Bridal Material update Thursday 5th May 2022

Bridal Material 5 May 2022: Vivan wile working on papers thinks of Amaya and warns not to disturb her. He does not see her and fumes good she is not here to disturb. Papers fly. Vivan picks them. Meera enters and helps her. He shouts why who called her for her, this is the last time she is helping him. She says fine, that is good. Argument ensues and Vivan says her father lied that his mom is alive. Meera challenges her father does not lie and she will prove that his mother is alive. She leaves room and seeing Amaya takes her to Amar’s room and asks them both to close eyes and describe Pammi Kapoor. They both describe what they know about Pammi, she used to follow babaji whom people used to call pitaji, she was wearing yell dress when she left house and met Amar. They both are surprised while Meera gets happy after proving her point. She thinks she should not let them speak again. She walks to Vivan again. Vivan says again back in 10 minutes 32 seconds. Meera taunts he remembers time spent away from her and calls Amaya. Vivan fumes dare not to involve his sister in all this. Amaya says Pammi was even her mother. Vivan and Meera’s argument continues. Meera determines to prove that Vivan’s mother is alive. Roma angrily breaks things and reminisces shooting Pammi, thinks how will Pammi return when she is already dead.

Dolly serves breakfast to family. Amaya comes down. Dolly offers her paranthas. Amaya says she is going out to get birthday gift for Vivan. Whole family congratulates her. Amaya takes Nimmi and leaves.

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Roma throws her sandal on Dolly and apologizes. Dolly says it is fine. Roma taunts in India there are many unwanted people who barge in, when you are angry on someone, you can throw sandal on them and to insult more can as to clean them. She asks Dolly to clean her sandals. Meera interferes and warns dare not to insult her mother, else she will insult her. Roma yells she is mannerless and knows black magic. Meera warns her to mind her tongue. Vivan walks in. Amar says Meera did not do anything and they came here to celebrate his birthday. Roma comments. Amaya says bhai doe not celebrate birthday as their mom left them on that day. Vivan says same and says there is no need for them to do all this and walks out.

Vivan standing in garden feels guilty reminiscing Amar telling they came to celebrate his birthday and he asking them not to. Meera passes by. Vivan holds her hand. She says this time he is holding her hand to leave permanently. He shouts stop it. She says he insulted his parents, now she will break this relationship as promised. He pins her to wall and asks if she is insane, Mrs. Kapoor is right, so he is staying here, else he will book chartered plane and will return to London, rest is up to her now, she can go ahead with whatever she wants to. Thorns prick their fingers. They both look at fingers. Vivan sees Meera’s painful face and leaves. Meera thinks Vivan’s mother is alive, she will give proof as Vivan’s birthday gift.

Nimmo returning home with Amaya after birthday gift shopping asks her why did she buy gift when Vivan does not celebrate birthday. Amaya says hope, she hopes Meera will change Vivan.

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Roma enters garden and taunts Meera with Kanta Laga song….asks if she needs tissue or dirty cloth. Meera says Indians keep their pallu always with them. Roma taunts she become smart day by day, but Vivan does not believe her. Meera says Vivan believes her and even Mrs. Roma Kapoor, but Roma is not her real MIL, let her see till when Vivan will trust her and see will her 20-year-old upbringing will continue to misguide Vivan. She leaves and informs Amaya about Roma misguiding Vivan, says she will prove Roma wrong first.

Vivan tells Roma maybe Meera is right, maybe Roma is wrong this time. Roma asks what about police reords. Vivan says as she said, anything can be bought in India. He says whatever Meera does, she and her family will not harm him and marriage was with his consent, black magic issue is a crap. Roma says slowly Meera is affecting him, now she will bring proof, after which there will not be any doubt left. Amaya enters and tells Vivan and says whateer he thinks, she with Meera’s family will organize his birthday, whether he attends or not, he cannot snatch her right of loving him as brother.

Vivan tries to sleep and thanks god that Meera is not here. He imagines Meera enjoying chips on bed and dancing on him, then falling on him. Allah Mujhe Dard Ke…song…plays in the background. Their eyes lock. He realizes it is her imagination. Meera imagines him entering her room and yelling at her. He falls on her and their yes lock again He gets up. She realizes it is her imagination. They both don’t get sleep for a long time.

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In the morning, while Vivan is sound asleep, Roma enters his room and keeps needles pricked lemon under his pillow and thinks first class passenger is sleeping in economy class and general class passenger is sleeping in first class, soon she will make everyone realize their class.

Dolly with other family members performs aarti in Vivan’s name. Meea passes by, and Dolly asks her to join them. Meera thinks she is going to do similar task and says she will return after finishing important work. She passes via gardne. Roma stops her and asks if she is going for birthday party celebrations. Meera says yes, she will do a dhamaka which will expose Roma’s true face. She thinks she will prove her papa is true, laughs on Roma and leaves. Roma shows needles pricked lemon to Vivan and says Meera did black magic on him again. Vivan says Meera did not sleep on his side of house except Roma and Amaya. Roma asks if he is doubting her. Vivan says no, but knows Meera and her family is right.

Meera goes to her friend’s house and asks to show her mother’s belongings. She shows. Meera looks at clothes. Vivan sees Amaya’s birthday card who writes that god has given his brithday gift already as Meera. He imagines Meera entering with cake and singing happy birtday. He angrily breaks mirror. She continues taunting him.

Meera finds proof of Vivan’s mother’s presence and rushes towards home.

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