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Bridal Material update Monday 30 May 2022: Bridal Material 30 May 2022: Vivan returns to his car and finds kidnapper’s note to kick Meera out of house, else he knows what can happen. vivan thinks he has to overcome fear, he cannot let Meera’s life at risk. He rushes to Meera’s house, rushes family into Biji’s room and asks them to be in this room until he returns. Meera shouts who is he to order them. Vivan says he is doing this for their safety and closes door.

He looks at Meera via glass. He then calls kidnapper and says he kicked out Meera’s whole family, now if he can speak to his mother. Kidnapper says he needs 10 crores, makes Pammi speaks to Vivan, and then orders to hurry up. Meera checks Amaya’s social network account and does not see her active since coming to India and gets worried for Pammi and Amaya. She walks out of room and hears Vivan ordering his banker to arrange 10 crores immediately. She then sees him picking gun and leaving. She calls Pammi and Amaya repeatedly, but their phones are switched off. She calls back London and asks if Pammi and Amaya came there. Maid on other side says no one came. She asks what about Roma. Maid says no one came. Meera gets more tensed thinking what happened to them.

Meera prays god to help her always like today he sent Mummy and papa to get her out of room. She reminisces Dolly helping her get down window via her dupatta. She further prays god to get Vivan’s truth out soon. Nimmo walks out of house with her boyfriend hiding.

Vivan gets a call from Pammi’s friend who informs that she saw Pammi and Amaya in gurdwara. He asks which Gurdwara is it,he will come there right now. Vase falls, he turns and sees Meera watching him hiding. Amar in Biji’s room tells Vivan is creating problem. Sweety says she sees a child in Vivan’s eyes. Biji says one has to kill their soul to gain in business, so they should not think Vivan is innocent.

Vivan sees Meera and asks what is she doing here, go inside room. She asks what is he up to, why is he holding. He insists her to go inside room. They both slip and couch, their eyes lock. Romantic song plays in the background. Vivan gets conscious and walks out. His banker gives him money back and he leaves in his car. Meera hides in his car’s dickie.

Nimmo travels with her boyfriend in his car. He tries to get intimate, and she allows him. She asks where are they going. He says to temple to pray for her daadi, reveals he is boss whose drugs are with Prince and thinks he will not leave her until he gets his drugs back, even after he will not leave this hot girl. At home, family gets worried or money.

Prince says he will arrange money and has some ideas. Dolly asks what is he up to. Whole family insists. Prince shouts he will not do anything wrong. Family asks him to be at home and keep his phone on.

Vivan continues driving car withi Meera hiding in dickie. Kidnapper messages to make his wife sit next to him and not in dickie. He stops car, opens dickie, gets Meera out and shouts why she is spying him, go back home. She asks whom he is fearing him. Kidnapper calls him and orders to bring Meera with him. Vivan asks not to drag Meera in this. Kidnapper orders him to slap Meera and even insult h er, switch on video call, else he will shoot Meera. Vivan switches on video call, keeps mobile on bonnet and asks Meera to come in front of him and yells at her. Mob surrounds him, an old man says he knows he is Vivan Kapoor, he respected him till now, but he lost his respect.

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Vivan argues with mob and tries to slap Meera, but mob catch him. Meera rescues him. Mob disperses. Vivan gets into car and leaves. Kidnappper messages him. He gets out of car and runs. Meera follows him in auto and then runs behind him. He gets into a godown. She hides seeing goons getting out of godown and discussing they will get a huge amount as boss has kidnapped rich man’s mother and sister. She tghen sees Vivan standing in front of him and says sorry. He asks why did she come here even after his warning. She says she had to come here as she misunderstood him.

Vivan sees Meera following him and says he sensed she is around him, why did she come here. She says she realized her mistake that she misunderstood him and wanted to apologize. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Something falls. Goons get alerted and rush to their spot, but see no one there. Vivan and Meera run away from there. Vivan asks why did she come here. She apologizes him for misunderstanding him, she did not realize he is behaving weirdly in tension. Vivan says he was feeling lonely without her support and emotionally hugs her.

At home, family hear sound and search whole house. Prince sees thief stealing Pappi’s briefcase and catches him. Their tussle starts. Family rushes to them followed by inspector Brar with his team who asks constable to pick briefcase and informs family that Prince and thief peddle drugs. Family is shocked. Brar arrests Prince and thief and take them to police station.

Vivan informs Meera about Pammi and Amaya’s kidnap. Meera is shocked and says they both will save mummy ji Amaya. Vivan says he has to go alone, even being near they cannot unite. He walks away after he gets kidnapper’s call. Meera returns home reminiscing Vivan and her emotional moments till now. She sees family standing outside home. Amar informs Prince is arrested in drug peddling charges. Meera shouts if police has gone mad. Dolly says who knows Prince may be seeing him bringing so much money. Meera says Prince cannot do anything wrong, she will bring him back. Dolly says she is very worried. Vivan comes in his car. Dolly pleads Vivan to bail out Prince, he is innocent, they will obey him and leave this house. Meera shouts nobody will take his help and signals Vivan. Vivan thanks her for understanding his situation. She thinnks they are together now. He walks inside house brushing his hands over Meera’s hand. Meera asks Amar not to worry, she will bring back Vivan.

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Drug peddler’s boss gets romantic with Nimmo and kisses her. He gets a call that Prince and their aide are caught by police with drugs. Boss thinks sister will pay for brother’s mistake and gets back to Nimmo.

Meera meets prince and says inspector Brar is with them, they can escape. She creates smoke and tries to escape with Prince when Brar comes. Meera gets tensed. Aide runs away with drug briefcase. Brar says Vivan called and informed that Prince is being trapped and a big gang is behind all this. Meera thanks him for understanding. Aide runs to his den with drug bag and informs his team that he brought drug bag. Meera reaches there and slaps goon. Brar raids with his team and arrests gang. He tells Vivan had already tipped off and Vivan and Meera’s jodi is unbreakable. Meera says hope that happens and says they have to help find Vivan’s mother and sister. Amar hears them and tells Meera she heard that Vivan misbehaved under pressure. Meera sees goon she saw where kidnapper had called Vivan and thinks of following him to find Pammi and Amaya’s clue.

Meera follows goons and hears them discussing they lost 10 crores worth drugs today and now have to cash in on NRI. She calls Vivan, but his phone is not reachable. She calls Amar and asks if Vivan is at home. Amar says no. Meera thinks where to find Vivan now. Someone touches her shoulder, she tensely turns and relaxes seeing inspector Brar. Brar asks what is she doing.

At home, Amar informs family that Meera went with inspector Brar to help Vivan and tells them whole story. Dolly reminisces Vivan’s misbehavior and thinks they misunderstood him, he was acting to save his family. Sweety asks where is Nimmo. Prince says he searched whole house and she is not at home. Nimmo’s boyfriend Balli ties her and shouts if he cannot get drug box, he will grab money from Nimmo’s sister and jijaji. Nimmo says they were going on a date. He slaps her and she falls down.

Inspector Brar with his team and Meera follows jooded jacket wearing kidnapper. He throws stick on kidnapper, kidnapper falls down down. They surround kidnapper. Vivan reaches there with money bag and asks Brar if kindapper informed about Pammi and Amaya. Kindapper turns and he is just puppet and boss easily escaped ordering him to get money from Vivan. Meera trashes kidnapper to tell where Pammi and Amaya are. Kidnapper calls Vivan and laughs that he easily escaped, now Vivan has 30 minutes to save his family. Brar arrests puppets and sends him away with constables. Vivan says kidnapper is somewhere around, they should find him.

Vivan with Meera and Brar’s team searches for kidnapper. Meera sees temple and prays god to help them find Amaya and mummyji. They move ahead. Kidhapper calls Vivan and warns Vivan to find him in 30 minutes. Meera hears temple bell and informs them. Kidnapper prays in temple and leaves. Meera sees godown and says this only building here and they should search there. They enter godown and search. Vivan says there is nothing here, he will not waste time here. Meera insists that Amaya and mummyji must here and searches further. She finds Amaya shouts, enters room and is shocked to see Amaya hanging under boiling acid. She pulls rope and calls Vivan. Vivan rushes there and they both rescue Amaya. Amaya collapses due to poison. They hear kidnapper’s voice on speaker and says Meera has sixth sense and found his clue easily, he himself gave clue, Amaya is poisoned and Vivan should either search his mother in 10 minutes or save Amaya. Brar with Meera takes Amaya to hospital. Vivan runs out and searches Pammi on street.

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Vivan searches Pammi on street. Kidnapper calls him and informs that Pammi is in a maruti van, he can save her in 10 minutes if he can. He sees van in front of him and runs towards it shouting mom. His feet get trapped in a barbed wire. He tries to freee himself, removes his shoes and gets out if. He then walks on broken glass and reach van.

Meera’s phone happily celebrate thinking things got back on track and Meera-Vivan have united. Amar says Meera and Vivan should have saved Pammi and Amaya by now. Meera calls Amar and informs whole incident and says Amaya is poisoned and she has rushed Amaya to hospital. Whole family rushes towards hospital. In hospital, Amaya is in ICU and Meera stands out worried. She hears kidnapper’s voice on TV who says she saved Amaya, let him show her a drama now. He shows Vivan tied to a chair and kidnapper pointing gun on him and warning Meera to reach where she left Vivan in 10 min. Meera runs out out hospital. Inspector Brar sees her and follows her. Vivan removes mask and reveals he is kidnapper’s puppet who wore Vivan’s mask. Family reaches hospital and sees Amaya in ICU. Doctor informs Amaya went into coma.

Vivan reaches van and tries to breaks window with hammer, but fails. Pammi inside van signals to go away. Vivan brings another tool and opens door and shouts he will save her at any cost and goes to bring something else. Meera reaches there and sees Vivan searching something and Pammi in Van. She opens door and tries to free Pammi. Pammi says van has bomb go away. Meera panics more and tries to free her hurriedly. Bomb blasts. Brar pulls Meera on time. Van bursts into pieces. Vivan shouts mom…Reporters surround and cover story. Meera shouts in anger.

Kidnapper calls her number. She shouts to come in front. He says she could not save her saas, now give phone to Vivan. She gives phone to Vivan. Vivan shouts at kidnapper. Kidnapper brainwashes him that all his problems are because of Meera and reminds all the incidents where Meera reached and Vivan’s problems increased. Meera hugs and consoles Vivan. Vivan pushes her away and shouts he is the biggest problem in his life, his mom trusted her so much, but she was problem his mom and sister. He says when he dropped mom to airport, he insisted him to marry Meera in a proper way, now he will do reverse pheras with her. He holds Meera’s hand and forcefully does reverse pheras around van fire and says he will get divorce from her legally and get rid of her forever. He walks to Amaya’s hospital room and cries that her condition and mom died because of Meera.

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