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Bridal Material update Wednesday 8th June 2022: Bridal Material 8 June 2022, Amar gives an envelope with boy’s photo to Meera and says this boy is a simple man and does not fly high like Vivan, she will be happy with him. Dolly confronts Amar, but Amar as usual yells at Dolly and shuts her mouth and asks Meera to trust him. Once he leaves, Meera says Dolly that she will marry whoever papa has selected and will not see boy’s face. Dolly says it is envelope of her destroyal and tries to explain, but Meera does not budge.

Vivan asks Amar if he will get Meera remarried really. Amar says it is non of his business. Vivan says he is taking his life’s decision also with Meera’s life’s decision. Amar says if he did not think before insulting Meera and throwing divorce notice on her, he has lost his right to speak all his. Vivan tries, but Amar as usual rudely yells and leaves. Vivan then goes to Meera and says her family has gone mad to think of remarrying her. He continues trying to explain her, but she says she has lost her thinking power and will do whatever papaji decides. Vivan helplessly leaves with failed attempt to convince her. She cries once he leaves. A sad song plays in the background.

Next morning, Amar over phone speaks to his friend and says he does not need any shortage in arrangements and asks Prince if he met caterer. Prince says yes, caterer asked menu by evening. Vivan walks in and says congratulations, my wife is getting married to a different man, he is very happy. Meera and family are shocked. Amar asks what new drama is this. Vivan says in fact he will find a suitable boy if he wants for Meera and this alliance breaks. He says Amar’s selected boy is NRI and would like city wedding and not village one, so Amar should get meera married in Hoshiarpur. Amar shouts what rubbish. Meera says what started in Hoshiarpur should end there, let us end this drama Hoshiarpur itself.

Amar walks to Meera and asks if she has gone mad, why did she agree to Vivan’s terms. Meera says Vivan is right, let us end the drama in Hoshiarpur itself. Amar yells but agrees. Dolly confronts Meera and asks what is she up to. Meera says she grew up in Hoshiarpur, played kabbadi there, married Vivan there, married became wise there, so that city means a lot for her nad she will remarry in Hoshiarpur itself. Laali hears their conversation hiding.

Silky cries in front of Sweety that Vvian will definitely break Meera’a wedding in Hoshiarpur and will reunite with her, she will not get Vivan at all. Sweety consoles her. Laali walks in and says she came to know Meera’s plan and will fail it, then she will get Silky married to Vivan. They all 3 rejoice… Drama continues..

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Amar and his family return to Kapoor Mansion to arrange for Meera’s remarriage…On their arrival they see the house already beautifully decorated and Vivaan’s manager looking after everything…Amar tries to object saying that they don’t require anyone’s help as they have been residents of the mansion for long years…In the meantime ,Amar’s friend arrives along with his NRI son and introduces him as Sunny to the family..When introduced to Meera ,he tries to shake hands with her ,but Meera greets him in Indisn fashion saying ‘Namaste’…Amar invites tge groom and hs father inside the impressive mansion.

As they go in ,Vivaan comes down the stairs ,dressed in his formals and clapping…Amar and Meera get tensed…Vivaan goes to Sunny and welcomes him to Kapoor Mansion…When enquired about his relationship with Meera he says he is Mr Vivaan Kapoor and he is Meera’s husband….Looking at Sunny’s confusion ,Vivaan quickly adds that he need not worry as very shortly he is going to be Meera’s ex.Vivaan congratulates him and tells him that he is indeed a lucky guy as he can not get a better wife than Meera because she can make him smile even in the hardest of times…Looking at Meera ,Vivaan explains that she values relations so much that she can do anything for her father…Sunny looks at Vivaan enquiringly and questions if Meera is so good ,why is he breaking up with her….Vivaan laughs and replies that time plays a very important role in everyone’s life and his timing was bad….Moreover he is not a good husband for Meera ,though Meera is the best for him…and if he wants confirmation ,he can ask Meera’s father.Turning to Amar ,Vivaan asks him sarcastically if he is right.He advises Sunny to impress his future father in law from now itself as he won’t get a second chance…..Amar gets tensed at Vivaan’s taunts….Sweety interferes and takes Sunny inside to hs room to have tea and chat with Meera…Vivaan suppresses his anger and leaves the room….

Inside the room ,Sweety ,following Laali ‘s instructions ,bad mouths about Vivaan and how he had married Meera by force and threats to her family.When Sunny wonders why they didn’t approach the police,she sheds crocodile tears and explains they could n’t fight Vivaan as he a very wealthy man… she begs him to help Meera by marrying her ,Sunny promises that he would certainly marry Meera….Sweety ,feeling elated ,leaves the room saying that she will send Meera with tea.

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Outside Vivaan catches Prince devouring snacks abs taunts him that though he is Meera’s brother ,he is not doing anything for her sister…he should go and tell his father that Meera doesn’t like to remarry.,…Prince replies that he can never understand their love story which is sometimes on and many times off…Vivaan bets that Meera will never accept to marry Sunny as she loves him….Just then Vivaan sees Meera passing that way with tea tray and notices her hands shaking….He tells Prince that if a girl like Meera’s hands shake ,that means she doesn’t like what she is forced to do.Just then Amar comes there and seeing his father ,Prince flees…Amar tells Vivaan that his daughter is not pretending to accept his proposal to marry his friend’s son…He challenges Vivaan that Meera will certainly fulfill her promise ….Vivaan smiles and leaves.

Meera enters the room and tells Sunny that she would like to convey him something….He takes the tray from Meera and tells her to proceed….As she talks animatedly ,he listens to her absentmindedly with a beautiful tune playing in the background…He offers her a cup of tea and she accepts.

Outside in the living room ,Sweety serves tea to everyone and Biji advises her to look after the guests first….Sunny comes out and announces that he is ready to marry Meera…Meera too comes out and announces to everyone’s astonishment ,particularly Vivaan’s that she is also ready….Amar and his friend congratulate each other and decide to do engagement that time itself….Sweety ,too happy that things are turning out to her advantage,offers to do all the necessary arrangements as it is her sweet Meera’s roka but Amar stops her reminding that Vivaan has promised to do everything.He goes near Vivaan ,who is still shell shocked ,and reminds him of his commitment ….Appreciating his welcome arrangements,he asks Vivaan to do the engagement arrangements in the same style fitting his status…

Without answering Amar ,Vivaan walks upto Meera and holds her hand ..Amar shouts at him to leave his daughter’s hand…Vivaan doesn’t respond…Sunny interferes and asks him to leave Meera’s hand but Vivaan says Meera is his wife and even her father can not interfere.Sunny replies that he knows his responsibilities and he can not tolerate if he misbehaves with Meera ….Vuvaan challenges Sunny what will he do…Sunny replies he doesn’t know but he won’t keep quiet …Meera pacifies Sunny explaining that she would like to listen to what Vivaan has to say ..She holds Vivaan’s hand and takes him inside ….

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Inside Vivaan confronts Meera about her decision to marry Sunny and asks her if she has decided to leave him….Meera gets furious and replies that she has already said any number of times that she would like to remarry according to her father’s wishes,then where is the confusion….Distraught and frustrated at her stubborn attitude ,Vivaan asks her if her father wants her to die ,will she die….on listening to her reply that she would kill herself if her father wants,Vivaan becomes sad and tells her that he knows both father and daughter love each other very much and can do anything for each other’s happiness….He asks Meera why can’t she go and tell her father that her happiness is with Vivaan ,not with Sunny…Meera bluntly says that it is not her job but his to convince her father how much he loves her….Vivaan helplessly reminds her what all he had done in the village to satisfy her father but Amar is too egoistic and hot tempered to be satisfied……Meera retaliates that he should n’t criticise her father as he is in no way better…She advises him to look at himself and see how much he has changed..he always prefers to point out other’s faults ,not realising his…Vivaan replies that he can see his own faults as well ….that’s why he has done everything in his capability to save their relationship ….He bluntly asks Meera ,is this his responsibility only to save their marriage…what happened to her promises and the resilience of a Kabaddi player who does n’t accept defeats that easy and keep fighting till the end….when Vivaan concludes ,he can not imagine she is the same Meera,Meera tries to say something but he interrupts her and asks her if she really came to like this new guy who is nothing before him….neither in looks nor status…if he wants he can buy ten such guys……Meera stops him angrily to say that he is not the same man that once she loved…for him status ,money and ego are more important but she wants none of these but love…She makes it cleat that she wanted love ,trust and companionship from him which he could n’t give…Crest fallen ,Vivaan tells Meera that he is a bad guy in her opinion and she need not stay with him any more.

Vuvaan goes out to the waiting family and brightly tells them to cheer up for the upcoming big fat punjabi wedding of Meera and Sunny and he will see to it that it would be an unforgettable wedding…Everyone gets stunned at his change of attitude but Vivaan congratulates Sunny cheerfully…

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