Bridal Material update Wednesday 27th April 2022

Bridal Material update Wednesday 27th April 2022 zee world, On Bridal Material 27 April 2022: Meera as bride poses for pics. Amaya clicks pics. Vivan watches her hiding. Amaya sees him and asks where was he, Nimmo gave him video camera, where did he kept it. She shows Meera’s pics and says she seems to be happy. Vivan says they should not take it seriously as happiness will turn into sadness. Amaya asks to stop his old nature and be happy. Dolly prays god to complete Meera’s wedding without any problems.

Sumer comes with baraath on Nothing Like My Mahiya..song.. Dolly does his aarti. Vivan fumes that Sumer did not inform Mera anything and came with baraath. Meera nervously thihnks if she sees Sumer’s face, she will calm down. Nimmo informs her baraath came, but she cannot go out before shank is blown. Sumer does bhangra with dancers. Vivan hugs Sumer and asks when will he inform Meera, after pheras. Sumer says he will before pheras. Silky also pleads. Nimmo brings Meera with eyes closed and says she can watch her groom now. Meera opens eyes and sees Vivan instead. Jaanam dekhlo…song plays in the background. She slips. Vivan holds her. Her kaleerein stucks in his hand. He looks at her face while she frees it carefully. Vivan gives her missing kaleerein and says it was left with him, without it kaleerein is incomplete. She says it is complete now. She asks how is she looking. He says perfect and thinks Sumer has to tell her truth and cannot betray her. Nimmo comes and asks if she has seen jiju, they can go. Vivan reminisces Sumer and Silky’s intimate video.

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Meera is brought to wedding venue with her friends holding red cloth on her. Punjabhi folk song plays in the background. Vivan signals her to correct her nose ring. Photographer clicks her pics. Vivan signals Sumer to tell truth. Sumer murmurs something in her ears, and she looks at Vivan.

Sumer then takes mic and address guests that he wants to tell them something, there is someone whom they now, but not completely. He was thinking to tell since long, but was confused how would Meera react, then someone encouraged this is right and Meera deserves it. He asks to play video and show everything to everyone. He shows Meera’s childhood photos and then family photos, etc.. Silky smiles at him. Sumer says he wanted to show that Meera has someone behind her who wants to keep her happy. Vivan thinks what he hell is he doing, why he is not telling anything to Meera. Vivan walks towards him. Sumer plays Meera and Vivan’s intimate video. Everyone are shocked seeing this. Silky smirks. Meera and her family feel embarrassed. Amar shouts to stop it. Meera breaks down. Vivan angrily breaks screen.


Vivan angrily breaks screen and confronts Sumer that he warned him to tell his truth, but he likes to be in dirt like a dirty pig. Sumer shouts when his right is on mangalstura, then why Vivan’s right is on suhaagaat. Vivan pushes him and warns to shutup and asks Silky to tell truth. Silky asks what truth, he gave her chip to edit. Biji shouts she saw Vivan giving chip to Silky. Sumer shouts vivan acted too good and is trying to hide his sin. He drags Meera and says she is a cheater. Family also starts tongue lashing Meera. Vivan shouts to shut up and stop alleging Meera. Meera slaps him and says he has done all this to take revenge. He says he was trying to protect her and stood for her when he never supported anyone in life, he did a big mistake supporting her and walks away from there. Guests start badmouthing. Silky and Sumer smirk.

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Moral police enters wearing black clothes and holding wooden planks and starts yelling that Meera is a sinner and slept with another man before marriage, she does not have right to wear kaleerein. They physically abuse her. Family tries to interfere, but goon ladies harrass even them and drag Meera to street. Neighors yell that Meera is a pr*stitute and it is her business. They continue verbally abusing her and say her face has to be blackened.

Vivan returns and trashes all goons. He stops goon ladies from smearing Meera’s face black and protects her. Goons hit him with tubelights while neighbors continue their abusing language. One of them asks who is marry Meera now, will he. Vivan says he will and applies his blood on her forehead and walks away holding her hand..


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