Bridal Material update Saturday 16th April 2022

Bridal Material 16 April 2022: On Bridal Material update Saturday 16th April 2022 zee world, Meera with Amaya goes to jewelry shop to sell bangle. Vivan waiting to catch thief thinks he caught her red handed, good Amaya will know her truth. Jewler praises it is very old jewelry with intricate design. She asks how much he can give. He says 50,000 rs easily. Vivan messages to delay her payment somehow. Jeweler says he can give 50,000 rs, but his friend may give 70,000-75,000 rs and will need 2 days at least to contact him. Meera asks him to make arrangement by tomorrow, else buy it for 50,000 rs itself and leaves with Amaya. Vivan thinks she is such a greedy girl, he will expose her today.

Dolly shows new bangles to Sweety and says she remoulded her mom’s gifted jewelry into these bangles. Sumer walks in with gift. Nimmo and Silky greet him and inform family. Sumer says his mom sent engagement dress for Meera and asks Meera to try it. Dolly happily asks Meera to go and try it. Meera walks to her room and gets tensed seeing low neck gown. Vivan knocks door and walks in forcefully. Meera shouts how dare he is to enter her room forcefully. He says like she barged into his room and says he caught her red handed, empties her bag, but does not find bangle, asks where did she hide. Meera asks what. Silky knocks door and asks if she tried gown, Sumer is waiting. Meera back lashes Vivan that because of him, she forgot to try gown and asks him to leave. He leaves yelling. She takes gown out and says it is low neck gown. Sumer says it is famous designer’s designed gown and her mom wants Meera to look best during engagement. Silky sees Vivan watching from balcony and thinking of impressing him. She says it is such a famous designer’s gown and not less than 1 lakh, it is so beautiful. Dolly says it is, takes Dolly to her room and warns her to wear it, else she does not want to upset Sumer and break their alliance. Meera says she did not wear these kind of revealing dresses in life. Dolly says she has to and leaves.

Vivan walks into Amaya’s room who wearing sari asks how is she looking. He sees bangle in her hand and asks where dis he get it. She says she found it in his drawer and took it. He realizes that Meera did not steal bangle and has another one, so he should find out his mom’s details via Meera.

Meera wears gown and shyingly drapes duppata around and walks down. Sumer yells she spoilt the gown, good his mom is not here, else she would have got disappointed seeing behanji, now he realized why any boy did not like her till now and she did not marry, problem is in her. Meera gets teary eyed. Sumer continues that she is becoming Sumer Kapoor’s wife and should not embarrass him during engagement. Vivan thinks he can find out his mom’s whereabouts via Meera by acting good with her…

After Sumer leaves,angry and disappointed with Meera for not obliging him,Dolly gets furious with Meera for being stubborn and rigid.She supports whatever Suner has said about Meera and warns her that unless Meera mends her ways,she will always find herself in trouble and put them in trouble as wellWhen Meera tries to explain that she has never worn a backless gown and she can not wear one now ,Dolly gets exasperated and advises her sarcastically not to wear the dress if sh is not wiling.She then becomes emotional and begs her daughter to not torture her like this and do as she says ,.. Atleast till she is alive,later she is free to do whatever she feels like.
As Dolly starts crying in desperation,Biji comes in and wants to know what is Dolly up to and what is this new drama,Dolly replies that she is not the one who is melodramatic but her grand daughter,,she narrates how Meera’s would be mother in law has sent a lovely ,expensive gown for her engagement ,how Sumer wanted to see her in that and how Meera came down wearing it but with a heavy dupatta covering her top and how Sumer got annoyed as well as disappointed and left quite upset..She says that Meera is such a trouble shooter,that until she sits in her doli and leaves her father’s house,,she,her mother can n’t sleep peacefully.
Meera’s chachiji tries to convince Meera by saying that every girl undergoes this phase and change is inevitable after marriage ,otherwise it is difficult to get adjusted to new relations and new environment .She gives her own example ,how her mother had never scolded her but how after getting married ,she has to get used to Biji’s endless reprimands ,….still she never complained .She reminds Meera that in a few days she is going to become Meera Kapoor and there is nothing wrong in moulding herself to the likes of her husband.Biji asks her to stop her lecture and fetch some water for Dolly,she tells Meera to go into her room.Dolly,her voice still choked,reminds her daughter about the costly dress and tells her to fold it carefully as she has to wear it for her engagement.
After Meera leaves the hall.,Dolly begs her mother in law to make her granddaughter understand the sensitivity of the situation .She tried her best but she couldn’t.Biji consoles her that she will talk to Meera and advises her to keep cool..Dolly refuses water saying that only after Meera’s marriage,she can take an easy breath.She prays Devima that if she grants her wish and Meera gets married without any obstacles,she will walk up the hill all the way to the temple.
They hear a sudden commotion outside and Meera ‘s mother gets shocked to see her husband unwell and gasping for breath.As Dolly runs to him ,Biji and others follow her.They make him sit and after giving him his medication ,Dolly asks him why he is so much worried that he is even spoiling his health.meera comes down running to her father .Dolly’s devrani takes her aside and informs thatvShe came to know from her husband ,Bittu,that Meera’s father is feeling terribly hurt for not being able to purchase a suitable ring for Sumer.On hearing this ,Dolly becomes emotional and comforts her husband that even girls from poor families get married,there is no need to compare and get worried! Sumer’s parents are rich and can afford a diamond ring,otherwise also ,they have n’t done any favour by giving it to their future daughter in law.
Dolly’s devrani again whispers that Meera’s father might be worried about the taunts that his daughter might have to face face after her marriage ,if he fails to do the marriage according to Sumer’s statusDolly gets agitated at this and says nothing of that sort would happen as Sumer’s parents very well know about their financial constraints but still asked for Meera’s hand for their son.
Meera’s father recovers sufficiently enough to get up and go inside but seeing Meera’s crest fallen face inquires whether there is any problem.When Dolly is about to say something about a gown ,Meera anxious not to trouble her already worried father ,stops her mother in her tracks and explains that Sumer had brought a lovely gown for her which she simply loves and can not wait to wear.Seeing this change in Meera ,everyone feels relieved ,particularly her mother.Meera’s father feels very happy to see his daughter elated
Upstairs. Vivaan asks his sister why she is making such a scene about the bangle Amaya retaliates that it is he who is creating a scene by not telling her the truth,,when she asks if the bangle is somehow connected to her mother,Vivaan stops her and asks her not to get emotional.Amaya gets emotional and confesses that she feels her mother’s presence whenever she wears the bangle .Vivaan quietly asks her to go to her room and rest.Amaya shouts that he is lying ,he knows that this bangle is their mother’s. Atleast had he told her she would have found solace by treasuring it .Amaya tells her brother that he misses their mom and knows he also misses her,Vivaan denies that he misses their mother and says he hates her for leaving them so young and not discharging her responsibilities .He says to a shocked Amaya that no woman deserves to be called a mother by just giving birth.Amaya says she doesn’t believe that he doesn’t miss their mother,,otherwise he wouldn’t have kept her bangle all these years,,Amaya tells her brother that she loves their mother where as he hates her but still both think about her in their own way.,when she begs him to share his pain with her , he says he can not do so as he can not see his little sister in pain.He promises her that he will certainly finish the work for which he has come to India and on the day he finds out the truth,he will tell her everything When Amaya asks him to promise ,Vivaan says that he can not do so if she has tears in her eyes Amaya smiles and hugs him affectionately.And she gives back the bangle to Vivaan as that is the last and only clue to search for their mother.
Vivaan contemplates how Meera has the same kind of bangle ,may that bangle is also his mother’s.He decides to find out how that bangle is in the possession of Meera’s family and thinks he should start his investigation from this house only.
Meera’s father ,sitting in his room thinks about the diamond ring and the exquisite dress and starts getting worried as to how ,a middle class father like him ,will match Sumer’s father’s status Biji comes there and comforts him saying that being his mother she knows what he is thinking she asks him why he is getting worried when he is giving Sumer and his family the costliest diamond….his daughter Meera. She advises him not to go into comparisons and give his daughter whatever his finances permit. When he expresses the doubt that Meera might be taunted later after her marriage,she brushes aside his misgivings saying that Meera ,being from a civilised family would know how to handle issues ,she goes on to say that the father of a girl is not inferior in any way to a boy’s parents.She explains to her son who seems to be low In confidence that boys and girls are equally important and he should come out of his orthodox mindset.She advises him to go to sleep as she is there to manage everything.
Silky rings up her mother to report to her what all has happened there,,she says that her Mamaji suffered a heart attack as he couldn’t manage money to buy the ring.Silky’s mother gets impatient and I instructs her not to bother about what is happening around her,instead,she should find ways to get near the rich boy Vivaan Kapoor. When Silky replies that he has lot of attitude and unapproachable ,Laali sternly asks her to use all the tactics learnt in the academy and get her first class results.
Meera recollects Sumer’s insinuations her mother’s taunts and feels miserable .As she cries bitterly,Biji comes in and asks her not to shed all the tears now itself and keep some for her farewell .Seeing her still weeping ,Biji consoles her and asks her to tell her problem ,she ,her granny might be having a solution.After much coaxing ,Meera asks her granny why Sumer wants her to change now when initially he liked her as a simple ,middle class girl .Granny explains that every new relation brings new changes,everything changes in this world,nothing stays as it is,so it is advisable to adapt to changes ,ofcourse without compromising too much from her side.And better invite the change with a smile,then only life will be happy.When Meera complains that both her mother and Sumer are annoyed with her,Biji comforts her saying that her mother will be alright by tomorrow morning ,regarding Sumer,she should talk to him the next day itself and he will understand.She asks Meera not to worry about all these things and look ahead to her bright future with Sumer and advises her to smile and keep smiling always.
Vivaan comes down to talk to Biji and inquire about her doubts.She welcomes him and asks what is the matter.He thanks her for looking after their house all these years He casually asks her if anyone from his family has ever come here before he and his sister.Biji thinks for a moment that his father came once before he got married and on his enquiry,says he came alone ,no one accompanied her.Vivaan thinks that if that woman didn’t come to the house ,then how come a similar bangle is with the family.He promises himself that he will find out the connection.
end of the episode

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