Can you see me 16th March 2022 Written Update

Can you see me 16 March 2022 update: On today’s Can you see me update Wednesday 16th March 2022 zee world update, Suchi thinks about Babli’s words and thinks how is Subodh involved in Pihu’s murder, why she is trying to save Aarav. She prays Gopal that her Pihu does not know what happened to her and is eagerly waiting to meet her mom. Aarav asks Babli why did she meet Suchi, now Suchi will definitely investigate Pihu’s case and reach culprit. Babli says she met Suchi for him and tells she even told about Subodh. Aarav asks what did she say, if she had helped her that time, this situation would not have arisen. Suchi continues confronting Gopal and says she will not light lamp until Pihu meets her mom and she solves Pihu’s murder mystery. Gopal says one who tries will never fail and she should do her work and leae rest to him. He lights lamp and says he will give her a boon today. Suchi is surprised seeing lamp lighting and prays Gopal.

Pihu goes asleep and dreams of a man repeatedly and gets afraid. She wakes up calling mamma and bhurburi and asks for water. Suchi goes to kitchen to bring water. Pihu walks to garden area and tries to dig concrete floor. Gopal comes and stops her and asks what is she doing. Gopal says she is dreaming about the same uncle who had come to her house, but cannot see clear face. Gopal holds her head and she sees clear face. Suchi sees her from balcony, goes down and sees her sleeping on floor, wakes her up and asks if she sleep walked. Pihu tells on the day of her death, an uncle had come and asked water. She told she cannot reach fridge top shelf, so he can take water himself, so he went to kitchen and left after sometime, after he went cylinder blasted and she died. Pihu says she is getting closer to her murderer day by day.

Aarav and his mother go out of house in their car. A woman wearing shawl enters and searches files. Babli returns and says Aarav she forgets something always and walks into home, seeing dark calls servant. Shawl woman runs. Babli holds her and calls Aarav. Woman pushes her and runs away. Babli falls and injures her head and shouts. Aarav runs into home and seeing Babli on floor injured gets concerned. Babli says some woman was in and ran away pushing her. Aarav calls ambulance.

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Suchi draws man’s sketch according to Pihu’s description and shows it to her. Suchi shouts don’t show his face and hides her face under pillow. Pihu says she is very close to murderer now and will catch him and ask why he cut gas cylinder pipe.

Aarav rushes Babli to hospital and doubting Suchi barged into his house and attacked his mom calls Suchi and asks to come to City Hospital right now. Suchi reaches hospital. Aarav shows her Babli on bed and asks why did she barged into his room last night like a thief and attacked his mom. Suchi says she did not. He says he hates her more than he loved her. He hopes the day comes when her true colors are out. Suchi says she also hopes that day comes soon and misunderstanding clear. She leaves feeling sorry for Babli.

Pihu wakes up and does not find Suchi. She asks Gopal to take her to Suchi. Gopal says he will play with her and let Suchi do her work. Pihu asks when did he become a kid. Their nok jhok continues.

Aarav gets Babli discharged. He says he will not forgive Suchi for harming her. Babli says Suchi is a short girl and one she hit her last night was tall like Anandita. Aarav calls Subodh and asks why did Anandita come to his house last night. Subodh says she is doubting they are involved in Pihu’s murder and was searching an important file in his house. Aarav says that file has their secret and if it is out, they all will be in trouble, so nobody should get that file.

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Suchi returns home and feels sad for Babli. She looks at goon’s sketch and takes it for Xerox copy. She walks on road and Xerox copy falls down. An old man looks at it carefully. Suchi asks if he knows this man. Old man asks why she wants to know him. Suchi says he sells balloons and she wants him to decorate her daughter’s birthday party. Man says he is a goon and not good, so she should stay away from him. Suchi insists. Man asks what will he get. She gives him money. He says this man stays in our area and tells address. She reaches goon’s home and knocks door. Goon comes from outside and asks what she needs, she can come in and speak. They both go in. Suchi she is CBI officer. Goon says he left all crimes. Suchi says she is investigating murder case and asks on whose order he killed Pihu Bose, daughter of Subodh Bose. Goon get tensed and says he does not know anything. She insists. Drama conrtinues…

Suchi continues questioning Pihu’s murderer Vinayak. Vinayak asks if she is really CBI officer and insists to show her identity. Suchi gets nervous. Vinayak runs and Suchi follows him. On the othe side, Aarav shows file to Babli and all problems are happening from this file and Suchi and Anandita are searching these files. Babli asks why Suchi is behind this case eagerly, how is she related to Pihu, asks Aarav to call Subodh and find out.

Babli calls Subodh’s number. Anandita sees Aarav’s number and picks it. Babli hears her voice and disconnects call. Anandita gets confused why is Aarav calling Subodh and checks call records and finds out even Subodh has called Aarav repeatedly. She calls telecom company and asks to send Subodh’s 1-year call details. Executive says they cannot give it without customer’s consent. Anandita requests and says she will bring Subodh’s consent form.

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Suchi continues running behind Vinayak and runs falling down and then getting up. He pulls knife and warns her to run away. A speeding car rushes towards him. Suchi runs and saves him. He asks why did she save him. Suchi says he knows the reason and asks why did he kill a small kid by cutting cylinder pipe. He says he did it for money and was working in Randhawa company those days and obeyed his boss’s order. Suchi insists to tell boss’s name. Vinayak says Aarav Randhawa. Suchi panics and reminisces even inspector taking Aarav’s name and says Aarav got killed a small kid, how ruthless he is. She reminisces Aarav telling she will know his truth soon. Suchi determines to know truth at any cost. Vinayak pleads to

Suchi returns home and hearing Pihu shouting mamma save me. She rushes to room and sees Pihu shouting in sleep. She wakes up Pihu and consoles her. Aarav’s assistant calls Suchi and informs about important client meeting and says she does not know why Aarav did not inform her, but she has to prepare file and be present on time. Suchi searches bike keys and asks Pihu if she took keys. Pihu jokes he ate keys. Suchi jokes she eats a lot with no output. Pihu laughs. Suchi asks her to get water. Pihu says she will not. Suchi acts as falling down and crying. Pihu rushes to help and keys fall down. Suchi picks keys and asks if she will get concerned if she really gets hurt. Pihu says yes.

Anandita gives Subodh’s fake consent letter to telecom company. Officer says signature does not match. Anandita says her husband is ill and she came on his behalf. Officer gives printout. Subodh gets message and calls telecom company and warns why did they print out his call details without consent. Officer says his wife came with consent. Subodh asks to hold it. Anandita picks details and rushes out.


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