Bridal Material update Sunday 15th May 2022

Bridal Material update Sunday 15th May 2022: On Bridal Material 15 May 2022, Vivan scolds Meera what she thinks of herself, she created drama in front of Amaya and whole family, but he kept quiet. She asks if he will speak now. He says yes and asks how can she be pregnant. In living room, Laali clashes with Amar and exchanges medicine. Amar gives medicine to Dolly and asks to give it to Meera. Roma hits Laali’s shoulder from behind and says one Meera was enough and now another will haunt her.

Laali shows medicine and says Meera will not haunt her. Vivan and Meera’s nok jhok continues. Meer then panics seeing a honeybee coming and hides behind Vivan. Vivan says she did not get afraid of Sheri, then why she is acting. She wears blanket on her. Vivan gets into it. She taunts even he is afraid of bee. He says no. She asks to shoo it away then. He gets out of blanket and shoos it out of window and asks what now. She says until they found if it is baby girl or boy, they should take care of it. He angrily asks what. She asks him to lower AC, drape blanket on her. He obeys. She says golu ke papa press my head, I am having severe headache. Vivan shouts if she has gone mad. She reminds she did his scalp massage, even he should. He does. Meera thanks god and says she found a solution whenever she gets headache. Roma fumes seeing that. Laali asks not to worry, their reward is on the way.

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Vivan does Meera’s shoulder and neck massage. A romantic song plays in the background. Dolly enters and feels shy. Meera says not to feel shy, her son-in-law is doing is duty and fulling promise made to her and Amaya. Dolly gives medicine and leaves. Vivan gives Meera medicine and asks to have it. Meera asks give her water. He does fuming. She eats medicine. Laali continues to watch hiding and tells Roma that Meera will feel uneasy and nauseous now and will run to washroom. Meera does same. Laali says she will shout now. Meera whistles instead and comes out holding clothes and says she forgot to dry them. Roma scold Laali that her plans fail always. Meera rests. Vivan says already half night finished and walks towards sofa. She holds his hand and asks to sleep on bed itself. He fumes more. She insists him to get ambi/raw mango from kitchen. He agrees. She asks to sprinkle black salt on it. He walks towards kitchen.

Vivan walks into kitchen and searches ambi. Dolly thinks Sheri has barged in and beats him with stick. He shouts it is him Vivan. She switches on light and apologizes. He says Molu needs mangoes. Dolly asks who. He says Meera. She laughs and gives him raw mangoes and says if he is hungry, she will give him warm milk. He says he will also have mangoes. She laughs more.

Roma looks at pearl bracelet in Laali’s hand and snatches it, says Meera needs it more now and drops pearls on stairs. She shouts Vivan.. Meera hears that and rushes towards living room and slips. She falls from stairs and shouts vivan…

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Meera slips and falls from stairs and calls Vivan. Vivan runs towards her and holds her on time and stops her from falling on floor. Roma gets jealous seeing her plan failed. Vivan and asks if she and child are safe. Meera says she is fine. Dolly says until a husband like Vivan is there to protect Meera, nothing will happen to her. Roma asks if Meera if her baby is fine, smirking on her. Meera tells Dolly that she felt something on stairs. Roma says someone must have pushed her. Whole family rushes towards door to check and find no one. Meera finds pearl on stairs and shows it to Dolly. Roma gets tensed and continues her yelling. Nimmo says she saw pearl bracelet in Laali bua’s hand. Meera says even she saw. Laali says she had, but it broke when they were running around to catch Sheri.

Roma says Amaya’s life is in danger here, so Vivan should move back to London with Amaya and her. Vivan says Roma will go instead as he cannot risk her life. Roma insists Vivan to go back to London with Amaya. Vivan gets adamant and says he will stay here with Amaya, Meera should stay with her parents as he does not want to put her in danger. Meera confronts and says she will stay with him and Amaya. Vivan says he cannot risk child’s life. Meera says her child is a sikh and kabbaddi player’s son and is strong, she will not leave her husband and Amaya alone and risk their lives. Dolly scolds Meera to obey her husband. Meera gets adamant and thinks she knows her mother is worried about her, but she wants to protect her husband staying here. Amar tells Dolly it is good that Vivan wants Meera to stay with us. Dolly says she wants Meera to go to her in-laws place with her husband.

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Meera returns to her room and sleeps on bed. Vivan drapes blanket on her. She says ice cream. He asks what. Meera says she wants ice cream with lots of nuts and cream, etc. He asks if she wants to have so much alone. She says it is for 2 people, what can she do when his child is a foodie. He says is 20 people’s food. Their nok jhok starts.

Meera wakes up in the morning, goes to bath, and wakes out with wet hair wetting floor. Vivan slips but controls himself and scolds her. Their nok jhok starts. She slips. He holds her and says that is what he was talking about and asks to remove her shoes and wear rubber slippers while walking. She throws shoes and wears slippers. Their nok jhok continues again.

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