Bridal Material update Tuesday 12 April 2022

Bridal Material 12 April 2022: On Bridal Material update Tuesday 12 April 2022 zee world, Meera walks into Sumer’s room and is shocked to see Vivan instead. She shouts how dare he is to barge into her house. Vivan says this is his house. Their argument continues. He says Indians always try to snatch someone’s properties, earlier she snatched money from him. She says he ruined cab, so she gave that money to cab driver. He says you Indians are so melodramatic. Their argument continues. Someone sees them fighting and informs family. Family rushes to room and parts them ways.

Family tries to create peace between them. Biji asks Meera to calm down and not to fight with Sumer. Meera says he is not Sumer. Dolly asks Vivan to calm down as he is marrying Meera. He asks what, if she is out of her mind, why will he marry arrogant Meera. Drama continues. Meera informs that man is an imposter and is acting as Sumer. Whole family gathers. Bittu chacha angirly shouts at Vivan to come down. Vivan walks down with Amaya. Bittu holds his collar and shouts how dare he is to enter his house. Vivan says he is Vivan Kapoor, owner of this mansion. Bittu holds his legs and apologizes and says he should have informed before coming. Vivan says his secretary informed him around 9 p.m. Bittu thinks he gets inebriated after 8 p.m. and says he gets busy in bhajan after 8 p.m. Biji apologizes and says they are finding alliance for her grandaughter and boy was to come, but he came and they got confused. Vivan says it is okay and asks her to inform her family not to disturb his privacy, looking at Meera.

Vivan takes Amaya back to room. Amaya asks why did not he inform they have a big mansion in India, she will go back to London now. Vivan calms her down. She says she is excited instead. Aman says family how can owner come without informing. Biji says Bittu did not inform us as he gets inebriated every night. Aman says let us make arrangements to invite Sumer’s family. He orders sweets and snacks and whole family waits. Meera suggests them that they should never lie and truth always wins. Family says she has grown up now. Dolly hopes they should not get any problem again. Sweety’s mother walks in. Biji says problem came….

Silky’s mother Laali walks in shouts how dare Biji is to steal Silky’s alliance for Meera. She confronts each family member Biji tries to calm her down, but she continues and walks to Vivan and says this family is fraud and is fixing alliance wrongly, he is supposed to see Silky instead, this house is also not their’s and owner stays in London. Biji says this is house owner Vivan from London and tells Vivan that Lali is his daughter and is mentally ill. Laali says she is not. Vivan says he knows this family’s intentions. Biji takes her aside. Laali continues yelling how can she do this to her daughter, Silky is also her granddaughter, but she always favors Meera. Biji says Silky is attending Soni Kudi Academy and will get many alliances, but Meera will not, so drop this issue right away. Laali continues yelling and says let Dolly bhabhi decide, she knows how it feels as a girl’s mother. Dolly walks in and asks what is happening. Laali explains her whole situation. Meera also walks in and hears whole conversation.

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Meera opposes Daadi’s decision and says she always favored her instead of Silky since chilhood. Biji says she did not and let his alliance happen as Sumer already saw and accepted her. Meera says she will for family’s sake, but only if Silky agrees. Biji agrees.

Meera walks to Soni Kudi Academy and then into Silky’s class. Silky asks how dare she is to snatch her alliance, if she is not ashamed. Meera says let us speak and tries to take her aside. Silky asks if she does not know she is eyeing on already married man, she can sue her. Whole class claps. Silky explains she was practice a situation and asks if she is thinking about Sumer, she is happy for her and does not mind her alliance with Sumer. Meera relaxes.

Vivan speaks to someone over phone. Amaya walks in. He asks if she slept well. She says she slept so well for the first time and asks whom he was trying to speak. He brushes off. Prince walks in and after a bit of jokergiri says Biji asked if they would have dinner with them. Vivan says no, but Amaya says yes. AFter sometime, Doly walks in holding lassi. Vivan says he does not drink lassi. She says alliance is fixed after a great difficulty and everyone thinks they are owner of this mansion, so if he can. Vivan asks if she means he should go out. Dolly asks how does he know. He says he knows this family well now and says he will go out when boy’s family comes. Dolly thanks him happily and leaves…Drama continues…

Sumer with his family comes to Meera’s home for alliance. Parents like Meera. Meera serves them tea and drops cup on Sumer. Family get tensed and apologize. Sumer jokes she served tea to everyone, but served his clothes. Mom says mistakes happen, it is okay. Father says they liked Meera a lot. Family congratulate each other. Ambarsariya…song..plays in the background. Sumer asks if he can talk to Meera alone. Family happily agrees. Dolly asks Meera to take her damad to terrace and don’t tea on him again. Sister says she will show terrace to jijaji.

Vivan and Amaya are on terrace already. Sumer walks to terrace and sees airport girl. He shouts she. She also shouts he. Vivan asks if she knows this man. Amaya says that airport man. Vivan angrily holds Sumer’s collar and shouts how dare he is to kidnap his sister. Sumer and Amaya try to speak, but Vivan asks to shut up and continues roughing up Sumer. Meera enters and warns him dare not to misbehave with Sumer. Vivan shouts she and her family knows only to frighten people for ransom. Meera calls him Bisleri water drinker and warns not to mess up with well water drinker, she will smash him down. Sumer says Vivan’s sister is mad like him. Vivan shouts dare not to misbehave with his sister and holds collar again. Meera warns him again to back off and ask his sister truth. Vivan asks what is Meera telling. Amaya nervously says bhai..Meera says she will tell truth and tells whole incident happened. Vivan apologizes Sumer and Meeera and walks down with Amaya fuming. He yells at Amaya that he had to apologize cheap people because of her.

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Meera continues fuming and says Sumer that tea got cold now. Sumer asks to hold the cup as she is fuming. She says she wants to kick Sumer. Sumer asks what is Vivan doing in her house. Meera says this house is Vivan’s and her family is just caretaker, they wanted to inform his family later, but Vivan spoilt whole mood, she will go and inform his family right now. He says he needs time to rethink about alliance now. Meera gets angry, but nods yes. He says when he thought about his life partner, he did not think that his life partner should have own house, Meera matters to her and not her house. Meera happily thanks him for accepting her the way she is and not judge her by her status. They both go down. Sumer’s mother insists for engagement right now. Aman asks how can they right now. Mother says when hearts have united, why they should delay it. Dolly happily says yes. Engagement happens and family happily dances.

Meera goes back to terrace and sees Amaya crying, asks if Vivan told something, she will punish him. Amaya says bhai never scolded her in life. Meera suggests her to complain her mother. Amaya gets more sad. Meera asks if she is missing her mother, she will take her to her mother. She takes her down and tells Dolly that Amaya is missing her mother. Dolly pampers her and showers motherly love. Amaya asks if Indian mothers pamper children similarly. Dolly says yes, if English mothers dont’ pamper their children. Meera’s sister says they all are going to Amritsar for piligrimage, if Amaya would like to join them and insists. Meera says let Amaya decide herself, she would be happy if Amaya joins them. After sometime, Meera calls Sweety and informs her about her and Sumer’s enagegement and invites her for pilgrimage tomorrow. Laali hears that and thinks she will not let this alliance continue..

Meera gets ready for temple trip to fulfill Dolly’s oath. Dolly gives her money and asks her to eat on time and return safely. Amaya acts as vomiting and tells Vivan that he is right, this place air is also polluted. He says he told her and asks her to accompany him for a business trip. She says she will rest and will be fine. Vivan warns her not to mingle with these people and leaves. Amaya gets happy.

Laali angrily tells Silky that Dolly and Biji stole Sumer and got him engaged to Meera, now she will force them to fix their house owner Vivan’s alliance with Silky. Silky excitedly asks if she is talking about The Vivan Kapoor, her teacher told he is London’s most eligible richest bachelor, life will be so nice he comes in her life. Laali says then he would be the best husband for Silky and best damad for her. At Meera’s house, Dolly and Sweety happily prepare food discussing about their plans for Meera’s wedding. Biji walks in and asks to tell what she has to do for chole puri. Dolly laughs. Laali walks in. Biji pleads not to create any problem now. Laali says it is good Meera is marrying Sumer, now they have to fix Vivan’s alliance with Silky. Biji says it is impossible. Laali warns then she will break Meera’s alliance with Sumer.

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Amaya joins Meera and her sisters to go on temple visit. Silky joins them. Sister introduces Amaya as Vivan’s sister. Silky says she is Meera and her sister’s cousin and asks where is her brother. Amaya says bhai went on a business trip. Silky thinks she has to impress Amaya to marry Vivan. They all leave in a taxi. Amaya says if bhai sees her with them, he will kill her. Vivan hires a taxi for business trip and taxi breaks down. He tries to take lift unsuccessfully. He sees another car coming and stands in the middle of road. Amaya sees him and hides. Prince asks drive to stop car, but Amaya asks not to. Car speeds away. Vivan moves aside and gets angry seeing Meera in car.

Meera’s team stop at a roadside dhaba and enjoy tea. Amaya likes tea a lot. Meera says she should not have lied to Vivan as lies increase problems more. Amaya asks to let her enjoy. They sit for lunch and Amaya gets afraid seeing so much butter with roti. Meera asks her to forget dieting and enjoy food. Silky thinks she has to impress Amaya to marry Vivan and teaches her to make a roti roll and enjoy it. Meera asks her not to spoil Amaya’s eating style. Vivan stops a truck and asks howmuch he has to pay for a drop. Driver says punjabi’s like only love. Vivan thinks Meera’s family is completely opposite. He reaches dhaba and requests owner to arrange a taxi. Amaya bites chilli and shouts it is spicy. Vivan hears that and runs to her. Silky sees him and gets mesmerized. Vivan takes Amaya aside and scolds why did she come with these materialistic people. Amaya says they are very good people. They both join back Meera’s team. Meera says she is not hungry now and walks to wash her hand. Amaya asks Vivan to pay bill. Meera returns and asks bill. Owner says that man paid bill. Meera takes bill copy and walks to Vivan and keeps money in his hand and shouts Amaya is her guest and mom gave her extra money. Vivan stands fuming. Meera warns not to utter anything.


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