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Bridal Material update Saturday 28th May 2022: Bridal Material 28 May 2022, Laali pays for Biji’s treatment and says family that they must be thinking she fights with Biji always, but she is also Biji’s daughter and is worried for her. Vivan opens briefcase when he sees someone peeping via window and runs out. Goon runs out and hides behind car, calls boss and says he could not get drug briefcase. Boss orders to get it at any cost, it has drugs worth crores. Vivan walks back in and hides seeing Mera. Meeera senses someone around, but walks in to Biji’s room. Doctor treats Biji and informs Biji’s condition is fine now. Amar thanks Laaali. Laali asks him not to forget her favor. Meera walks in and thanks Laali for her help on time and says only blood will help on time. Laali smirks. Meera then takes Nimmo aside and asks how did she get money. Nimmo nervously lies that her friend had gifted her gold pendant, she sold it. Meera insists. Nimmo agrees that her boyfriend gave her money. Meera asks to call her boyfriend here. Nimmo says he left India as Meera’s wedding drama was not ending at all. Meera sadly walks away.

Vivan leans on couch and imagines Meera taking care of him. Their nok jhok and romantic lukhaa chupi starts. Tum Hum nawa….song…plays in the background. Vivan wakes up hearing phone call. Kidnapper warns him that he has very less time, else he will lose 1 family member.

Meera sadly walks in corridor when Nimmo emotionally hugs her from behind and apologizing for hurting her and says her family’s sansar don’t let them lie, she actually got a letter and money in her room. Meera reads letter and asks her to inform her if she gets any call. Nimmo agrees. She calls given number and thanks man for helping her. Man says he loves her a lot since many years and cannot see her in trouble, so he sent money. She asks his name. He says Balli grover. Meera passes by speaking to someone when Laali stops her and alleges if she is spying her and says she knows she slept in Vivan’s house yesterday and trying to patch up, people will badmouth about her family. Meera says she did not and walks away. Dolly confronts Laali.

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Vivan gets Pammi’s call who asks him to come and free them soon. Vivan asks where is she. She says she does not know which place is this, she took kidnapper’s phone and called him somehow and disconnects. Vivan continues where is she, Amaya.. He turns and sees Meera standing, gets tensed. Meera asks how are mummy ji and Amaya. He says it is none of her business. Meera taunts though Pammi gave him birth, he is bought up by evil Roma, so he is very arrogant. He says he bought up Amaya, then what she will say now. Meera thinks Amaya gave her a number to call, calls it and finds it switched off, gets worried for Amaya.

Vivan tracks kidnapper’s location with Dr. Brar’s help. Meera at home thinks why Vivan ran away without answering her, if Amaya and mummyji are safe, she prays god for their safety. Brar says soon location will be traced and says it is of some warehouse near some temple. They reach warehouse. Vivan makes call and calls Amaya. They hear mobile rining and see a dead body with something fallen on it. Vivan says it is Roma as Roma wears same bracelet. Inspector sends body for postmortem. Vivan asks to find out who killed Roma. Brar says Roma troubled him so much, even then he cares for her, looks at this place, he feels something is wrong. Vivan asks if he means it is a trap. They hear kidnapping laughing.

Meera gets her mobile recharged, calls London on Amaya’s given number and asks if Mr. Kapoor’s daughter and wife came there. Man says nobody came here. Meera gets tensed. Dolly sees her and asks if she is tensed regarding Vivan, a person gets tensed when he/she cares for other person. Meera says how can Vivan change so much, she knew Vivan is a crook, but she fell in his love, people say right, love is blind. Dolly says it is god’s game and with her moral gyaan consoles Meera. Meera cries hugging her. Amar comes and cheers her next. Sweety and Nimmo also hug each other.

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Vivan with police team search kidnapper and find recoder. Kidnapper says they cannot hurt him, but he can hurt them. Brar says looks like this man is a psycho. Vivan says when he can kill Roma, he can harm maa and Amaya also, they should search him soon. Kindapper attacks Meera and stabs her. Vivan shouts Meera and reveals it was his imagination. Brar asks if he is fine. He says yes and calls Meera’s landline, thinking he wants to know if she is fine. Nimmo walks towards phone and is to pick phone when Meera picks it and says hello. Vivan says he is very afraid and wants to express his love for her. Meera cannot hear and asks why no one is speaking. Vivan realizes his phone is mute. Meera thinks she wants to meet Vivan and tell him a lot, but her Vivan is lost, hope she can tell him what is in her heart. Vivan thinks hidiing all this issue he is saving Meera from danger. Meera thinks if Vivan is trying to save her from danger, if he had called her. They both continue their concern for each other.

Vivan returns to his car and finds kidnapper’s note to kick Meera out of house, else he knows what can happen. vivan thinks he has to overcome fear, he cannot let Meera’s life at risk. He rushes to Meera’s house, rushes family into Biji’s room and asks them to be in this room until he returns. Meera shouts who is he to order them. Vivan says he is doing this for their safety and closes door. He looks at Meera via glass. He then calls kidnapper and says he kicked out Meera’s whole family, now if he can speak to his mother. Kidnapper says he needs 10 crores, makes Pammi speaks to Vivan, and then orders to hurry up. Meera checks Amaya’s social network account and does not see her active since coming to India and gets worried for Pammi and Amaya. She walks out of room and hears Vivan ordering his banker to arrange 10 crores immediately. She then sees him picking gun and leaving. She calls Pammi and Amaya repeatedly, but their phones are switched off. She calls back London and asks if Pammi and Amaya came there. Maid on other side says no one came. She asks what about Roma. Maid says no one came. Meera gets more tensed thinking what happened to them.

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