Can you see me 11th March 2022 Written Update

Can you see me 11 March 2022 update: On today’s Can you see me update Friday 11 March 2022 zee world update, Pihu shouts mamma in fear when gas cylinder delivery boy drops cylinder while carrying it and it rolls towards her. Suchi hears her on phone and gets worried. Anandita while light lamp I front of god’s photo burns her hand and reminisces Pihu. She then looks at Pihu’s pic and says her father has changed, she calls Subodh and does not find him at home.

Subodh angrily walks to Aarav’s office and calls him. Assistant asks who is he and why is he behaving like this. He continues shouting Aarav. Aarav comes and asks what is he doing here, let us go into cabin and speak. Subodh asks if he is afraid of speaking in front of everyone. Subodh shouts if he forgot what he had done and reminisces Aarav beating Subodh severely and dragging him holding his hand. He holds Aarav’s collar and asks if he remembers or should he remind, changing company’s name will not change his past. Aarav says exactly and he should get out and not meet him again. Subodh says he snatched a lot. Aarav says exactly, who snatched what they know well. He orders guards to throw Subodh away.

Suchi reaches home and consoles Pihu it was just a cylinder and nothing happened. Pihu says even her mom used to say same, but she could not save her from fire accident, pleads not to leave her alone. Pihu thinks how to tell her that she is getting attracted to Aarav and will go away soon. Aarav reminisces his past and thinks Subodh has to answer him and he cannot hide truth from his wife. Anandita calls Suchi’s number. Aarav sees Suchi’s phone rining on his desk and murmuring she forgot her phone and picks it. Anandita hears his voice and disconnects call. She informs Rakhi that Aarav picked call, maybe he gave ad in Suchis name. Subodh enters and shouts he warned her not to speak to Aarav, but she did not listen. Anandita says even he hid a lot fro him. Subodh says Pihu’s first murder suspect is Aarav. Anandita asks if Aarav killed Pihu. He says he is not sure, but Aarav is misusing his employee for his benefit. Anandita says why will anyone kill an innocent child.

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Aarav asks his assistant to return Suchi’s phone with a note to get ready well for a meeting tonight. Assistant smiles and thinks something special will happen today. Aarav makes arrangements at a restaurant to propose Suchi and scolds waiter for bringing sunflowers instead of good ones. He forces violinist to stand beside him and practices how to propose Suchi. His mother sitting on a nearby table gets happy that she knew he would propose Suchi in this restaurant today. Violinist says he needs to go to washroom urgently, else water will fall on all his plans. Aarav says he will not go anywhere. Suchi enters and flowers shower on her. She excitedly thinks it is a grand welcome. She greets Aarav and calling him sir asks if it is a special meeting. Aarav says they are not in office, so he can call him by name. She tries to sit. He stops her and pulls chair for her and signals violinist to play. Suchi says why their table is different. Arav says because she is different. She asks what. He says he means client is different, so table is different. Mom gets very happy seeing all this from a distance. Suchi asks where is client. He says will come and sits very close to her. He then takes her on dance floor and holding her says he wants to tell her something. He smiles at her. Tujhme khoya rahoon mai…song…plays in the background. He signals violinist. Violinist out of urgency plays wrong tune. Aarav angrily looks at him. He plays Tauba Tera Jalwa Tauba… Suchi says this song is weird for this cafeteria. Aarav says very weird, he planned a lo, but nothing is happening as planned. Mom comes and angrily says it is weird, her son loves Suchi and asks if will accept his love or not. Suchi gets shy and leaves.

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Anandita calls Suchi and asks why she is supporting Aarav, he killed her 6-year-old daughter. Suchi shatters hearing that and breaks mirror.

Anandita imagines inform Suchi that Aarav is Pihu’s murderer and Suchi shattering hearing that. Out of imagination, she tries to call Suchi, but Subodh stops her and says she should not contact culprit or his adies, they will be in trouble again else. Suchi looking herself into mirror shyingly thinks if Arav really wanted to propose her. Pihu comes and says when she got lost, she called mamma and Gopi got Suchi for her and hugging her pleads not to leave her again in life. Suchi then tells her what happened in the evenining.

Aarav draws Suchi’s portrait imaging her and hopes she accepts his proposal. Babli aunty enters clicking pics and says soon that will happen and he need to get a bit courageous. He then imagines Suchi coming and smiling at him and blank paper turning into her portrait. Suchi disappears. Suchi gets Babli’s message of Aarav’s drawn portraits and remembers Babli telling that her son loves her and wants to marry her. She drops something by mistake and runs away. Pihu wakes up and thinks where is Bhurburi going. Gopal stops Pihu.

Suchi reaches Aarav’s house and gets excited seeing her portraits. Aye mere humsafar…song..plays in the backgroun. Aarav touches her. She looks atportraits and says she did not know she can be someone’s inspiration. He says he wants to keep this inspiration with him whole life. She says line is good. He says even she is good and kneeling down draws ring on her finger. She smiles. He removes a cloth from board and shows I Love You Suchi, Will You Be My Partner? She gets shy. He clears her air and says his other spoilt last meeting, so he does not want to waste time and asks if she will marry him. Pihu with Gopal looks at them from a distance and asks what are they doing and why are Bhurbhuri’s photos all around. Gopal says like she gets homework, Arav also got homework and Suchi came to check it, let us go now. Pihu says she wants to hear their conversation. Aarav asks Suchi what is her reply. Gopal shows her big laddo and she follows him happily.

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Suchi emotionally sheds tears. Arav picks tear and says these are her last tears and he will not let her cry in life. She hugs him and says she never thought her love story would be so unique and sweet. Aarav says maybe every story does not have villain and they did not have to struggle. Gopal thinks maybe time is villain in their story. Suchi sees Pihu standing and gets angry

Suchi and Pihu stand under shelter due to heavy air gushing before rain. Pihu asks why they are not going home. Suchi says it will rain heavily. Aarav brings kulfi for them and says he will be good husband for her. Pihu eats his kulfi. He is surprised. Pihu says dog ate it, they will get another one. Aarav reaches home and maid says someone forcefully came and is waiting for him. Aarav sees Anandita standing.

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