Bridal Material update Sunday 8 May 2022

Bridal Material update Sunday 8 May 2022: On Bridal Material 8 May 2022, Amaya tells Vivan that when people tell he is emotionless and arrogant, they are right, he does not respect anyone, Meera is confronting him to support his mother, that reason is sufficient for him to love her, when saas bahu fight in this age and try to garner husband’s attention, she is supporting saas, this reason is enough for him to love her. She continues.

Vivan reminisces Meera’s confrontation and feels for her. He goes to her room and sees her sleeping. A romantic song plays in the background. He gets inspector Brar’s call.

Pammi sees news about murder case and reporter alleging her, thins who must be doing this, if it is her son. She sees Preeto on screen and is shocked, thinks her children should not think bad about her. Vivan informs Roma that Pammi Kapoor murder case is reopening after FIR filing. Roma asks who is filing FIR. Vivan says Preeto. Meera walks in and hears him. She angrily walks towards door and slips. Vivan tries to hold her, but slips. Meera angrily looks at him and walks out. She tries to start bike. Vivan asks Amaya to go with Meera, she will not take his help. Amaya says she feels happy seeing his concern for Meera. She walks with Meera. Constable shows Pammi’s sketch to Vivan. Vivan says he does not remember her face. Constable says let us go to police station then and gets him on bike. Bike breaks down. Constable says this bike is old like case and since he is loyal, he wants to inform that Pammi’s case is being pressurized.

In police station, inspector asks Preeto to sign FIR. Preeto asks what is written in it. He asks if she does not trust herself. Meera with Amaya walks in and says Preeto will trust herself and checking FIR asks to read it. He reads that Preeto is considering as Pammi as her mother’s murderer. Amaya says when it is a question of her mother, she will not let injustice. Meera says even her mother now, Preeto also joins hands. Meera says she will not let anyone interfere in her issues now. Vivan walks in . Meera asks Amaya to inform her brother not to interfere. She asks inspector to get file first. Inspector walks in and calling Laali says she got him trapped. He takes file out and shows death certificate. Meera says he already showed this to Vivan, show photo. Inspector hesitantly shows photo. Preeto says this is not her mother. Amaya tears FIR.

Vivan asks constable to find details about a number. Meera walks out with Amaya and gets into car. Amaya sees bike in front and says they are stuck and cannot move forward. Meera goes to set bike aside. Vivan help her. Amaya thinks if they help each other, they will do wonders. Meera tries to get auto, but Vivan signals autodrivers to leave. Amaya calls her and she gets in car. Amaya asks to call bhai also now.

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Amaya asks Meera to ask bhai/Vivan to get into car. Meera signals him. He gets into car. On the way, Meera slips on Vivan on speed braker, but does not speak to him. He thinks she should not stop talking to him. Laachi on the other side yells inspector Brar was coward and warned her not to call him, because of people like him, police is blamed, asks Roma why she is looking tensed. Roma shouts she is not tensed.

Meera returns home reminiscing Vivan raising hand to hit her. Kise Puchoon…song…plays in the background. Vivan stops her and insists her to speak to him, do whatever she wants, but talk to him. She does not and tries to leave, but he stops her and apologizes for his mistake. She does not and leaves even then. he angrily breaks vases with his hands and punches on mirror repeatedly injuring his hand. She stops him and asks if he has gone mad. He stops when she comes in front. She says he made a mistake and corrected himself, if he had not stopped, she woudl not have stopped to stop him. She looks into his yes and then removes glass strands from his hand while he continues looking at her. O soniye…song…plays in the background. She bandages his hand. Vivan asks not to help him so much as he is not habituated to it, he used to bandage himself. She asks to be silent, finishes bandaging looking into his eyes and leaves.

Meera brings turmeric milk for Vivan next. Vivan in sleep repeatedly murmurs sorry Meera talk to me Meera thinks what is happening when they did not want to come closer, why they are. Vivan wakes up in the morning and sees Meera sleeping on his chest. She wakes up and walks out nervously. Orphanage manager calls Vivan that Pammi called repeatedly, but he did not pick call and left message to call today.

Biji and Dolly chat sitting in living room. Biji says she unable to find her childhood friend’s number. Amaya hears her and says she will help her and creates her friend book account on laptop. Meera walks down thinking how to help goonda singh/Vivan. She sees Amaya helping Daadi find her friend and realizes she can find Pammi in friend book. She runs to Vivan’s room and sees him coming out of bathroom wearing towel. She falls on him and their nok jhok starts. She drags him to laptop and tries to switch it on shaking it. He teaches her to switch it on and asks what she needs. She says Indians find way themselves. He says she will delete his files, what she actually wants. She says she wants to open friend book account. He teaches her to open account and uploads her photos, asks reason.

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She thinks if whole world is on friend book, even Pammi will be. She tells Vivan that she is bored of this marriage, and when he leaves, she wants love marriage and will find her partner on friend’s book. Vivan fumes, but says cotinue friend’s book, he will make a call. She thinks if she can find Pammi, her work will be easy.

Bhootu’s summer camp continues. Mohini asks Shona to tell Vikram that her mother ran away with a man. Shona asks with him, she will not say that. Mohini shows her her ice cream. Shona agrees and cries in front of Vikram that her mamma ran away with someone. Mohini’s puppet hugs subconscious Anandita and kisses her back. Mohini shows Vikram that Anandita is romancing a stranger. Vikram fumes. Mohini signals puppet to run. Vikram runs behind man. Anandita falls unconscious. Mohini shouts if she is dead and feeds her water. Vikram runs behind puppet and catching him asks who is he, what was he doing with Anandita. Puppet says he is Anandita’s boyfriend and goes wherever she calls him.

Vikram angrily returns and asks Mohini if she knew about Anandita/s affair. She says yes, but could not speak. Vikram fumes. Anandita walks towards Vikram. Vikram slaps her, and she falls down. He then shouts at her that he did not know she was so characterless, he will marry Mohini now. Mohini gets very happy. Vikram then goes to Daadi and says he has decided to marry Mohini. Dadi asks what happened now. He says it is his final decision. Daadi smirks while her evil friends peep at them hiding.

Summer camp host announces Zaara and Kaaber of Ishq Subhan Allah Serial’s dance performance. They enter and dance on Ladki Badi Anjanji hai…song… Vikram watches them silently and looks at Anandita. Anandita walks to Vikram and asks why he wants to marry Mohini ad what did she do, he does not seem happy with his decision. He says he is very happy with his decision and is going away from her now. Anandita says when he will return, he will see her dead face. Kabeer and Zaar’s dance continues. They end up romancing each other on Kuch Kuch Hota

Mohini’s puppets kidnap Shona. Pihu watches her and shouts for help. Daadi plans with her evil friends to kill Anandita before she returns in Vikram’s life and plans to blast summer camp.

Vivan sitting in his car chats with his business partner. He sees Meera carrying a huge bag bare footed and gets angry, goes to her and scolds if she cannot do anything straight way, where is she going bare footed. Meera says she was feeling hungry, so she ate it applying jam and butter. He scolds to be specific. She says Biji told her wish will be fulfilled if she takes flour to gurdwara bare footed. He says he is leaving soon, then she will get her life partner. She says yes, she will get her real prince charming, then says she is praying that he meets Pammi Kapoor. He says she will anyways and remembers orphanage manager’s call. She asks him to take flour to guardwara, she will come walking. He keeps flour in car and lifting her keeps her in car. She says sinner, why did he do that. He says let it be. Their nok jhok starts. Vivan thinks whatever she does, he is not concerned, he just wants to meet Pammi today. He drops Meera outside gurdwara. She asks to come in. He says he does not believe in god, dorns dupatta on her head and walks back. Pammi comes to gurdwara, but they both don’t notice each other.

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Meera prays at gurdwara. Pammi walks in and prays. Meera prays that Vivan’s mummy should also be like her mummy and not bitter. Roma prays to not let her son hate her.

Vivan goes to orphanage and waits for Pammi’s call. Pammi calls. Vivan angrily speaks and asks where he can met her. She disconnects call, but he hears gurdwara bhajan in background. Meera calls him. He says Pammi is in same gurdwara and asks her to find her. Meera searches Pammi, but does not notice her. Roma calls orphanage, and manager informs that Pammi had called and Vivan went to meet her in gurdwara.

Vivan reaches gurdwara and thinks where to find head scarf to enter gurdwara. Meera continues searching Pammi, but does not notice her. Head scarf falls from Pammi’s thali on Vivan. Vivan holds it. Pammi walks down and noticing Vivan gets tensed, but does not react and says it is hers. He returns. She asks to wear it. He thanks and tries, but cannot. She helps him wear it and calls him son. He asks if she knows him. She says he is Vivan Kapoor, the most eligible bachelor and business tycoon, congratulates him for his wedding and leaves. Vivan seeing Meera continuing to search Pammi and says phone came from landline somewhere around. He sees landline nearby and asks owner if he saw who called last. He says he cannot see. Vivan angrily tries to break landline, but Meera stops it.

Roma reaches gurdwara yelling if Pammi is here, she will kill her. Pammi passes by and identifies her, but Roma does not. Vivan sees Roma and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to pray. Vivan makes her hear Pammi’s voice. Roma gets tensed. Vivan says her tension reveals it is Pammi..


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