bedsheet and Pihu falls down and cries. Suchi wakes up and asks if she is hurt, sees Sheetal and asks if she slept long. Sheetal says Vimla tadika has come and wants her to do some family ritual after cold water bath. Pihu goes down. Vimla says this ritual will strengthen saas-bahu relationship, bahu has to walk holding saas’s footwear on her head. Suchi and family are shocked. Rishab thinks let us see the drama.Vimla tells Suchi’s family that she has to follow their family rituals by holding her saas’s slippers on her head.

Sankalp and Sheetal resist. Suchi says she will happily do this ritual as it will strengthen bond between saas and bahu. She asks Rishab also to perform ritual. Rishab nervously asks from when she is believing in superstitions. Suchi insists. Vimla says she can forgo ritual. Suchi smiles looking at family.Suchi takes Pihu to ice cream parlor and they enjoy ice cream. Pihu insists for one more ice cream and says she does not have to pay money. Suchi says camera is watching them, then realizes Anandita’s car must have passed in front of parlor. She requests parlor owner to show CCTV footage and agrees to pay money. Owner agrees and gives her car number.

They both reach home, and Pihu finds out car details online and says it is City Star hotel’s service car. She calls hotel and asks manager if Mrs. Anandita Bose has taken a room there. He checks and says yes. She asks to let her speak to her. He says Mrs. Bose gave strict instructions not to disturb her, but she can come to hotel and wait till she comes out.Pihu silently tries to leave home with Pihu when Sarita stops her and says it is already night now and she can go in the morning. Pihu insists to mee mamma, but Suchi drags her to room. Pihu throws pillows and says she does not want to take her to her mamma. Pihu says it is mamma’s order not to go out at night, what she can do. Pihu says she hates children. Suchi says children, not bhooth. She then pinky promises Pihu that she will take her in the morning.

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In the morning, Pihu waits Suchi to wake up. Gulgule comes and tries to wake up Suchi. Pihu shouts in Suchi’s ears. Suchi thinks it is Gulgule and hits him with pillow. Sarita and Suman come and stop their fight. Sarita asks Pihu to get ready for pooja. Suchi says she to go to office. Pihu reminds her promise. Suchi insists, but Sarita gets emotional and says she is going away forever in 5 days. Pihu says mamma should not go, so bhurbhuri can finish pooja and take her later. After sometime, Suchi gets ready to take Pihu to hotel. Pihu excitedly tells Madhav that she is going to meet her mamma. In scooter, Pihu tells Suchi that she will inform mamma about her and will sleep between mamma and pappa holding their hands.

Suchi asks her to keep quiet, she lost way. She calls hotel and asks manager if Anandita is there. Manager says she checked out 1 hour ago. Suchi asks to tell where she went. Manager asks how can he. Pihu hears that and runs on road asking if someone saw her mamma and pappa. Suchi finds her somehow, consoles her and takes her to a park.Anandita goes to her friend and informs she did not go to Singapore, asks if she can stay here for some days. Friend agrees. Subodh calls her and says she did wrong by not coming to Singapore and he will send her another ticket. She says she cannot as she feels Pihu everywhere, but cannot see her. Subhodh asks if it is her final decision. She says yes and disconnects call.

Pihu sitting in garden with Suchi asks her why can’t mamma feel her when Suchi can feel her. Suchi says she has pappa’s number, so can call him. She calls Subodh’s number, but it is not reachable. Pihu gets sad. Drama continues.

Family gets tensed seeing Suchi talking in air/Pihu. Suchi asks Pihu to keep talking to her and not go away. Sheetal asks whom she is talking to. Suchi says no one. Sarita says everyone saw her. Suman asks not to tell that she is speaking to bhooth. Sarita holds Suchi’s hand on her head and asks to tell now. Pihu says she should lie taking mom’s oath. Pihu agrees that she speaks to Bhooth, but she is a kid who wants to meet…Father says bhooth is a bhooth, whether it is child or old woman. Sarita says they will not stay in this house. Pihu asks Suchi not to go, else she cannot meet her mother, she will stay out of house and runs out. Suchi tells Bhooth has gone out now. Suman ties holy thread on her hand. Suchi feels sad.

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Vimla tells her husband that Suchi asked Rishab to hold her mother’s slipper on his head. Husband says he cannot believe Suchi told that. Vimal asks what is wrong in her bhabhi’s brought alliance, she would have got a lot of dowry. Husband warns her to stop plotting against Suchi as marriage is just 5 days away, if Suchi had brought 15-20 lakhs, she would have easily agreed. Vimla yells this marriage is happening without her wish. Rishab says he will force Suchi to mend after marriage. Vimal says Suchi will not, so he has to break alliance before marriage.

Suchi feels sad thinking Pihu will stay out of house hereon. Rishab calls her and insists to meet her on a dinner date. Suchi says mama gave her lot of work, so she cannot come. Rishab says her would be husband is calling her. Suchi says she will try.

Pihu sadly sits outside house. Gopal says he has seen book and Sarita will not die before 30 years, so she can go in. Pihu happily tries to walk into house, but door does not open. Gopal says whoever tries cannot fail. Suchi tries again and passes via door without opening it, she is surprised. A thief enters and steals things. She keeps things back. Vase falls down. Sarita sees thief and shouts. Whole family gathers. Sankalp tries to hold thief, but thief pushes him and points knife at Sarita. Suchi pleads to spare her mother and take anything he wants. Pihu watches helpless, then reminisces Gopal’s words and beats thief. Family is surprised seeing thief acting weird. Suchi enjoys and says bhootu is not a bad bhooth. Family panics. Suchi says she was joking. She takes Pihu to her room and asks how did she do that. Pihu says her friend Gopal told one who tries cannot fail, he even told her mother is safe. Suchi asks if Gopal is also bhooth. Suchi says people call him god and shows bal gopal’s idol. Suchi is surprised and asks if he is her friend. Pihu says bestest firend. Suchi smiles.


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