Bridal Material update Thursday 12th May 2022

Bridal Material 12 May 2022: Pammi is about to tell Vivan that she is Pammii and says she…when Vivan stops her and asks to tell where Pammi is…She says she does not know. Vivan shouts she told she knows Pamm, but now lying that she does not know, his sister’s condition is worse because of Pammi, he hates even Mrs. Singh now as she is hiding Pammi’s whereabouts, he will not spare even her, shouts to get out. Pammi walks away thinking she cannot meet her daughter now. Meera hears their conversation and thinks why Mrs. Singh is here. Pammi sitting on chair cries that she wanted to change her identity, but now her identity is her son’s hatred. Meera walks to her and says she heard her and Vivan’s conversation, Vivan is both wrong and right, if she knows Pammi, she should inform her that she should come out and prove her innocence as someone is trying to harm Amaya and Vivan in Pammi’s name. Pammi says if she had known Pammi, she would have informed already. She sees Roma’s drama showing fake concern for Amaya and thinks she knows Roma is behind Amaya’s condition, if something happens to her daughter, she will murder Roma.

Meera sees Vivan speaking to UK doctor and asking if should book chartered plane and bring Amaya there. She hides reminiscing Vivan warning not to come in front of him and his sister. Doctor comes out hurriedly. Meera asks what happened. Doctor in English says Amaya’s condition is very critical and needs to be operated, needs family member’s signatures on consent form. Meera asks to repeat in Hindi and runs to call Vivan and falls down, she gets up and runs again, sees Vivan speaking to doctor in a closed room and knocks door, but he cannot hear her. He asks UK doctor to get blood and he will pay any amount to save his sister. Meera breaks window glass with her hand injuring her hand. Vivan turns. She says Amaya. Vivan opens door and runs towards OT. Doctor in Hindi tells where was he, he should sign consent form if something happens to patient during operation, hospital is not responsible. Vivan says he will sign it as it is his sister’s death certificate. Meera says if he signs, Amaya’s chances of survival are better. He does not. She tells doctor that she is Amaya’s sister-in-law and if she can sign. Doctor says yes. She signs papers.

Pammi sits into her car and thinks if she cannot go in front of her children, she can be around them at least. She gets out of car and injures her foot. Nurse sees her. Pammi says she is injured and asks to take her to hospital. Nurse takes her in.

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Vivan sits on bench talking to UK doctors over phone. Meera offers him tea. He throws it repeatedly in dustbin. Pammi comes on wheelchair and thinks Amaya’s mother is near her. She hears Meera speaking to Preeto and asking if she remembers what is her blood group. She then hears Vivan asking to get AB negative blood group somehow and thinks her daughter needs her blood. She walks towards Meera, but Meera walks away and she falls down. Vivan continues shouting at doctors to find AB negative blood. Nurse informs that blood is found takes her to room where Meera is giving blood. Vivan calms down seeing her.

Meera gives her blood to Amaya. Vivan looks at her. She requests not to stop her as she also has AB negative blood like Amaya. Vivan nods he will not. Roma continues her drama and says she will give her last drop of blood if it matches with Amaya’s. Nurse comes and informs no need for that as someone gave blood. Roma asks who is it, she will touch her feet and thank. Nurse says patient’s bhabhi Mrs. Meera Kapoor. Dolly says Meera is blood related to Amaya now, their bonding has gone more strong now. Roma fumes and thinks Meera took praises again, she will not spare her. Laali thinks what she will do now. Nurse takes 1 unit of blood and for another unit, she searches blood vessel on Meera’s hand. Meera asks to call her mamma who knows everything about her. She gives 2 more units of blood and asks Vivan to go and be with Amaya. Doctor comes out and informs that Amaya’s condition was very critical, but with blood transfusion, her condition has stabilized.

Roma goes to have samosas at canteen. Dolly calls and asks how is she. She says how will a critical girl’s mother would be and continues her drama. She enjoys samosas. She sees Sherri and her brother getting arrested and thinks now nobody can doubt her.

Vivan asks Meera to go home and rest as she has given 3 units of blood (really). He then asks if she knows any more details about Pammi Kapoor as she chatted with her on friendsbook account. Meera says he can check her account, its password is Vivan. Vivan reminisces all sort of passwords except his name. Meera thinks Pammi cannot harm her children. After sometime, inspector comes and informs that he got Pammi’s details, she was operating from her old house with sim in her name, ironically the goons she hired don’t know anything about Amaya as Pammi had hired them to kill Meera Kapoor. Vivan asks inspector to arrest Pammi soon. Inspector asks them both to sign 2 different papers to submit them in court to seek Pammi’s arrest warrant. Meera hesitates. Vivan insists. She says a mother cannot harm her children, he has to give one more chance to his mother. Vivan yells that she is no more related to her, asks inspector to meet lawyer for rest of formalities, shouts at Meera to get out of hosptial as guests are not allowed, only family members can stay here.

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Meera sadly walks out and sits on bench. Family see her there and what is she doing here. Meera says Vivan asked her to not enter hospital. Dolly scolds what did she do now, she is a bad wife. She continues yelling. Roma enters and acts as consoling Meera and says she is a kabbaddi player and should fight…

Doctor informs UK doctor that Amaya’s condition is stable now. Roma walks in and says she wants Amaya to be airlifed to UK hospital. Vivan says Amaya will not go anywhere.

Roma tells doctor that she wants to say something. Doctor asks to speak. Dolly takes Meera to Vivan. Meera asks how is Amaya. He says fine. Dolly asks what happened again that they are fighting. Vivan says he wanted someone to accompany him, but he finds person in opposite direction. Meera says she wants to accompany, but the other person always does not want to. Dolly asks where is he going. He says to get medicine. Dolly says Prince will get it. Daadi insists him to have food for Amaya’s sake. He agrees and walks with them to canteen. Meera serves him food. Pammi watches hiding and thinks thank god someone is there to take care of her son.

Roma walks in and gives phone to Vivan. UK doctor asks Vivan why he is keeping his sister in a small hospital, bring her to UK. Vivan says he will not, she may go. She says she is not taking opinion, she is informing. Vivan insists. Roma says if something happens to Amaya, he will be responsible. Nurse informs that Amaya’s condition is getting critical. They all run and see Amaya gasping for air. Doctor says oxygen cylinder finished. Vivan scolds nurse to get it within 5 minutes. Nurse says they get it from far away and needs some time. Vivan panics while Roma thinks now Amaya’s drama has started and pleads doctor to arrange oxygen cylinder, she can pay 10 lakhs rupees. Doctor says they are trying their best. Pammi sees that and thinks Roma is playing game which she played with her.

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Meera sees an old patient with oxygen cylinder and pleads that he must be having extra cylinder at home, if Indians don’t help each other, will foreigners help, if he can spare a cylinder. Patient’s wife says they have only 1 cylinder. Patient says he is an army man and can fight without oxygen for 15 minutes. Meera thanks him and takes cylinder. After 15 minutes, Amaya gets new oxygen cylinder. Patient says credit goes to Meera who convinced him to spare his cylinder. Vivan thanks him. Wife says she is proud of her husband and takes him away.

Vivan scolds doctor if they cannot have extra cylinder, he will shut this hospital. Roma yells that Vivan is not listening to her and risking Amaya’s life, why he is beind Pammi and wants to risk his sister’s life. Vivan says he will leave for UK tonight itself.

Meera thinks how can oxygen vanish for suddenly. She hears wardboys discussing to correct oxygen pipe and seeing her running away. Meera thinks if someone tampered oxygen pipes or if it is her thinking. Pammi thinks even Meera has given up now. Meera asks comatosed Amaya to be courageous. Laali on the other side thinks if Pammi really used her own sim and reminisces Roma asking to send key maker. Pammi hears that. Doctor then tells Roma if even 1 minute had passed, they would have achieved what she wanted, but Meera interfered. Roma asks to do it during airlifting, she was air hostess and knows when oxygen level drops in flight. Pammi hears that and cries how to help her child, police is searching for her.

Vivan packs his bags and tells Meera that now he is going back to London, this room is her and she can sleep the way she likes. She says she will sleep in her room and slips. He holds her. Romantic song plays in the background.


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